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  1. Full Throttle Remastered in the only one on sale on my list. Edit: Did some browsing, the Caesar series are also on sale!
  2. I wanna replace my backyard fence, it's from treated pine and lost all its colour. Douglas wood is nice, but to be set for decades I'm also looking into plastic solutions. Sooo... I searched for the word "deck", as I wanted to know what material @Dunnarmade his from. Not a good idea on a forum like this. Hence the new topic.
  3. We don't have the luxury of a bubble. Here people from various creeds, social standings and political preferences all stand around the same Easter fire together and have a good time. We have one family of former refugees from Somalia in our village. They got a status (which means you can stay indefinately), and they're staying. Their kids hardly remember their home country, if they do at all, they do well in school and speak the language. They're rooted here now, and it would be disruptive to force them to go when it would be deemed safe in their country of origin. Not that I think Eritrea will anytime soon. They're friendly enough, never hear anyone complain about them. Nor about the Afghan family who fled over a decade ago & ended up here for a while. They moved to the neighbouring (bigger) town, and the Muslim father now started a wine company. Their eldest daughter quickly became friends with her classmates and we never heard anything bad about them. People who complain generally complain about groups of people they don't know. Coz those groups are scary. Muslims in particular. Individual people rarely are. Even the Wilders fans, I know a few, say: "Yeah, but I don't mean them. They can stay, they're nice people." But they're Muslims? "Yeah, but they're nice Muslims." (I'm paraphrasing.) Funny story, I think I mentioned it before. During the Balkan wars in the 90's it were the Yugoslavian refugees who were a hot item. I was doing my final internship at a local school, 5th grade. We had a Bosnian pupil. She was here illegally and had the IND (Immigration Services) gotten a hold of her, she and her family were to be deported. Still, they were a few months shy of being here long enough to get a status automatically. (Which was the law at the time.) And even illegal kids have the right to go to school. Now, whenever the IND called the local police to get her out of school, these police officers would phone ahead. "Say, is (let's call her) Mila in school today?" When the principal replied negatively, they would say: "Ok, but just to be sure we'll come and have a look. We'll be there in 15 minutes." Then the principal would call Mila's mum and rush to class to get Mila out of school. When the police arrived, she wasn't there. Officially no-one knew where she lived, although friends often went to play at her house. The entire village, including the police, colluded to get these people their status. Which they did. Last I heard, which is years ago, she was in college. I suppose that's how "my bubble" feels about refugees.
  4. Garden work tomorrow, perhaps a quick tour on the roadbike, and then theatre with the mrs. in the evening. Sunday Liege-Bastogne-Liege.
  5. I never can tell if you're serious Jag. If not, great troll, and you had all these guys going for it. If it is meant seriously, please do better. The Voice of Europe is an extreme right wing propaganda machine. It wallows in conspiracy theories, bigotry/anti-Islam sentiments, anti-EU sentiments, and desinformation. Russian troll accounts share its "news" often, and some of the more more leftist news organisations have voiced the suspicion it has ties to the Kremlin even. Now, about the subject of the piece. The Dutch article it links to is from "De Telegraaf". It is the most right-wing newspaper we have, and even in their article there are a lot of reasons given why former refugees have a hard time finding a job. Never does anyone in the article suggest they refuse to work because of their benefits. Oh boy, that hoax is how old now? Three years? Four? Saudi Arabia has taken in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.
  6. We got it! And where Amsterdam & Rotterdam celebrate their titles by completely wrecking their own cities, Eindhoven gathers & sings.
