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Found 7 results

  1. While digging through some old cards the other day, I saw a copy of a card I remember seeing a lot of in my childhood, though in bulk piles, rather than in actual decks. Foxfire is a one-creature Fog spell that isn't particularly effective, although it does replace itself. What always struck me was the artwork on this card, and it's not a piece you'd ever see on a Modern day spell. I never really understood the art, and the weird framing, but I do love the picture. A fox in the upper corner, and then a bunch of fireflies? I guess abstract ideas can give way to many interpretations, rather than the straight-forward illustrations we have on almost every blood card these days. What the heck is Foxfire? And how does that relate to combat? Per Wikipedia, Foxfire is an actual term from days of yonder. Foxfire, also sometimes called "fairy fire", is the bioluminescence created by some species of fungi present in decaying wood. The bluish-green glow is attributed to a luciferase, an oxidative enzyme, which emits light as it reacts with a luciferin. It is widely believed that the light attracts insects to spread spores, or acts as a warning to hungry animals, like the bright colors exhibited by some poisonous or unpalatable animal species.[1] Although generally very dim, in some cases Foxfire is bright enough to read by.[2]
  2. One of the oldest, and grossest arts in Magic the Gathering history was put on to the card Living Wall, a card that saw a decent amount of casual play when I played in my teens. It's a damn fine defensive creature that can keep regenerating and fit into any colour deck. That said, there is no way that WOTC would ever print a card like this now... it's not really the intestines or teeth that do it, but rather the fetus in the middle that would likely be taboo today. I love this art, and should find a way to put one of these walls in my current decks.
  3. Karma - the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Somehow, this meant you were punished for playing swamps? *shrug* This is back when Black/White really wanted to reinforce the good vs. evil trope Karma is a powerful, but very narrow card that wasn't good against most decks. How to make it good? Hack the system! Playing against a mono-green deck? Change swamps to forests, and you have a pretty fast clock. Later on, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, made this an easier combo, although one that will also hit you, too.
  4. CARD OF THE MOMENT #4: WOOD ELEMENTAL In the list of the worst cards in Magic's history, Wood Elemental is an easy inclusion into the Top 10. After admiring the goofy picture (I love it), read the text and just soak that in. Yes, you pay four mana for a 0/0. You then have to sacrifice untapped forests to give it any power and toughness. UNTAPPED!! Play this on turn 4 without ramp? Umm, OK... Play it early with some ramp? Great, you might get a 1/1 or 2/2. Play it late? A 4/4 that makes you sac your lands is hardly a great investment. This card doesn't even have any evasion or extra ability to make it even considering. Even if you could sacrifice tapped forests, I can't imagine I'd ever play it. WOTC did eventually make cards that tried to 'fix' Wood Elemental, such as Fungus Elemental. It's not a great card, but at least it's a Hill Giant, if nothing else.
  5. Today's Card of the Moment is one of my favourite 'win' conditions, and a card I've mentioned in the past: DIVINE INTERVENTION. A very old, and expensive-to-cast enchant from Legends, this is the type of card that causes players to pause and read the card about 2-3 times before it kicks in. I also love the old-school art. To put it bluntly: You have two turns to kill me or remove this card, or the game ends in a draw! I have a deck that I built called "How to Make Friends", and it was built before EDH Group Hug decks were a thing. With cards like Truce and Hunted Lammasu, I gift opponents cards and life and try to make friends with all players at the table. It also has an Archon and life-gain subtheme, to keep me alive. The idea is to make everybody a winner by ending the game in a draw. Only my wife @Aurian seems to actively hate the card. I doubt R&D would ever reprint a card like this, outside of Conspiracy.
  6. COTM#2 is an oldie: Phantasmal Forces A 4/1 flying creature for 4 mana, but with an upkeep cost. This would still be a decent limited card now, but, back in the day, it was a popular casual card for our blue decks.If the opponent had no blockers or removal, they were dead in 5 turns. Creature power creep is a thing. The usual curve was this into a 5-drop like Air Elemental or Vesuvan Doppleganger. Get to 6 mana? Mahamoti Djinn! WUBRG - Notice how the very old version uses U instead of the rain drop mana symbol? The very early sets didn't seem to be able to print mana symbols in the text box, so you had to pay GGGG for Force of Nature's upkeep. I can imagine a new player seeing a 'U' and thinking, "I have to spend you during the upkeep"? I loved the art on this, even though the forces don't look all that phantasmal.
  7. Something I endeavor to do every so often is post about a random card that strikes my fancy. I've either played with this card, against this card, or want to brew with this card, and have been piqued in some manner. The first CARD OF THE MOMENT is Pulse of Murasa, a nice common from Oath of the Jacetice League Regrowth effects are a small piece of the pie that Green can get, mainly returning creatures or lands. Why not have a choice of either? Neither a Raise Dead or Gain 6 Life are impressive on their own, but when you put the two together, on an instant, you get a nice tempo boost. I've often returned a bomb creature to my hand and saved myself from death with just this one card. Other applications: 1. Got an opponent trying to reanimate Griselbrand? Nerf the reanimate spell by putting it back in their hand, and buy some time. 2. Playing 2HG? Maybe your teammate needs a land or creature back more than you do 3. In free-for-all, maybe an opponent has a creature or land that will help you out the most... this card has political applications 4. Combo with things that care about lifegain, like Angelic Accord