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Found 5 results

  1. All stuff about altering magic the gathering cards, the process, & results! From getting started, tips & tricks, borderless alters, blue print alters, line alters, & specializing in stained glass alters starting at our 50th video! Getting Started. Supplies! Tips & Tricks series: 1 of 10: Base Layer 2 of 10: White Bordering 3 of 10: Alters & Tournaments 4 of 10: Making alters match 5 of 10: Clean alters 6 of 10: What cards to alter 7 of 10: The splash effect! 8 of 10: Paint thin & thickness 9 of 10: Adding water 10 of 10: Bringing colors in
  2. Sorry for the long absence - transitioned from lesrner to faculty at my university, and dealing with all the logistical hurdles! Today in posting to see who here has altered cards with people/humans depicted on them. I must say, for someone like me who who normally does landscapes, it's proven to be quite the challenge. Anatomy isn't a problem for me as I'm actually well versed in that, but rather shading and blending techniques for realistic-looking skin, and color matching have proven tough! Here are two recent examples. In the Angus McKenzie, I kept his legs in the shade and gave him high-cut boots to keep his skin exposure to a minimum. As for Liliana, her corsette is form fitting and has different lighting patterns on it which helped me as a template, but her leg (where there's normally a boot) has given me trouble. And don't worry, it's a counterfeit that rather than tear up, I decided to practice with. (disclaimer: these weren't 100% done at the time of picture -- I save the fine detail/touch ups until a day or two after the paint has dried.) Thoughts from other artists?
  3. Found this series last night on YouTube and wanted to share. I had little interest in doing alters but after watching several of these videos I'm going to follow the instructions and start trying it! It's a really neat series that breaks everything down and explains the process from the very beginning. If you aren't already subbed, be sure to throw a sub her way and show your support!
  4. Thought I'd share the process of making an alter from the beginning! Depicted is Step 1) laying down base layers by sections of the painting and filling in larger details. Step 2) will be going back and adding better color blending and detail work. Will post when I'm at that point!
  5. Sharing in this forum since it's related to help spread the word for the artist in this video from the Samuel Rubin channel BearaBro on Facebook and Instagram