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Found 3 results

  1. There have been a few people who have expressed interest in a playgroup, mostly not fully committed yet because of a lack of a webcam. Those people are: @EDH.Ghost @MindlessARTIST @InherentComboPlayer @Svarela @Bloodheart88 @say_hi_red_5 @sinsang (sorry if I missed anyone) For those of you looking for a webcam, I picked up this one on Amazon for $22 The purpose of the sign up is to let us know who is interested, even if you aren't 100% ready yet. Please list the days you're available, the format(s) you want to play and when you'll be ready to go (estimated) From that data I'm going to add it to the forum calendar and hopefully have enough for a certain format to have a little tournament that I'll supply the prize for. It won't be anything insane but something to make it interesting. So if you are interested, please list: Days you are usually available: Saturday nights, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and some Wednesdays Formats: Open Interested in a tournament (yes/no)?: Yes Preferred Software: Skype or Google Hangouts When you'll be ready: Within a week Additional Info: Have never played EDH before so would have to get a premade deck for that. There will be a learning curve there for me. Usually open on the days listed but of course real life stuff happens.
  2. Hey guys. I was wondering, with so many people commenting that they either got kicked out of their playgroup or left their playgroup because there was too much salt, why not start playgroup here? I was thinking over Discord, Skype, or some other way that we can use a webcam and have a group chat goin on. Ideas?
  3. In our discussion about forming an online playgroup, the most common response I've gotten on the forum or via PMs is "I'd really love to play but I don't have a webcam." If you had a webcam, would you try playing via Skype or Google Hangouts?