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Found 19 results

  1. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, Check out my five favourite spoiled Dinosaurs from the upcoming set, Ixalan! Did I mention Ballista too much? Let me know your feedback! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  2. Hey guys, New article up now at Come check it out and let me know what you think! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  3. “The complaint makes clear that Defendant’s program is purely voluntary.”
  4. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers! Part 3 of the GP Birmingham article series is now out at Let me know what you think and if you would agree with my proposed change to the list! Last instalment to come out in about 12 hours. Until then, have a good one. Yours, GenericBadMagic
  5. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, The final article in the GP Birmingham series is now up at Take a look and let me know what you think! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  6. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, Article number 2 of 4 for GP Birmingham is now live at Let me know what you think of Alan's Tron list! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  7. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, The first of four deck tech articles from GP Birmingham is now live and ready to read at Please check it out, hopefully you enjoy the writing and this motivates you to try a GP for yourself! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  8. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, My new post is now up on the blog, you can find it at Please let me know what you think! Id like to hear from the Limited king himself @AlbyMTG in particular ? Have a good one guys, Yours, GenericBadMagic
  9. Hello my fellow Planeswalkers, that title sure got your attention right? My latest deck tech, as voted for by the people of Twitter is up now at: Let me know what you think, try it out and have fun! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  10. Hey guys, My latest Standard list has had a serious update, come take a look at I appreciate it guys, love you all! Kind Regards Mathew (GenericBadMagic)
  11. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers! Another post is now live at Please check it out and let me know what you think! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  12. A new article went up today on the Wizards site, full of new stuff. It can be found here but this is what stood out to me:
  13. Did any of you catch this article last week on the mothership? An Update on Standard Thought the comment about bannings having a huge impact on player confidence was interesting, especially after the Standard bans a couple of months ago. Also found it surprising how much the Core sets changed their thinking and they realize they've gone overboard with committing to themes
  14. Link to Wizards site Modern Masters 17 packaging (Griselbrand confirmed) Amonkhet Packaging and full art lands. Full art lands should be standard from now on imho I also created a Gallery category for Amonkhet
  15. I saw this headline and thought it was going to be another "video games are bad mmmkay?" type of article, but it gave me pause. Via Washington Post
  16. Check out todays article from the WoTC site: Storm Scale: Ravnica and Return to Ravnica There is a list of mechanics and how likely it is that we will see them again. We may never see Cipher or Dredge again? There were a few surprises for me, what do you all think?
  17. Check out this article on TCG Player:
  18. Via Business Insider