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Found 2 results

  1. Hello again...I see that since they've come out with "Planeswalkers" that they have added newer abilities. I purchased a booster box of M19 & pre-ordered a box of Guilds in hopes to build a "great" deck and get back into the tourney scene. I need a little help, as I pulled a few Planeswalkers, and not sure how to play the abilities. I will attach pictures of the cards in question, along with a land card. What is this new diamond looking thing? Are the Planeswalker cards only used in "commander" or can they be used in modern play as well? What do the plus and minus symbols mean? How do you activate them? Do you use life, or is it activated by that the diamond symbol on the land card? Thanks for your help in advance..
  2. I have a Trading Post and Mycosynth Lattice otb. Someone tries to cast Krosan Grip on one of my permanents, so I pay the activation cost of Trading Post's draw ability, in order to sac the Mycosynth lattice, so that the other permanent is no longer an artifact, and thus not a legal target. But I don't draw the card. Here's my question: Can activation costs of activated abilities still be payed while activated abilities can't be activated?