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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/jul/29/saudi-investor-buys-up-significant-stake-in-the-independent
  2. Heehee, nice you got the reference.
  3. Oh Ophelia, you're breaking my heart. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/hurricane-ophelia-ireland-storm-weather-latest-status-red-warning-alert-a8000446.html It's been scaled up to a class 3 hurricane by now. Last time I remember any hurricane hitting Europe was.... around 1990? And that was merely a class 1 if I'm not mistaking.
  4. Anyone else watching this? It's a tournament style event, spread over several months, to get 2 new undisputed world champions. Cruiser Weight & Super Middle Weight. So far the matches have been good, although a tad one-sided. But in the semi's we'll start seeing the world champions of various federations taking eachother on. Tonight it's George Groves (WBA champ) vs. Jamie Cox. The winner will take on Chris Eubank jr. (IBO champ), who destroyed Avni Yildirim last week. It was over within 3 rounds. Hoping for a good one tonight. Fight starts in half an hour or so.
  5. This confuses me. Is your youth development hurt by complacement due to lack of incentive to win, or because winning is a priority over development?
  6. You're not alone. My geekie friends and I make fun of our non-geekie friends for using that Apple shit. "Yeah, but you're just Windows fanbois!" "Wrong. We'd respect you if you'd use UNIX/Linux." "Wha...?"
  7. I've been eyeing out one of those multiple canvas prints... USS Enterprise though.
  8. I hadn't been online yet. This elimination has been long coming. We lack the talent, it's not a strong generation. Kuyt, Van Persie, Sneyder, Robben have now stopped, or are atleast so old they are not as good as they used to be. And the guys to replace them are nowhere near their level. Janssen & Dost are decent strikers, but the guys who came before them were all world class. Van Basten, Bergkamp, Van Nistelrooij, Van Persie... Big shoes to fill. Main problem, imo, is the rigid training system at clubs, amateur & professional alike. Boys who are 10-12 years old are expected to adhere to team tactics, work hard, and win. Youth coaches treat football like playing chess. And that's not the way to get good players. Just send those kids out into the meadow to have a good time and get technical. Take Arjen Robben, who announced his international retirement this week, he was horrible to play with when he was a kid. Always wanted the ball, always wanted to get past his direct opponent, never made the tactical pass, lost the ball 90% of the time some matches. But that's the way to get better. He was still a cocky little punk when playing at FC Groningen, but grew up fast at PSV. Only to continue developing into probably the best of his generation. At 33 he's still able to secure a place in the starting 11 at Bayern München. I'm surprised Chile also didn't make the cut. They had a killer team at the last World Cup. I'll be supporting Germany, as always. We hated Germany when growing up. WW2 was part of it, but also their filthy schwalbe-making, mean players. But when Klinsmann, a good & technical player himself, became the German coach it all changed. Löw continued that tradition and these days Germany plays the game like we would like to play it. Pressing, direct passing, many people on the offense, fantastic players. It's a joy to watch. Belgium is my back-up team. Die Mannschaft FTW! Germany, being a next door rival, are having a ball with our elimination by the way. A German friend sent me this:
  9. Coincidentally it's been made official just this week apparantly. Such a shame, it's so much lighter than Android. My Lumia950 is almost 2 years old and still as fast and responsive as the day I got it. I can easily use it for another year, but when it needs to be replaced it'll be a mandatory move back to Android.
  10. I don't know. Gee, what do I like that I got the last few years. Racing bike, cross trainer, lifting weights is surprisingly fun, a Retropie? A Microsoft mobile phone, a subscription to a cycling magazine? If you're really lucky your mrs. will make you some special coupons.
  11. I used to have AMD's in the early 2000's. They had a lot more umph for a lot less money. But they were powerhungry & ran hot. So did their videocards. Since a few builds I'm back at Intel and they all have been nice, cool, quiet machines. Looking at the Ryzens, they appear to have lower TDP's than their Intel counterparts. Their video cards appear to have tdp's that are just a tad higher than the Nvidia ones. So at the moment they might be fine. Having no personal experience though, it is hard to recommend the product. And considering I dropped quite a bit of cash on a G-sync monitor, I doubt I'll be switching back to AMD soon. Oh, and games are (at the moment) badly optimised for AMD products. So even though the specs may be similar, gaming performance could still be worse than on Intel products.
  12. Don't mock me, here goes: My honest opinion, with that card, is to get either a Pentium G4620 or an i3-7100. Both are dual core with hyperthreading. The Pentium is clocked at 3.7GHz while the i3 is at 3.9GHz, but other than that the specs are the same. Neither will bottleneck that videocard, they are great and fast cpu's. The i3 costs about €10 more here. (Both are around €100.) That is not too steep an incline for 200Mhz I suppose, but if the i3 costs more than a tenner more in the US the benefit to cost ratio goes towards the Pentium. A nice motherboard to accompany that would be the ASRock B250M Pro4, which costs around €75. It's a Micro-ATX, but it has 4 DDR slots ánd has a VRM heatsink. I doubt you'll be overclocking, but VRM heatsinks are always nice. You could spend the full $300 to get a gaming motherboard and a Kaby Lake i5 with custom cooler. But I feel that would be chucking your money away. In your day-to-day use the PC wouldn't be any faster, nor would you get more FPS. The videocard would become a bottleneck. Don't get me wrong though, it's a nice card.