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  1. I get 12 weeks off a year, so I'll be around for 200 years.
  2. Fair point. As the "I don't get it" gag is getting on my tits anyway, I'll just leave the joke making to you from now on. But don't worry. Next time you post one I don't think is funny, I'll just close the tab and be on with my day without feeling the need to point it out.
  3. Lumia 950, the last flagship Windows Phone. I've had it for 2.5 years now. Windows is so much lighter to run than Android. The phone only has 3GB of RAM, but still responds lightning fast. The camera is very good, better than the Canon compact that we had. I use it for almost all snapshot moments (got a Sony a6000 for more serious photography), and with Onedrive all the photos get automatically uplodaded to our pc's HDD. It's nice not having to fiddle with usb-cables anymore. There always was an app-gap, and since Windiows phone is now discontinued (I was very sorry to hear that) some apps will probably be dropped soon. For now though Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram & Instagram are still being updated, and I don't use other apps besides those. My wife has a Lumia 650, and she would like to have Snapchat, if only for the kids' enjoyment. The Edge browser is fine for my phone. And it has the address bar on the bottom for easy thumb access. No idea why Android & IOS don't do that yet. I consider it a €425 well spent, especially if I can squeeze another year (and a half) out of it. With good camera phones now easily costing north of €800 I will have to start looking into decent cameras on mid-range phones by then I'm afraid. I got my mum a Wileyfox Swift 2x, and my dad a Xiaomi Mi A1. Both cameras appear to make nice pictures in good light. As a side-note. My dad used my wife's old Huawei before. It can barely last a day on its battery now, so he wanted something else. Instead of throwing it away, we ordered our daughter (of almost 10) a €2,50 subscription (100min/250MB) so she can Whatsapp with some friends. Whaddayasay, too young still?
  4. I pulled the trigger on Civ 6 + Rise & Fall this weekend. Saw a good deal and picked up the bundle for €30. Big mistake from my wife's point of view, great decision from mine. The "Just one more turn" still applies very heavily, and I've been pulled away from the computer way past midnight twice already. It's quite different from Civ 5 even, and the first few runs I was unhappy about my civilization even before we got to the industrial age. I had too few cities, was only competing on the scientific platform and losing on culture, religion & military. On my, I believe, 4th try I got the hang of it (Chieftan level, quick game, normal sized world) somewhat. When this game is done, about 100 turns left, I'll try a longer, more difficult game on a bigger world.
  5. Piss off already.
  6. It's is so stupid & uneducated to talk smack about Denmark. I might just be the best country in the world.
  7. Link Full QuakeCon interview:
  8. Can't be more macho than actual whisky. I might try it tonight. Going out to dinner with my wife, and the place has a whisky bar.
  9. So a fireball is a drink?
  10. We didn't. Social life, and often work too, suffered.
  11. There's a ton of gameplay videos on Youtube. It's an open world action adventure.
  12. Man goes into a Cafe and reads the menu: Cheese Rolls £1 Ham Rolls £1.50 Egg Rolls £1.50 Wanks £10 He ponders for a minute and then sees a buxom, attractive assistant walk out from the kitchen. Not believing his luck he asks: ‘Are you the one that gives the wanks?' ’Yes I am', she purrs. ‘Wash your hands then, I want two cheese rolls!’
  13. Interested in that now. Watched some videos, and it looks amazing. Question: I always thought infantry lines stood much closer to each other? In this game they seem quite far away.
  14. I love Bill Burr. IIRC though he always considered himself to be a liberal.... Untill he moved to California. I love this bit, so does my wife.