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Found 81 results

  1. JJ walks us through his newest #Pauper deck, You can Count on Me. This deck will grow out of control REAL quick as you put counters upon counters on dang near everything you have on the battlefield. And at only $25 or 16 tix on MTGO, you can lay the smack down without breaking your wallet! #WeAreMTG
  2. I've been goofing off with cards from old sets, trying to build decks from cards I have laying around with mechanics that are set specific. I started a boros Battalion deck and it's shaping up to be pretty decent (for casual play). After a couple of games I realized a lot of the cards are common, anyone ever tried a Battalion deck?
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over RWU Soldiers, a Red, White, and Blue Pauper deck. This deck was created to honor those that have, and those that currently are, serving in our military. Your service is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. This three color soldier tribal deck has some good synergy as your soldiers work together to overpower our opponents. And at $33 or 10 tickets on MTGO, it's budget to boot!
  4. I'm catching up on my podcasts (I'll get current eventually) and finally caught the @MTGZuby episode that he interviewed Tolarian Community College. Part of that discussion was Pauper and why people play it. The Professor thought it wasn't as much price as it was the power of the cards and it being "Legacy Lite". I had never really thought of it that way but he had a point. I still think Pauper is where it is today because of the price point, but it made me wonder if I'm thinking about this all wrong. Why do you enjoy Pauper? Is it because you get to play with powerful cards that will probably never be in Standard again? Or is it because you can buy any deck for the price of one piece of your mana base for a Modern or Legacy deck? Maybe something else entirely? I started playing Pauper mostly because of the price and all of the brewing possibilities with such a large card pool. But I probably continue to play it because the cards are powerful and fun. If the cards weren't powerful or fun to play, then the time we invest in the format wouldn't be worth it even with the low price point. Interested to hear all of your thoughts
  5. pauper

    Here's a Goblin list I'm working on. Sometimes explosive, sometimes not.
  6. Hey guys, oppose to posting for every deck tech, I figure I'd just add them to one long post, and update it as they go. So here it is: It Takes Two - Green Black Sacrifice/Token Deck BoGles - Green Black Bogles Deck - August 17th, 2018 Mono Red Tron - July 31st, 2018 Artificer Stompy - UR Aggro Artificer Deck - June 21st, 2018 Relentless Rats - Mono Black Relentless Rat Deck - May 7th, 2018 Hunger of the Hawk - UB Artifact Combo Deck - March 16th, 2018 Stupid Merfolk - UG Merfolk Tribal Deck - February 21st, 2018 Christmas Myracle - RG Myr Tribal Deck - December 22nd, 2017
  7. We had 11 players at The Eclectic Cave today. Top decks were Mono Blue Delver, Orzhov Pestilence, Orzhov Extort, Boggles, then there were also Burn, Red Deck Wins, Golgari Tortured Existence, Boggles, and two Affinity decks. Some of us talked about having some beer and Pauper at some point. For practice and conversation.
  8. pauper

    As usual, new Masters set means new powerful cards for Pauper, and this one is looking interesting! You can check out the full list here: Some of the spicier new additions is Relentless Rats. It's problematic because pauper is so control-heavy, but on the flip side there are no good board sweepers in the format so if the deck can keep a couple rats in play they could get out of hand quickly. I think Court Hussar is pretty sweet too. Comparable to Sea Gate Oracle, a format staple, and it's pretty much strictly better in UW decks.
  9. Thought it would be easier to start a new thread for this deck list instead of adding to the original. The deck is built around discarding and drawing using Cathartic Reunion and Faithless looting to draw Exhume and either using it to cast Ulamog's Crusher or using Delve to cast Gurmag Angler, then smashing face. In the meantime I added removal and a little hand disruption to prevent my opponent from killing me. In the event I run into tokens or Elves, I have Nausea in the sideboard and more removal. This is my deck list going into our Pauper tournament this Saturday: Creatures Quantity Lands Gurmag Angler 4 Swamps 7 Ulamog's Crusher 4 Mountains 6 Insolent Neonate 3 Bloodfell Caves 4 Terramorphic Expanse 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Spells Quantity Cathartic Reunion 4 Exhume 4 Sideboard Lightning Bolt 4 Nausea 3 Faithless Looting 4 Raven's Crime 2 Terminate 4 Distress 2 Duress 4 Grasp of Darkness 2 Temur Battle Rage 2 Crush 2 Essence Harvest 2 Flame Slash 1 Raven's Crime 2 Temur Battle Rage 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Terramorphic Expanse 1
  10. Hey everyone! In today's deck tech video, we go over Cursed Ground, a Grixis pauper deck that goes for the throat with indirect damage and punishes your opponents early game casting by cursing their lands! And at just under $47/45 TIX, this is more towards the budget deck end! Come see what this deck can offer! And if you could do us a HUGE favor and share this video! We ill be doing another giveaway once we hit our next subscriber milestone!
  11. Here is a video about stupid merfolk in pauper. Honestly this deck took forever to build, and I'm still not happy with it, but my frustration from making this deck turned into a pretty fun video to make. So enjoy if you want, if you don't, that's cool, because I hate merfolk too.
  12. Hey everyone! We're a day late, but this one is worth the wait! In this video, we go over Dragon Pants, a u/r pauper deck that has your creatures suiting up in dragon enchantments and swinging in for the win!
  13. pauper

