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  1. Kind of surprised nobody has brought up the boogeyman of the format, U/R Drake. This deck is far more consistent and resilient than Freed From The Real, with the added bonus of being a good U/R control deck. It still makes an infinite mana loop and either ramps up to a big Rolling Thunder or infinitely flickers two walls for infinite bolts. Edit: My pet deck is Affinity and that also has a combo out with Atog + Fling.
  2. Hey all, My name is Adrian Gonzalez, and I am the co-host of Color Commontary, an Austin-based Pauper podcast. We're happy to be part of the community, and I believe our cast will soon be available via this site's RSS feed (my co-host Mike is setting that up soon I believe). I've been playing Magic casually since Portal, and competitively since Scars of Mirrodin. You can find out more about the podcast over at, and I also have a YouTube channel titled Gwarzalez Magic. Non Magic wise, I am a huge Final Fantasy nerd. Currently working on 100%ing the FFX remake on my PS4 :). Looking forward to meeting all of you!