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  1. pauper

    It's ok, but doomblade is just better. Could work alright against stompy and infect, but the mambas really aren't the issue of both decks.
  2. Cruel Edict seems like a strictly worse version of Diabolic Edict. Am I missing something? Besides, like, protection from Dispel.
  3. Most people use the MTGO lists anyway in their GS. So rarely you won't be able to play them. That said, I'd take Diabolic Edict over Geth's. Still instant, trades the 1 damage ping for a 1B casting cost, which is pretty relevant in a bicolour deck.
  4. pauper

    Hm. I didn't know that. I might do that, actually. Thanks for the info, mate.
  5. Only as a for-fun deck, really. Too fragile to be of any use.
  6. 1. Absolutely! 2. I like MTGO, but Cockatrice will do fine. 3. Nothing, I believe. 4. Not particularly. 5. Nothing I can think of.
  7. Mostly just casual matches with friends for now, but we're planning to set up something better.
  8. Did you answer with "Drug trafficking?"
  9. pauper

    I like the 2/3 flyer vehicle. Will try to give it a home in my Kuldotha deck.
  10. pauper

    Sideboard... 4x Pyroblast, obviously Relics of progenitus can scare the opponent just by having it on the field Maybe be an arse and bring some Faerie Macabres?
  11. I don't particularly enjoy it much. You either stomp too hard or lose too horribly, none of which are fun for both players. It's fun, somewhat, maybe more if you're into that kind of explosive decks. What kind of kills it for me is how easily you run out of fuel. Yet again, it's a fun deck if you play vs jank or casual just to see what it can do. Consistency is not a thing with it. It's not THAT terrible per se, but compared to Kuldotha or Teachings it's... Not on par.
  12. I play BR Reanimator, tell me about consistency!
  13. Really interesting. I'd like to give it a try!