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Found 9 results

  1. One thing that has changed now that I've started playing Pauper is I take a closer look at commons when before I may not have paid as much attention. These are a few cards that caught my eye in Eldritch Moon. What are some cards that popped out to you in Eldritch Moon?
  2. Eldritch Moon was released this weekend, we've had a chance to see the spoilers and a little time to digest. What cards from Eldritch Moon do you think we will see in Modern? My predictions:
  3. Remember all that whining about Emrakul? Yeah, about that. What was your take away from the PT? The Top 8:
  4. Just saw this last night, thought I'd share and see if any of you noticed this too while cracking packs of EM
  5. Yes, this is a blog post about a blog post Over at my own site, I have written about the 13 cards I am most intrigued by in Eldritch Moon. Even my wife guessed #1's like she doesn't even know me
  6. (warning: Picture heavy) @Aurian and I attended the pre-release my friend ran and we had a pretty good turnout of 15 players. These are mostly friends and friends-of-friends, so it's very laid back and casual. I ended up 3-0-1 with a very grindy GB deck. Poor @Aurian went 1-3 with serious mana screw issues all night Not much fun, as we all know what it is like to go through that. My pool was somewhat evenly split, but I decided on this deck: Green was my deepest colour in terms of sheer # of cards, while Black had the much-needed removal suite. Yes, I did manage one win with the Triskaidekaphobia The deck was grindy, but had a decent amount of beef. Ishkanah with Delirium is a serious bomb, and I had a lot of card advantage to grind out wins. I faced another GB deck in the match we drew, although I have to admit he probably would have won. I beat my nemesis (no, not my wife) in the finals, mainly because he got mana-screwed. Oh, and shout out to PERMEATING MASS - Seriously, this is amazing blocker. One game ended up having six copies of this on the board Foul Emissary is a bit slow and below the curve, but I always hit another creature with it on the trigger, and it made good fodder for the one Emerge creature I did have. I had Elusive Torment in last set's prerelease, and it makes a good hard-to-deal-with finished. I had little madness to work with, but it still performs just fine as a 4/4. DECK BUILDING My green sideboard. I sided in CONFRONT THE UNKNOWN and sided out Triskaidekaphobia if my opponent had instant-speed lifegain. My black and artifact sideboard... not much here that I could use. Censer was a tough cut, but my deck needed mana for other things. I easily cut blue since it was the weakest of the 5 colours in my pool. My white actually had some decent playables, but not much in the way of quantity or beef. RED was my other serious choice due to the RB Vampire rare I cracked plus the promo Garrison. That said, black was my removal colour and green just had the sheer creatures. RB was a possibility, but I didn't have enough creatures to pull that off. I didn't get too much of a feel for other matches since mine tended to go the longest. For me, the format was slow Emerge was definitely an underrated mechanic, from what I saw. How did others do in their prereleases? Feel free to share stories below.
  7. Well, it has begun Here is the first spoiler, and it's a doozy. I am not fond of the Eldrazzzzzi menace again, but this card is pretty damn sweet! I would love to take @Aurian's next turn
  8. Been reading up on what people think the Eldritch Moon is, most people say it's Emerakul. Here's a tumblr blog post I thought was worth sharing. Any thoughts?