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  1. It's is so stupid & uneducated to talk smack about Denmark. I might just be the best country in the world.
  2. Link Full QuakeCon interview:
  3. Can't be more macho than actual whisky. I might try it tonight. Going out to dinner with my wife, and the place has a whisky bar.
  4. So a fireball is a drink?
  5. We didn't. Social life, and often work too, suffered.
  6. There's a ton of gameplay videos on Youtube. It's an open world action adventure.
  7. Man goes into a Cafe and reads the menu: Cheese Rolls £1 Ham Rolls £1.50 Egg Rolls £1.50 Wanks £10 He ponders for a minute and then sees a buxom, attractive assistant walk out from the kitchen. Not believing his luck he asks: ‘Are you the one that gives the wanks?' ’Yes I am', she purrs. ‘Wash your hands then, I want two cheese rolls!’
  8. Interested in that now. Watched some videos, and it looks amazing. Question: I always thought infantry lines stood much closer to each other? In this game they seem quite far away.
  9. I love Bill Burr. IIRC though he always considered himself to be a liberal.... Untill he moved to California. I love this bit, so does my wife.
  10. Minecraft. I know I'm late to the party, but the game never appealed to me that much. Mostly because of the graphics, and there not being a real purpose to the game other than exploring, building & surviving. I'm not the sandbox type, I think. Still, I bought the Win10 version a while back for a mere €2,something and the kids started playing it. They don't have an Xbox account, but after a while they figured out they could play together regardless. So one would be on my computer, the other one on the laptop downstairs and they'd play Creative. With the vacation I was fed up with them hogging both "my" computers, and not being able to game myself. So I got the game also on my daughter's account, for her laptop. Finally, some time to get the old Battlefield going again! Curious what was so appealing, ánd now time to play a bit I fired up Minecraft for a "Survival" game. Big mistake! - It sucked me in and I played for hours. Now all three of us play together in the world I started and I really need to watch the clock or we'll play way too long. We built a castle, have some animals running around in a meadow, tend to our wheat, chop trees and mine like there is no tomorrow. Our 9y/o is doing all sorts of stuff I have no clue about yet. Colouring wool with flowers, creating fishing rods, building boats. Our 6y/o mostly runs around wielding his sword, breaking stuff by accident, and asking for food. Just like in RL really. We laughed so hard today. He was "on a pro mission" (no idea what, it's a suprise) for me. Suddenly he types "HELP", so I run down (IRL) to ask what's up. "I'm dying coz I'm hungry." So I run up again, drop everything I am doing way down in the mine close to bedrock to give him some food, my daughter comes rushing in too to give him some of hers as well. All in the nick of time. So, we all go about our business again and not 2 minutes later, I'm not even back down in the mine even we get a system message: "Steve (coz he doesn't bother changing his name) fell a great distance and died."
  11. I hear that. Amusementparks have little that interests me. Queueing 2 hours for a ride I'm not going to like a lot to begin with really is annoying. And they are idd very expensive too. Luckily, last year I went on a Disneyland- & an Europapark vacation. As compensation, the whole of 2018 I'm exempt from trips to amusement parks. My wife, my mother-in-law & the kids went to Slagharen yesterday. I had a quiet day at home. Stll, try to explain your complaint about a lack of airconditioning in queue to a farmer in Texas/Mexico/Greece/Turkey/Israel/etc.
  12. Nice report, thanks. This part cracked me up. We're so decadent. Packing a beard too these days eh?
  13. Not the right crowd for this game, I know. Bút, if anyone wants to try it out: https://www.g2a.com/en/best-offers/weeklysale/battlefield-1-origin-key-global-i10000016618004 Available for little over a tenner now.
  14. Luckily there's Google. A search for "Jeremy Magic The Gathering" got me to Jeremy Hambly. He posted a video about the assault himself: I don't know the backstory. I only saw a few short clips from this guy, and he does come across like a giant cunt. The type of behaviour that would get you punched in the face when you exhibit it in real life situations, but can get away with in a safe anonymous cocoon on the internet. Now, ofcourse, if the guy was trying to kill mr. Hambly that would be awful. However, as a kid I came out of playground fights looking worse.
  15. Apparantly it's still a very grindy game.