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  1. Hey guys! Just launched a new format for the videos with a new host, Ian Thompson, and Co-Host, Gary Garland! These guys will be a large part of what we do moving forward as they help MAC get the channel on track! Check out the first video of the new team together with Masters 25 spoilers thus far!
  2. Hey everyone! I recently started DangerUs Investments with a silent partner and to be honest we're just messing around. Our goal is just to be friggin hilarious while still showing new and vintage MTG product. We recently busted open 5 boxes of RIX (2 in the first video and then 3 in the second) because opening packs and seeing what you get is pretty awesome haha. We don't want to keep any of the cards, though I'll admit holding onto a complete set for the long-run investment side of things, so most of what you see being opened is for sale via eBay or if you contact me directly we can work something out. Search DangerUs Investments on youtube and you'll find us! The goal is just to grow the channel and respond to what people like to see. A sort of choose your own destiny channel if people start giving us feedback and letting us know what they want to see next. Of course we'll put our own personal spin on it. We want to release a video a week in the short-run and then more as things pick up. Both of us have a nostalgic relationship with MTG since it was a big part of our childhood. Now that we have the means to buy much more than we did as kids we want to share that with everyone. I, Mac, have considered playing again but for now we just want to release videos and get people the cards they want at fair prices. I hope everyone subscribes and gives us tips on how you think we could be more entertaining for you personally! Again, search DangerUs Investments and enjoy the show! (I'll provide url's to our current videos) https://youtu.be/a8l4-xFKg2g https://youtu.be/P-0wZr-PTsU https://youtu.be/9rd0VQHuCh8 https://youtu.be/YaZvz15MwmE https://youtu.be/YPLvudbU8jo
  3. Just cranked 5 boxes of Rivals! 2 on Sunday which the video is up and then 3 more yesterday and that video will be up later today!
  4. Hey everyone! I'm Mac and I've personally been on a 17 year hiatus from MTG but am getting back into it in a BIG way! My crew and I have secured a ton of boxes, singles, and are constantly researching to give viewers amazing content and as well as fair singles prices! It's just hobby for us with no real expectations as it is for most of MTG fans. Our channel just launched on YouTube (DangerUs Investments) and we would love if everybody gave it a watch, subscribed, and commented so we can continue to make content as desirable as possible! That's also why I am getting into these forums. Like I said, WE RESEARCH and want to be on top of hot topics to discuss with our viewers. For instance, I have a question that we've been discussing... Who thinks Rivals of Ixalan is worth the box price? Are there enough power cards in the set? I ask because we have 2 cases arriving in 2 days and boxes are going to be opened and broadcast via the youtube channel (DangerUs Investments)!! I know it's a little early but most of what I'm hearing is that the set is pretty solid. Foil's can make or break it too so hopefully we get something sick! -DangerUs Investments-