    Any cards from RIX catch your eye as being Pauper playable?
  14. pauper

    I needed a new Pauper deck to play, and I feel most comfortable playing aggro decks. Looked over a few lists but I don't want to just put the same cards together that we've seen over and over. Instead I looked through my (many) boxes of cards and pulled some creatures out. Thought of it almost like a challenge to make something that will compete without using the cards everyone else uses. This is what I have so far, looking for feedback on this list. My goal is to come out fast and beat face with 1 CC creatures and pump spells. Later in the game I have a couple bigger bodies to finish with. I expect Spire Tracer to get some action and hopefully Scythe Tiger turn one. Blue is popular in my meta so I tossed in Lurking Crocodile, Kessig Recluse and Plummet in the side board for those match ups. I tossed around the idea of using green creatures from Kaladesh and use energy but I'm planning on going all in on energy and making another deck with those.
  15. pauper

    So... There is some talk about pauper being brought to the big time. What do y'all thing about this? I'm digging that I might get to watch some pauper when they stream, but I'm not too keen on the idea of the price of pauper going up. Thoughts?
  16. Now that there will be Pauper side events at every GP in January 2018 championed by The Professor, Pauper is gaining popularity. With that popularity means the finance hounds are looking to make a few bucks off of it. Be careful with prices before you start purchasing cards in the next month or so and try to get them as low as you can. I'm hoping they realize Pauper isn't a format you can cash in on and not ruin what should be a cheap format. My fear is that people new to Pauper shy away because the cost of decks is going up and instead play other formats.
  17. pauper

    I've been playing Familiars, mostly because they use Prosperous Pirates and I've always tried to figure out pirate decks in Pauper. I've also used the Familiars shell with allies to try life drain or mill decks. Not Tier 1, yet can be fun. This is how MTGO is most useful for me. Testing out random things and not having to switch decks, make someone playtest, etc. It would be nice to have more time to create a gauntlet and playtest in real life. I have a good number of decks, updating multiple decks can be a challenge. Hoping that Pauper fires at 1 at The Eclectic Cave today in Burque. Happy New Year Everyone!
  18. pauper

    Hi Guys, Here is a recent deck tech I did for pauper. It is a mashup of R/G aggro and Affinity. Decklist: But I would like your honest opinions on the deck, because I'm new to pauper. I love the concept of only common cards but I feel like I still don't understand the format. It seems very linear to me. Go fast and wide. I know there are some control, and life gain, but it seems that the format is based heavily on speed and early removal can be make or break. What do you guys suggest for the meta, or do you have any tips or tricks for Pauper? I would love to make more deck techs for the format but I feel they are just going to be cookie cutter aggro decks, or just pauper versions of modern decks, and that these would get boring after a while. Thanks!
  19. pauper

    Haven't done much deck building or anything MTG related lately but ever since Ixalan dropped I've been thinking about trying Enrage in Pauper. For those who aren't familiar with it, here's a video by @Rhino perfectly describing it Has anyone tinkered with this mechanic in Pauper? Any luck?
  20. What are your favorite Pauper cards from Ixalan?
  21. pauper

    I know @Lasraik was curious about a pauper foghat deck (slow ride...) Decklist: This is a fairly basic mill deck with some fog-like backups... it does well for me in my casual meta, but I'm not sure how it would do in an actual pauper tournament. A lot of pretty good mill cards at common, over the years. The deck utilizes Jace's Erasure as a constant drip of mill... add Brainstorm and you can quickly mill 3 while doing some card selection. I am considering putting in an Evolving Wilds or two to take actual advantage of the card... A few weird singletons in the deck, just because...
  22. Been brainstorming and trying to think of cards I could put into a black discard deck. Lots of good discard spells in Pauper and I've been thinking of using a few rats like Chittering Rats and Gnat Miser Problem I'm having is what my finisher would be. Having these rats and making my opponent discard is fun and all, but I can see it running out of gas before I could get them down to 0. Because I'll be casting so many cheap 1 CC spells obviously the first one that came to mind is our favorite zombie fish Open to ideas and suggestions! Thanks for your time
  23. Currently trying to find a way to convert my casual janky Kithkin deck into something Pauper competitive and brainstorming ways to brew a nice discard deck. Just looking for a finisher/bomb. What are you working on or want to build next?