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Found 37 results

  1. cube

    How do you store your cube? Any suggestions on boxes?
  2. So I have decided to build my first cube. I would like it to contain ONLY UN cards. So, my question is, would it be best to just have all of the uncards? Or a selection from the sets? And contraptions are only in the new set, so should I put in extra copies of some of them so everyone can have the fun of cranking contraptions? Halp!
  3. cube

    What size should my mtg cube be? This is a question I've head a lot since starting the channel. With so many different drafting types and sealed options, Magic: the Gathering cube sizes can differ massively! So in this video we talk about how you can decide how big you want to make your cube and why your playgroup and gameplay choices help to make this decision.
  4. @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 started a new video series on building a budget cube, it's a great way to get into the format if you haven't already
  5. Hello to all, Today, Sunday Oct 15, 2017 at 5pmET on will debuting the famous local Vintage Power Cube. No proxies, some of the best cards in Magic, and no limit to the shenanigans. A mostly-accurate list (15-20 cards have been changed) is depicted below, but the core and power remain in place. Several Klug alters will also be premiering. We hope to do this again in the future, so please come show your support this first time! See you all soon, -The Dean
  6. In case you missed the videos, here is a compilation of all of the rarities here. Definitely some exciting cards to come from this set! It's a shame I've opened 20 packs so far and still no opt or chart a course...
  7. cube

    After the mass updates to my cube we have another Pack 1 Pick 1 - Still unpowered, but now down to 540 so at a better level overall. What will your picks be? Full list can be found here:
  8. cube

    With a bit more time on my hands (rip my LGS), I have decided to continue work on my cube, as an activity I could bring to the tabletop gaming youth group that I help advise in my community. I figure I post it here to get some ideas and guidance from the more experienced cube masters here. It's still very much under construction, not even ready for play quite yet, due to the low card count. This will be a Conspiracy Cube, and as soon as I figure out how to create a second card list in Cube Tutor (if even possible), I'll be including a list of the conspiracy drafting cards and conspiracies in an extra list -- I was planning on treating them like an extra card in each pack, similar to double faced cards from INN block, or foils from the Masters sets. Suggestions for cards to be included very welcome!
  9. As I'm sure you're all aware, my cube has had some very significant changes over the last 6 months. I've really been slacking on producing a video to have an update and it's now over 300 changes! whoops! So as of this week and next, I'll be releasing a video every weekday with the cube cards and updates for each colour, starting with white a little later on today. These videos will contain all the cards in the cube again as there has been so many changes, but I promise I won't leave the updates to pile up again, even if it's a new video a month! I'll update this thread with each video! First up we have the colour white, which is a lot more balanced in terms of casting cost and white weenies is now playable:
  10. cube

    Finally organized my Conspiracy 2 cards and got my Cube together. It's kind of cheating calling this a Cube, since it's just 4x every common, 2x uncommon and 1 of each mythic/rare but it's a start. The cube has 545 cards total, and my playgroup prefers to make 60 card decks most of the time rather than 40. Usually there will be 6-8 people playing. What I'm looking for help with now is how many lands to put in my Cube box: How many of each land should I have in the box ready to play?
  11. Our friend @MTG Forge is requesting help with his Peasant Cube. Maybe @MTGZuby or @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 can help with this one
  12. This week we dive into the Burn Archetype within Cube finding out what it is and how to support it in your cube!
  13. In this episode we take a look at the Reanimator Mechanic in MTG Cube, how the reanimate mechanic works, how to support it and what the anchor cards and support cards needed in order to have it in your cubes. It also cross-pollinated well with other cube archetypes so we will discuss those too!
  14. In this video we are going to talk about a two player draft format called the Solomon Draft (or fact or fiction draft), how to play the format, what you will need, the rules of the draft and why this is a fun draft type to play with two people. Hope you enjoy!
  15. Hi everyone, today saw the release of my first episode of a new series Inside the Cube. My aim for this is to have an informative series that goes above basic cube building to discuss archetypes for cubes and how to support them. In this first episode we talk about what a cube archetype is and the pros and cons for having them in your cube, plus the solution for cube builders. If there is any archetype you'd like to see a video on, do let me know. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Second episode is up and we talk about the Blink/Flicker Archetype in cube, what it is, how it works and how to support it!
  17. The one I'm sure you've all been waiting for. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  18. Moving on to the uncommons now and again some great picks available from the set!
  19. This is the first video to be sponsored by The Mana Base! Very excited to be part of the team over at with a great bunch of content creators that cover all formats. In this video I'll be giving you my Top 10 Common Cards from Amonkhet for MTG Cube. Due to the great feedback from my last series, I've split this up into 3 separate videos again for each rarity level. This video will certainly be suited for Pauper cubes, although some cards certainly would make it into Peasant and potentially Unpowered cubes too. I'd love to know what your thoughts are, which cards will you be putting straight into play?
  20. In this video we are going to talk about a two player draft format created by one of my subscribers Jana. This is the I'll Take 3 Draft, how to play the format, what you will need, the rules of the draft and why this is a fun draft type to play with two people. If like me you'd like to thank Jana, leave her comments in the description below or let her know on twitter here:
  21. I picked up a random eBay lot recently that contained a few Unhinged and Unglued cards. I was thinking of adding one of each color into my cube that I'm building but then I wondered if it would throw the whole cube out of whack. Most of them have goofy effects like having the person who says a word do something or if you're eating your creatures get a bonus ect. But not sure if it's worth trying it if it's generally a bad idea.
  22. This weeks top 5: Cube worthy cards from Aether Revolt My 5: 5.) Yahenni's Expertise - sweeper 4.) Disallow - because playing Blue counter magic is fun... right? 3.) Walking Ballista - flexible artifact creature 2.) Fatal Push - 1 cc removal 1.) Baral, Chief of Compliance - good vs. aggro and while it's ability is specific I think it opens up other options in the cube
  23. Organizing the cards I have so far for my Conspiracy 2 Cube and it has some nice cards in it. Got me wondering: do you single or double sleeve your cube?
  24. @MTG Forge is one of the YouTube channels I always make it a point to watch. Great videos and he recently started a new project for a Peasant Cube. Sharing the videos here to help him get feedback and more subs!
  25. In case you are interested in my cube, here is the Newest Episode about the Colourless & Artifact Creatures and Vehicles in my Cube. I talk about why I picked the cards and a little about strategy. Enjoy!