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  1. I'm not even watching the trailers when they come by on tv.
  2. The event was shown on Ziggo Sports, Ziggo being the nr.1 ISP here. They uploaded it to their open Youtube channel, so if you put your VPN on "Netherlands" you should be able to see the full fight. Funnily enough, because of this my own video was blocked from the NL due to copyright infringement. I could watch it when I put my VPN on US East.
  3. Last night our world champion Rico Verhoeven defended his kickboxing heavy-weight title against the Belgian (from Moroccan descent) Jamal Ben Saddik. They're not friends, and during the weigh-in Saddik spat Verhoeven in the face after having threatened Verhoevens family. Definately not a nice guy. The fight was in Ahoy stadium Rotterdam. Loads of Moroccans came to the fight & it was gut-wrenching to see a Dutch fighter boo'd in his own country. Ben Saddik is a hard-hitter who likes to K.O. his opponents quickly. As you can tell if you watch any of the footage, he's tall (2.06m), strong, but also carries some fat with him. Verhoeven is always sharp as a knife, fit-fit and likes to wear his opponents down. For those interested in seeing the full fight, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LZn6eHwYig (It cannot be embedded.) A summary and video of the end of the fight under the spoiler tag:
  4. The tendency amongst (*cough* former *cough*) gamers is to automatically go for an i5 as a bare minimum still. Which is, as mentioned when Lasraik was looking for parts, not necessary. The Pentium g3240 with a small SSD & 4GB of RAM I built for my dad almost 3.5 years ago now is still running fantastically. Unless I fire up a gpu-heavy game I struggle to notice any difference with my i5-16GB machine. If all you use it for is some Civ (6?) and video-editing, then that 1050Ti is plenty. Coupled with a Pentium, or perhaps an i3 and 8GB of RAM. Maybe even a Celeron, the modern ones are fast. Ofcourse you probably won't be able to run Skyrim 2 or Battlefront 3 very well on it. But unless you are certain you will use that machine for some heavy gaming in the near future, an i5/7 and GTX1060 or up, are investments you'll never use to their full potential.
  5. GTX980's are getting hard to come by in the NL, especially at that price. They're still north of €500 for me. At $400 that MSI 980 is a great card, although the technology is becoming quite 'old'. (The 10xx series came out 18 months ago already.) Also, although comparable in price & a bit faster than the GTX1060, it uses more than twice the power and needs 1x6+1x8 or even 2x8 connectors. A consideration for both the PSU & usage costs. Having 16GB of DDR3 myself, I can attest to the fact that games (alteast the ones I play) often use more than 12GB's of it. Battlefield 1 can easily top my memory off.
  6. First glance, complete and utter overkill for a 1050Ti. Seems like dropping a 500hp Hemi in a Challenger, and then bolting a 3-speed transmission onto it. I'm not sold on Coffee Lake, as long as you pay double the money for an X3xx motherboard either.
  7. Since you're willing to spend $100+ on a case, wouldn't the easier solution be to get a 3.5" hot-swap bay for $15-20? Would make more sense economically than spending hour after hour searching for that one perfect case.
  8. Aye, hence I suggested the 352. It has mid-placed front-buttons & - USB-ports. Now I'm curious what you need 5,25" bays for still. I prefer using smaller cases these days, with complete disregard for them big bays, and mostly focus on gpu length.
  9. Yeah.
  10. @Elovia The Lian Li PC-V354B or Cooler Master Silencio 352 perhaps?
  11. We went to Parc Astérix & Disneyland Paris in October. Mostly because our boy is a fan of bad guys like Captain Hook & Darth Vader, which reign supreme around Halloween. That's Asterix. apparantly he's not too well-known outside western Europe. A small man from Gaul, from a village the Romans cannot conquer due to their magic potion of super strength. The lad in full costume at Darth Vader. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at Disneyland
  12. The 2003 trip with my g/f, currently my wife, to Scotland. Plenty beautiful places. Hadrian's Wall & Loch Ness made me ecstatic. The 2013 trip to Alpe d'Huez.
  13. New York Original Disneyland/Disney World A road trip through the US and/or Canada Northern tip of Sweden/Norway, to see Aurora Borealis
  14. Bugger. The whole idea of that comment was to make you curious enough.
  15. The main thing I took away from this thread: "You can use different types of videocards in a single machine without much hassle." About the possible grounding issue I wonder whether the other screw that holds the bracket does not have a metal contact trace on the circuit board.