  7. I'm Wolphard & Wolphard2. If you see me on, it'll most likely be one of the kids though.
  8. Last day in primary school Friday. So had a goodbye party with my 6th grade. Tidied up a bit so my successors can start properly tomorrow. Yesterday the mrs. was at a friend's baby shower. I took the kids to the fair/annual market in our village. Small village, so it was tiny, but had a good time. Attended the tennis club's 110th anniversary party last night. Both as a member and as the local gymnastics club chairman. Early in the evening the chairmans of tennis-, footballclub and myself discussed plans for a combined camping event in summer. Good thing too, coz we all got quite hammered later on. Veerle has a friend staying over, and they decided to wake up at 6. It's been lazy Sunday morning so far. This afternoon my parents are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary with a barbecue. While attending that we'll be watching the Amstel Gold Race & keeping a close eye on PSV-Ajax. Íf we beat Ajax we're the national champion already. Would be cool to have our nr.1 rival having to form an honour guard for us.
  9. Talk about a brakkish Sunday... We were at the quiz for about an hour last night, and apparantly had 5 beers each by then. At the end of the night the damage was much more severe. Safe to say, we didn't win, came in 4th, but had a grand ol' time. Lounging on the sofa seems a good way to spend this afternoon. More comfortable than the guys I'm watching. The cobbles are horrendous, most riders are pissing blood tonight, literally.
  10. SoT is apparantly a let-down, with little progression and zero story. From what I've read it's more of a party game than even an MMO. I've completed a career in Pirates!, which was enough nostalgia. So, I completed this download yesterday. I just downloaded everything in the Mega folder. I am not completely sure, but the folder seems to be an update for an earlier version. Couldn't get it to work anyway. I used 7-zip on the .001, .002, etc. files, and the folder that emerged seems to contain a workable version of the game? Clicking that seems to fire up the game anyway. Am I set?
  11. I was looking for a video that held all 3 elements described. Knowing yout attention span, I didn't want you to lose interest having to click three video's. Good video indeed though. And it wás an epic goal. Especially because it came out of nowhere. At no point during the attack was I thinking: "This could become a goal." It reminded me of Van Bastens bicycle kick: Technically even more perfect, and it went into the corner of the goal. Sadly not an epic opponent... Luckily he also has his goal against Russia in the '88 final still. Started watching a documentary looking for this goal. I was 9 years old and still remember each and every game, gives me goosebumps. That semi vs. West Germany, god how we hated them still back then. It was the first and only time we ever won something significant. I had coloured a piece of paper into an orange flag, nailed it to a broom and walked all through town after the final.
  12. Let's see. Chilling in the morning sun at the moment. Train of thought took me here: When the mrs. returns from grocery shopping, I'll hop on my bike for a 60-100km trip. Attending a sportsquiz with some mates tonight. Gonna get late, so tomorrow's going to be a toughy. Hopefully sleeping in a bit tomorrow and then order a keyboard for the iPad my new employer provides. (Me on an iPad, all my family & friends laughed so hard. ) Watching Paris-Roubaix tomorrow afternoon, third major classic this year already. Time flies.
  13. Last night, in the quarter final of the Champions League, Real Madrid played Juventus. Big clubs, great teams, huge ego's. Real destroyed Juventus with a 0-3 victory. The 0-2 was a fantastic overhead kick by (imo) the best player in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo. He scores a lot, and quite often beautifully. But this one was exceptional, even for him. That in itself was worth watching. The reaction of a stadium filled with Juventus fans even more so. They gave their opponent a standing ovation. Talk about respect. He accepted the praise graciously.
  14. @Elovia G2A.com always has great deals on games, which often even rival GOG/Steam sale prices. Sadly I could not find a non-Steam version for TR: https://www.g2a.com/nl-nl/search?query=tomb%2Braider The GOTY version is a tad more expensive there.
  15. Nope. We pay the same rates as the rest of The NL. Fracking was on the table a number of years ago, but it has been succesfully halted for the most part. Usually because of enviromental reasons of the direct vicinity. A lot of fracking sites were close by, or even in protected natural zones and the risk of chemical pollution was deemed too high. With this new minister also accepting the last 10% of 'easily obtainable gas' stays in the ground, our focus will hopefully shift even more towards sustainable energy.