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Found 4 results

  1. it took 12 years and 6 months but it was finally banned... I actually don't agree with the banning completely, but there were so many reasons why it got the axe, I understand. Goodbye top, you were fun in Standard Tooth & Nail, & to hide stuff against discard decks in Legacy!
  2. When cards get banned in a format, what do you do with them?
  3. Official Site Welp, Eye go the ban stick. Now I can get my playset for casual games and still play the ridiculous Eldrazi deck with friends before they get fed up and rage quit. Ancestral Visions unbanned? Called it! A little surprised Sword of the Meek got unbanned tho
  4. modern

    Now that the Eldrazi decks have displayed their dominance at the Pro Tour last month, there are a lot of people begging for bannings. Most of the time their arguments are: "Splinter Twin wasn't as good as these Eldrazi decks, so they should ban some cards from the Eldrazi decks! Splinter Twin was powerful in Modern for years. It was a staple of the format and had it's run. I'm on the fence about that banning anyway, but I get their way of thinking and at least they gave it a few years. They shouldn't ban parts of the Eldrazi decks before giving the players time to get around these decks. Yes, I know that those decks are popular right now on paper and on MTGO. They are running rampant. But there are answers to everything and all we need is for someone to find the right combo to neutralize these decks. There are already cards out there that are helping, someone will put something together. It's only been a month, give the players time to figure it out. Wizards should be avoiding bannings, especially banning cards after a month or two of a major tournament. When they start setting precedent for banning cards every couple of months, everyone loses. The people who buy into those cards lose because they won't get their money back and they can't use the cards anymore in that format. These decks caught a lot of people with their pants down last month, but players are constantly breaking it down and figuring out a way to combat it. Let's hope Wizards doesn't start banning cards and like an MMO developer would nerf abilities every few months.