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Found 3 results

  1. I came up with a new casual game format for MTG. I'm calling it Beast Wars 1v1 and both players have the same deck. The deck consists of: 4 of each Cartouche from Amonkhet 4 of each Trial from Amonkhet And 4 of each basic land 60 cards total. Who can get the Trial of Strength down and hit with the 4/2 beast. Very high variance and totally crazy. Games can be quick or last till turn 30. It's fun and the deck costs almost nothing.
  2. Here is my 1v1 Commander Deck Tech for the upcoming Content Creators Cup hosted by Card Bazaar. So Lets Go Goblins!
  3. In this episode we are discussing the B&R announcements, MTGO 1v1 commander and discuss its awesome playability in paper too and our final topic is of Nationals and who in the team got invites! If you want to download the episode directly link is here