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Found 3 results

  1. teh_chris holds an informal sideboard to talk about the most trolltastic deck in Modern. And also includes visuals and like, production values. Sideboard: teh_chris *THREE Episode 4 Drafts?! State of the Podcast *Pro Tour Bilbao (Rivals of Tarkir) and the state of Modern as a format. Decklists: *25:50 - Le Chateau Cardtiste *Masters 25 Previews! Speculation too. *FNM non-token promos return! *Thanks for 100 YouTube subscribers! Ending Song: Xurious - Finding Our Way Again SUBSCRIBE: KTMTG BLOG: D'NATIONS: TWITTER: @dekurizu
  2. The sideboard records their first episode without any actual technical difficulties! Oh, and teh_chris complains about the current state of Magic yet again. Sideboard: teh_chris, Dahmpir *Businessposting, including not having enough time to do stuff, like actually post the real episode 3 *Commander 2017 Discussion (First Impressions: Commander 2017) *Talking about Magic is Boring *teh_chris starts making sweeping generalizations about new magic (esp. standard) again, including a choice funpost about Thalia, Heretic Cathar *Wild test prints (Hedron Greaves Misprint image) *More Commander discussion *41:57 - Le Chateau Cardtiste *Drunkpost: On the Subject of Special Banlists other than the Official Banlist for Commander. ( Ending Song: Xurious - Generation of Revenge D'nate to Gam3Escape! SUBSCRIBE: KTMTG BLOG: D'NATIONS: TWITTER: @dekurizu
  3. In this inaugural episode of Between Two Card Sleeves, the Sideboard talks about the recent Hour of Devastation prerelease and standard. Later on, they peek at the Ixalan leaks from weeks ago and bantz the dying LGS in their area. Sideboard - teh_chris, Dahmpir *Hour of Devastation Prerelease *10:15 - entwine (yes, you can entwine a spell cast with aetherworks marvel, I was wrong here and added a blurb to make a correction point) *General standardposting; FNM Promos Replaced with Foil Tokens, the current state of Standard (in our opinions) *34:11 - Le Chateau Cardtiste *Top 5 HOU cards *Ixalan Leaks *52:18 - Musings on the episode, Game Knights closure bantz. Ending Song: Xurious - Growing Stronger SUBSCRIBE: D'NATIONS: Twitter: @dekurizu