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  1. Hype is at maximum!
  2. Triple Shadowmoor all day every day. It's the first time I won a draft.
  3. I might play Standard again because of this. $30 and RDW is basically done? Seems good.
  4. Smash 4. Finally starting to take down level 8 CPU opponents. Still getting bodied on For Glory.
  5. I don't think it's too scary. They set precedent by rebanning Golgari Grave Troll. If they get out of hand they go back to jail.
  6. I'm just worried about Bloodbraid with Ancestral Vision. Other than that it's probably fine.
  7. I haven't played Melee in years but when I did I played Fox. In Smash 4 I main Sheik. Brawl was basically off limits to me because of the double disc layer whatever technology and my Wii could barely read it.
  8. Anyone else here play regularly? I've been on a Smash DS kick lately. I'm awful but got to the point I have a realistic chance of beating level eight CPU opponents.
  9. If mankind ever reverts to pre civilization nomadic tribes and this things falls to earth, there's gonna be a new religion about the metal carriaged space God.
  10. Magic players: Fix the cardstock problem Wizards: Here's a MOBA
  11. The only time I can see myself with a casual deck sideboard is if I have Wishes.
  12. What do you do to grow your audience? For me, I try to stay frequent on relevant social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram. Also consistently post on my blog and (try to) upload to YouTube consistently. Is there anything good I'm missing? I've never done paid advertising, or really advertising at all. If anyone here has that experience I would love to hear it.
  13. Maybe they'll stop being afraid of printing promos people will care about.
  14. Lightning Bolt and Terminate are probably your best bet for removal spells. Kird Ape on a budget manabase is rough so I'd go Monastery Swiftspear over it. For budget duals I'd look at the Battle for Zendikat and Shadows over Innistrad ones. They're all under $3 from what I can see with some around $1.
  15. I'm still in shock that word made it onto a mainstream news site.