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Found 14 results

  1. There has been a lot of buzz around the future of competitive magic and what Magic Arena would bring I am stealing the top reddit post about the TLDR ----------------- Firstly, the removals:Nationals, Pro Points, Pro Club in present form, World Magic Cup(after this one in December) - The Mythic Invitational at PAX East, featuring the 32 members of the new Magic Pro League(MPL), who have not yet been announced. - All former Pro Tours have been rebranded to the tabletop Mythic Championships. They will feature the 32 members of the MPL, as well as qualified challengers(qualification system following Cleveland and London not yet announced). There will now be four of these events instead of the previously mentioned six Pro Tours. - MTG Arena Mythic Championships, which will likely include the 32 members of the MPL, and qualified players(qualification system not yet announced, but will occur through Arena) - Players who participate in "Mythic-level" events will be ranked based on their performances. The MPL will be ranked in one system, and challengers will be ranked separately. - $2.5 million set aside specifically for the Grand Prix events at MagicFests. - Additional partner events which utilize MTG Arena will be announced in the future. Things that seem hinted at: - Some kind of promotion/relegation system yet to be explained. This paragraph: "Players in the MPL will be ranked based on points earned via high finishes in the Mythic-level events. Challenger players who do well in those events will also be ranked based on their finishes, keeping the MPL players on their toes and leaving room for newcomers to take their places at the top. We'll be releasing more details about the MPL seasons and rankings as we get ready to kick off the first season," seems to heavily imply promotion and relegation for challengers and poor-performing members of the MPL. - The slow inevitable heat death of Magic Online. This is more of my conjecture based on the fact that Magic Online literally doesn't factor into any of this. PTQs on Magic Online don't exist if there's no Pro Tours. So unless Magic Online offers qualifiers for the new tabletop Mythic Championships, it doesn't sound like Magic Online has any place in the ecosystem.
  2. You can see the top 8 decks here: Of the 8 decks, 6 of them were basically mono-white aggro with red splashes, using the same core of small white aggressive creatures to close out games as quickly as possible. I think this is positive for the format. The deck is extremely fast, but there are a ton of viable answers in the format right now and I doubt it'll warp the format in any way. Unfortunately the best answers for R/W Aggro are in Red and White - such as Deafening Clarion, so that's a bit of a problem, but black has Ritual of Soot and green should be able to stabilize on the board with bigger creatures. I think it's fine, even if it looks disproportional with 6-out-of-8 decks making top 8 at the pro tour. It also just so happens to be pretty close to the deck I built in paper when the format first rotated, so I'm tooting my own horn over that. (My deck:
  3. So... There is some talk about pauper being brought to the big time. What do y'all thing about this? I'm digging that I might get to watch some pauper when they stream, but I'm not too keen on the idea of the price of pauper going up. Thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone! As many of you know, today (Wednesday) is the final day before Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in Japan. Personally, I'm very excited to see how the best of the best have changed the style of decks in standard over the last couple of weeks with the release of Hour of Devastation, and if there are any surprise decks that could make Day 2, or even make Top 8. Decks such as Mono-Red Aggro, God-Pharaoh's Gift, Emerge, and many different "Bolas Control" variants; have all seen play, and have done very well in leagues. So which decks are you excited to see, and what "surprise deck" do you think can find its way into the Top 8 when used by the pros? Could one of them even make its way to the finals?
  5. The good news: Article The bad news? 24 hours before this was announced, Star City Games raised their prices on Blue Dual lands anticipating the increased attention.
  6. Didn't catch any of the Pro Tour, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the Top 8 decklists aren't dominated by Mardu Vehicles. Any of you catch the Pro Tour or have thoughts on the results? I had been hearing some rumblings about Marvel getting the ban hammer, but I don't making a case for it after this weekend.
  7. A new article went up today on the Wizards site, full of new stuff. It can be found here but this is what stood out to me:
  8. Remember all that whining about Emrakul? Yeah, about that. What was your take away from the PT? The Top 8:
  9. Which cards do you expect will make a splash at the Pro Tour tomorrow? Either from a newer set or old.
  10. Now that Modern will no longer have a Pro Tour, how will that impact Modern card prices?
  11. As you all have probably heard, Modern is no longer supported as a Pro Tour format. This means many things for Modern, both good and bad. I'm here to list the Pros and Cons of this. Pros: A more varied meta. Without the Pro Tours to netdeck from, there will be more of a varied meta, but there will still be a majority of the meta playing a certain deck. It's just that there will be more homebrews. More reprints. Hopefully, once Wizards realizes what has happened, they'll start reprinting more cards (Tarmogoyf and LotV in Standard?). This ties in with my next point, by helping new players start Modern. Price drops. After Modern isn't played in big tournaments like Pro Tours, prices of key cards not played in Legacy or Vintage will drop, due to a drop in demand. This allows newer players to enter the format more easily. Cons: Less/More competitive play. I hope that Grand Prixs will become the new Modern Pro Tours. They were already pretty big, with one of the meta's most influential decks, Lantern Control, showing up first at GP Oklahoma. Price drops. The other side to this is that it will anger collectors, especially those with 4-5 of the top modern decks, just like reprinting Vintage stuff. Hopefully there won't be another reserved list. Please, Wizards! No Reserved List! Overall, I think this was a bad decision, but I'm happy to see how it plays out. What do you guys think? Where will Modern go?
  12. What do you all think about these changes? You can read about it here on the Wizards website