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  1. Don't miss your chance to win 12 .... YES, 12!! .... Masters 25 Booster Packs!
  2. Please check out how we did, enter in the contest, and let us know how we're doing! Thanks and good luck!
  3. As long as you're purchasing whole booster boxes or packs from a trusted source then the problem (and it certainly is a quality control PROBLEM) is mitigated. It'll deffs be hard to trust though.... I too hope that it's not a macro box issue but if it is, I personally only deal in whole boxes so... just takes a little of the fun out which again is a problem in itself.
  4. All this was awesome guys. Now I'm curious... How many of you that responded are in MTG finance and how many are players? Or both? I agree with a lot of what was said... yes the cards must be valuable to collect, yes a lot of resellers reinvest in the cards in hopes to make future profits, yes resellers set prices and make more efficient transactions. With that said, and going back to my original post, is there any other explanation other than never-ending price increases as to why player rates are shrinking? Is it a problem with the data or is it a true decrease? I'm not convinced that reprinting reserved list cards will assist a recovery. I'm also not convinced that it needs an image shift. I really don't know what a good solution looks like.
  5. So the question is pretty straight forward.... are resellers (much like myself) actually making their own investments more volatile? I think the answer to this can be summed up with barrier to entry since new mtg finance participants are entering which forms a barrier to the common player. As finance keeps prices growing, the actual players are being forced out or prohibited from even considering mtg as an option since competitive decks hold such a high price tag. I think this type of discussion is pivotal to mtg survival and whether or not the solution is under WOTC control. As a reseller, it's my opinion that operating a lower margin is in everyone's best interest but singly it would be foolish. It would take resellers everywhere to start reducing their prices to keep players involved so that the market doesn't start bottom out abruptly due to lack of interest. Would a market dive recover? Is it necessary as a correction? Would it be possible for a mtg valley to recover once players discovered the new reduced equilibrium? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts? Good, bad, or otherwise....
  6. Ha ol' Gary Garland is all natural!