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Found 19 results

  1. I'm wanting to build a casual Angel deck, mostly for multiplayer games. I've picked up a few cards for it, namely Avacyn Angel of Hope (x2) and Archangel Avacyn (x2) to build off of. Wanting something aggressive and frustrating, not really a white weenie type of strategy. White is kind of new to me, I'm used to building black or blue asshole type decks. I'll probably dust off my cards and start putting stuff together on my weekend, but looking for suggestions or ideas!
  2. Organizing cards when I ran across this one: So many assholish possibilities with this card in a casual or maybe even EDH game. Has anyone ever played around with this card or have any ideas?
  3. This card was played during our new year games and I guess I never really paid much attention to it, but I think it could lead to some fun. The problem is getting to 5 to cast it, but after it's on the battlefield there's some fun possibilities. First thing that came to my mind is something like Energy Chamber Thinking of going with a Boros soldier/soldier token strategy. Any ideas for this deck that will be played mostly in casual multiplayer?
  4. There are so many great cards in the game of Magic, and I don't always get a chance to play many of them. So, I designed THREE different decks to 'borrow' my friends' cards and play with them, myself Grand Theft Auto - The original deck borrows/threatens creatures on the battlefield and smacks the opponents with their own dudes Grand Theft Auto 2 - This deck borrows creatures from opponents' graveyards and beats them with their own dudes Grand Theft Auto 3 - Borrows cards from the opponents libraries (usually the top) and beats them with their own stuff. *cackle* This decklist is for GTA2, and it is 2.1 because I rebuilt it to be more streamlined and mono-black. Here is a visual list. I wish it showed up better... The idea is to use hand disruption and removal to fill the opponents graveyard, and then borrow their cool cards
  5. A little meme going around a couple of months back was the idea of a Personal Spellbook, molded after the Jace Spellbook that had a select group of foil spells that represented Jace. If WOTC made a personal spellbook for you, what 10 spells would be in that set? What spells do you cast often, and/or are you known for? For moi… Reveillark – Back from when I played Standard, and also now… Acidic Slime Mulldrifter – Same as Reveillark, but useful in so many decks Villainous Wealth - *CACKLE* Wrath of God – Spring cleaning! Pyxis of Pandemonium Demigod of Revenge – Back when I played standard… Immortal Servitude – One of many graveyard-based cards I love to use Shivan Dragon (Revised version) – My fave all-time MTG art Blasphemous Act
  6. One of the people in my playgroup was playing a deck with Ichor Rats the other day. I guess I never have paid too much attention to this card because it wasn't in the conversation of being in the really strong Modern/Legacy infect builds and it's not a common to get into Pauper decks. But looking at the card, I started wondering why I haven't tried to have goofy fun with it before. Each player with get a poison counter, they don't have to have one prior and it being an ETB effect makes it easier to abuse. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Panharmonicon and some kind of flicker effect. Has anyone tried something with this before or any ideas? Again, this is for fun casual multiplayer games.
  7. I love Solemnity. Ever since the card was spoiled I've been trying to think of goofy and awful ways to use the card in casual decks. A fun interaction I saw floating around is using it with Phyrexian Unlife. Anyone have other fun interactions?
  8. I came up with a new casual game format for MTG. I'm calling it Beast Wars 1v1 and both players have the same deck. The deck consists of: 4 of each Cartouche from Amonkhet 4 of each Trial from Amonkhet And 4 of each basic land 60 cards total. Who can get the Trial of Strength down and hit with the 4/2 beast. Very high variance and totally crazy. Games can be quick or last till turn 30. It's fun and the deck costs almost nothing.
  9. Been wanting to use a card like Strionic Resonator in a casual deck for a while. Have a few ideas for multi player games to use this card and end the game for more than one person. My first thought was to use something like Phage, the Untouchable - making her unblockable then copying the effect to hopefully more than one person. Any ideas on cards to use with Resonator to end the game, even if it's semi glass cannon?
  10. Threw this together from cards I had in my box from the last block, something to play casually and maybe if it performs or needs small tweaks at my LGS. Suggestions welcome
  11. I posted an earlier version of this deck but switched to red/green instead of mono red to speed it up a little. Haven't played this yet, just kind of threw it together last night so looking for suggestions. Posted here on TappedOut
  12. Way back during the Zendikar block I had a halfway decent casual Ally deck. Over the years I've tried making minor adjustments to it but after we got Panharmonicon I've been meaning to do something with it. Finally grabbed a few boxes and took what I had laying around to make this casual Ally ETB deck. I've played it once in a multiplayer game and it went pretty well. I don't have a ton of removal cause most of the creatures end up doing that for me. If I play a really fast deck I'm probably screwed. Since this is just a deck I play with friends, looking for reasonable additions and changes On Tappedout
  13. pauper

