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  1. that is a sweet looking dice bag! reminds me of my hacky-sac days!
  2. 1- don't play pauper, but maybe 2- cockatrice über alles (except paper) 3- none expected... bragging rights, maybe a forum badge? 4- absolutely not. 5- Scheduling
  3. Leg of Lamb photo attached as well!
  4. fifth of Bulleit, and a variety of random bottled beers in 12 and 6 packs (a few lagunitas varieties, some foreign pilsners I'd never heard of, Session red, Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout, and one tall bottle of something fancy I don't recall the name of). The count was based on the empty boxes and the number of beers left over in the fridge (started with 2 or 3, ended with 4). AND I had forgotten- a bottle of room temperature chardonnay (about a quarter of which was for the lamb). One person stopped drinking around 11:30 thinking they were going to head home in a few hours... they promptly resumed drinking again as soon as the leg of lamb prep started... then crashed on my couch. Good times!
  5. It went great! Thanks all for the tips! We ended up with 7 people as there were a few last minute cancellations. We drafted 5 packs each (4x conspiracy and 1x random mix (BFZ, SOI, EMN)- AND I got lucky and pulled a booster tutor so we had one extra pack in the draft. 4 of the 7 had never drafted before. 1 of the 7 had never played magic before and drafted a FOIL Marchesa cause he thought it looked neat, but he didn't use it cause it was it 3 colors. otherwise playable Mythics and rares wheeled around the entire table after everyone had figured out their strategies. The extra packs really helped the newer players to make putting together strategies easier. b/c it was a phantom draft, no one was concerned about value of cards and was trying to build the best strategy. And then we played several crazy multiplayer games. We did a 7 person game of BANG (that went about an hour), a 6 player free for all (that went about 2 hours), and then a 5 player game of BANG (which went about 2.5 hours). We didn't start drafting until 8:30 and the game didn't start til about 10... but there was lots of drinking and conversation. The last game finished around 4:30am after about 65 beers and a bottle of bourbon. We opted to go the BANG route in order to help the newer players by giving them roles in the game, also it helped keep the games progressing towards an end. Conspiracy is an amazing set to draft and play BANG with... it really felt like the cards were designed for this exact reason. I'm looking to pick up a box to sit on until I can set up another crazy draft night again. The guy who had never played before had a blast! He ended up getting called home early by his preg. wife right before we were about to start the second game, but the next day he was asking to play again! The non-mtg highlight of night involved a chef friend showing up around midnight and cooking an entire leg of lamb with okra-rice-pilaf which finished cooking around 2am. The mtg highlight, another player had a Sulfuric Vortex in play, a third player tries to activate a creatures ability to destroy the vortex, so I tap out to cast Stifle on the ability, then another player casts a counterspell on the stifle, and then I casted misdirection on the counter, and Sulfuric Vortex survived. I regretted my decision a few turns later, but oh boy, that was quite the stack!
  6. I did not draft betrayers ever, but I've had my butt handed to me a few times courtesy of señor Jitte! so point well taken... I can absolutely see that... I thought that with Conspiracy, if we got 10, we draft with everyone (or split into two 5 pods) then split into two 3 player games and 1 four player game, or two five player games via some form of random selection. I was definitely toying with the idea of throwing in an extra pack of something per player.
  7. Hello fellow cardboard enthusiasts! I will be hosting my first ever draft this Friday evening at my home for a group of 8-10. I expect it to be super-filthy casual. I think half the folks coming haven't played magic in 10 years or more. I have a sealed box of Conspiracy 1, which will probably make their heads spin, but it'll be fun! And I plan to grab the FTV: Lore set, as well as a few Origins boosters (or other random boosters) to use in case of a Booster Tutor! It will be a phantom draft, so there's no concern there about someone drafting a FTV or older boosters if they can be acquired (and I plan on KMC inner-sleeving the FTV set before the draft). Also, there'll be 2 pre-con edh decks, as well as my 2 edh decks, and 3 sets of duel decks, (and a PS3) for people who scrub out of the multiplayer games... I plan on providing some food and booze, making sure there's enough table space, and everyone will bring some food or booze to share (my friends are like that). I am also going to provide between 50-60 of each basic land, sleeves for folks who don't bring their own What are some of tips you can give me? Am I forgetting anything that I need to provide? When it comes to players who haven't played in a while (and may have never drafted before), would it be helpful to allow them to crack a couple packs pre-draft in-order for them to get an idea of what to expect?
  8. True, but when she's at the spa, or shopping, etc... it's the best time to go play magic. My fiancé actually will ask when to schedule spa days to coincide with when I want go to the LGS or meet up with a playgroup.... same goes for when I want to work on my car or play with my RCs (I like flying/driving cheap-o RC planes/car kits, and by flying/driving, I mean crashing and destroying- my real hobby is repairing them, but you gotta break them to repair them). Yoga is incredibly difficult for me as I am not flexible at all and have no balance what-so-ever... I've tried to do a few things with her at home, and it just isn't for me. Re: Spas- I don't like strangers touching me. Steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs are cool, but we wouldn't be able to do that together at the spa anyway, and I'd prefer shuffling and casting like a million times more. When she insists, I will go to a couples massage though and just suck it up and do my best not to fart. Sticking to MTG players seems like a miserable dating pool for a cis-guy (straight).
  9. It's important to have different interests... I sure don't want to go to the spa or clothes shopping or yoga or "girls brunch" with her. I'll do a FNM about once every 6 weeks or so. I'm lucky to have an LGS that fires multiple events every single day of the week.
  10. After MM15, I decided to try to limit myself to $100 per set including sleeves and boxes, but I sell/trade almost all cards from limited into the singles I want for modern, legacy and edh. Why the limit: I went a bit overboard on MM15 cause I didn't know how limited MM13 was gonna be and never got a chance to draft MM13. For MM15, I drafted 4 -5 times (@ $40?), did 3-4 rounds of sealed (@ $60-$65?), and bought a box (at MSRP w/ no tax) to use to teach my older brother how to build a deck from a sealed pool (he's as casual of a player as they come- will just play any deck handed to him and only owns the two EDH precons I gave him- of which, neither are sleeved!). After looking at how much I dropped on MM15, despite how much fun it was, I had to say NEVER AGAIN and set a limit for my magic spending. I did roll over most of the cards into Legacy Burn (which is completed) and Legacy Reanimator (which is 2 underground seas short of completion). My nearest LGS is really good about pricing limited at $15-20, and drafts at $12- and always has good prize support. And the second closest always prices constructed at $5, with okay prize support. Hooray urban-living! Also, one of my playgroup routinely does an unsanctioned FNM draft, and that usually is around $7 (but no prizes). I usually skip FNM though b/c I am old (mid-30s) and enjoy spending time with my lady on Friday nights.
  11. I'm not so sure they were (I'm not a pro, and I the tournaments I play in are usually side events at GPs, or run at an LGS)... I'm not the sharpest when it comes to knowing all the archetypes and what's going on in every deck, so if I can see a sideboard, I get to know how to sideboard against their sideboard in g2- which is a definite advantage for someone like me who runs uw tron in modern and needs to be careful against Land and GY hate, which is prevalent. If I learn that I don't need to side in Crucible of Worlds against land hate, I consider seeing the SB a big advantage. Also, being able to crack a fetch and fail to find would let you see the entire deck, plus sideboard.
  12. commander

    I absolutely love my Daretti deck... it was playable out the box, and has been a blast to customize... I tried Daretti, Nahiri and Freylise, as well as Nekusar and Prosh (which my LGS was selling for $15!!!!! last december). Frankly, all were a blast to play, but Daretti really stands out as my favorite. Prosh may be the most powerful out the box. - my current favorite Daretti win condition is Prototype Portal imprinting Ugin's nexus + any free artifact sac outlet. My main weakness is GY hate, and this combo completely avoids it, while being difficult to assemble (and I announce that I have an infinite turns combo pre-game).
  13. I like getting a glance at the sideboard... I've actually had opponents scoop at tournaments in game 1s after the Mindslaver get's activated because they know I get to see the sideboard and they don't want to give up that info, and lets face it, a single Mindslaver activation equals death in a lot of situations. I am going to miss the old rule.
  14. Judges, or folks in the know, when does the new Mindslavering rule take effect? Background if this is news to you: with the new Emmy, they have changed the way controlling another player's turn goes... no more looking at the sideboards! You can cast a "wish" card during the turn, but will "fail to find" anything from outside the game.
  15. I've visited here a few times... but finally signed up after I saw it on dailymtg. 'bah ... lol seems like a friendly place to putz around and ask questions and get feedback...