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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Downloaded it.
  2. Heehee, we were having a lot of fun with this today: NBC says we (still) use skates as a means of transportation. Eurosport has the rights for the Olympics here. They cover a lot of it live, and they are obligated to display whether it's live or taped. They are a commercial broadcaster, and the commercials can get tiresome. Luckily the public broadcaster NOS has a lease(?) to cover the speedskating & short-track live, which are our main events. However, if I want to see the biathlon/langlaufen/snowboarding/downhill, I can switch to the BBC or ZDF (a German public channel) to watch the events they have live leases on. It's nice to have options. Sadly we do not receive Swedish/Swiss/Chech tv, so for the ice-hockey I might have to endure the commercials.
  3. Five years ago mate... Jag still sucks.
  4. Give me your kings, let me squeeze them in my hands Your puny princes, your so-called leaders of your land I'll eat them whole before I'm done, the battle's fought and the game is won I am the only one, I am the god of kingdom come Gimme the prize!
  5. It is now! With Sea of Thieves releasing 4 weeks later though I don't think I'll pick it up straight away.
  6. This book is nr.1 on my wishlist, it was released yesterday. Apparantly about 10% of the German soldiers carried a photocamera, so there are a ton of photos. Especially from the early days of the war. A few pictures: German engineers just before the German invasion in the Netherlands around a signpost on the Reichsstrasse 59 in Germany, 15 kilometers from Roermond. Machinegun-position of German soldiers on the corner of the Hilledijk and the Putselaan in Rotterdam-Zuid, May 1940. Wounded German infantrymen are being treated in an emergency hospital near the military airfield Valkenburg. On 10 May 1940 heavy fighting took place there. Dutch soldiers KIA. The top photo's location is unknown. The bottom one was taken at the Grebbeberg. Dutch & German soldiers fraternising after the capitulation. German soldiers under fire in Deventer. One of the few photos of the Rotterdam bombing. German soldiers taking cover near Roermond.
  7. Idd. Headstrong little bugger. Not quick to give up. Nor quick to admit he's made a mistake. (Just like some folks on these forums. )
  8. A good example why allowing victims to speak to the court is such a big mistake. Revenge & justice are so far apart, it's mindboggling some folks think it's the same. The father should be charged. Even when taking into account how understandably upset he is, the defendant (or is he past sentencing?) still has rights. When we give in to our gut feeling on things like this, we'll be stoning people to death again before we know it.
  9. Son: "Can I eat this apple?" Mum: "No. That's not an apple, but an onion." Son: "It is an apple!" Mum: "It's an onion." Son: "Apple!" Mum: "Fine. If you really want to, just eat it."
  10. Full article here. (Be warned: The screenshots might make you crave the game even more.) Shame, especially because there has been no mention of a PC version still. So thát's going to be 2019 at the earliest.
  11. People drowning in the Mediterrenean is very important. Kids being blown to pieces in Syria is too. People possibly dying from the problems in the NHS, also very important. This is not. Having said that, the best clans have 1 rule: "Don't be a dick." We can split hairs about what being a dick actually means. But we all know quite well when someone is being a dick. Unless perhaps people who have so little social skills they don't even know they are. But they have bigger issues than being banned from a game. What you do online is not private. Social media is not private. Storing all phonecalls your citizens make for years, thát's spying. Watching a public Youtube video for evidence is not. Besides, everyone playing a game has agreed to its EULA. So a bunch of ill adjusted cunts don't get to play a computergame. Great!
  12. I liked it, quite a bit even. Watched it with the mrs., so we could theorise as the film went on. To be fair, the film starts weird. And that scene stayed in the back of our mind throughout. It helped explain to us what was going on. Plus, the symbolism is laid on pretty thick. It's very biblical. I'd rate it 7/10.
  13. Saw this today. Made me chuckle.
  14. Mark Darrah, executive producer at Bioware, has confirmed a new Dragon Age title is in the making. I figured a few here might want to know.
  15. Wouldn't have thought.