    As part of building my big box of casual pauper decks, I put together a mostly-Kaladesh blue-black Improvise deck. It's a pretty simple premise that mostly builds itself. CREATURES: Gearseeker Serpent and the Inventor are the big payoffs for having artifacts, and the Aether Swoopers (I own only 3) and Poisoners help get some more servos. Dhund Operative is a great 2-drop that can take out bigger stuff. ARTIFACTS: The Inventor Goggle's is a key card that gets a free auto-equip to the artificers. The others give me some card draw and help with the improvising. TRICKS: Some removal and other tricks to try out. Rush of Vitality is a great limited card, and will help save my dudes and gain some life. Dragon Shadow is an old common that will work well with my beefier creatures. I just put this together, but it looks like it'll be fun and easy to play.
  14. casual

    Have been tweaking this deck here and there but either I get a great opening hand and have a 12/12 out in a couple of turns, or I get left out with my pants down and a big target on my face. Other than getting Torpor Orb and big creatures out, the alternate win condition is [cards]Leveler[/cards] and [cards]Laboratory Maniac[/cards] Creatures: [cards]Leveler[/cards] x4 [cards]Eater of Days[/cards] x4 [cards]Phyrexian Dreadnought[/cards] x3 [cards]Phage the Untouchable[/cards] x2 [cards]Laboratory Maniac[/cards] x2 [cards]Hunted Horror[/cards] x2 [cards]Braids, Conjurer Adept[/cards] x1 Artifacts: [cards]Torpor Orb[/cards] x4 [cards]Whispersilk Cloak[/cards] x2 [cards]Strionic Resonator[/cards] x1 Spells: [cards]Preordain[/cards] x2 [cards]Cackling Counterpart[/cards] x2 [cards]Murder[/cards] x2 [cards]Cancel[/cards] x2 [cards]Fabricate[/cards] x2 [cards]Diabolic Tutor[/cards] x2 [cards]Brainstorm[/cards] x1 [cards]Clone[/cards] x1 Lands: [cards]Swamp[/cards] x15 [cards]Island[/cards] x7
  15. So, long story short, this was one of the last Rares I bought for myself before I stopped playing. By the point I got these cards, I wasn't really playing and I had a great deck idea in mind for them... now I don't remember it... So I figured I would ask you guys for some input. I think I had Isochron Scepter in the original idea, so I could keep targeting the Artisan, and I think I used Green in there too. I'm open to anything you guys could suggest. I'm just wondering if newer cards have maybe "broke" this card, or some other card I forgot/didn't know about would help break this guy. I have an extensive set and am open to buying pretty much anything under 200$ per card, so LET THE COMBOS FLY!
  16. Like @Lasraik, I like to abuse Blasphemous Act. This is one of my favourite sweeper spells of all time. A 1-mana wrath? It happens more often than you think! Presenting: Blasphemous Backlash, aka "Don't Touch Me!" The premise is simple enough: You want cards that punish your opponents for attacking you or burning your creatures. If they are being too scaredy-cat, use Blasphemous Act and dome them for 13 damage, or get 13 tokens... *cackle* Spells like Lash Out and Smash to Smithereens also fit the theme but giving extra punishment.
  17. So, better late than never... here is my blog post about the 13 cards I am most intrigued by in Shadows Over Innistrad 13 Intriguing Casual Cards from Shadows Over Innistrad What are you guys and gals looking forward to trying? Any non-mythics catch your eye?
  18. casual

    Another tribal deck I threw together a year or two ago and never really tweaked it. Beginning to wonder if a Minotaur themed deck is something I can put together. Suggestions welcome: Creatures: Rageblood Shaman x4 Ragemonger x4 Deathbellow Raider x4 ]Fanatic of Mogis x3 Minotaur Skullcleaver] x3 Borderland Minotaur x2 Felhide Petrifier x2 Pensive Minotaur x2 Boros Reckoner x1 Gnarled Scarhide x1 Spells: Lightening Strike x3 Madcap Skills x3 Ordeal of Purphoros x2 Magma Jet x2 Coordinated Assault x1 Flurry of Horns x1 Lands: Mountain x13 Swamp x9
  19. Was looking over this list of budget Modern decks and was wondering what are some budget decks you suggest or you've tried? Also, saw this video this morning on YouTube. The channel has some decent combos, I might try the first one in the video: