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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over RWU Soldiers, a Red, White, and Blue Pauper deck. This deck was created to honor those that have, and those that currently are, serving in our military. Your service is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. This three color soldier tribal deck has some good synergy as your soldiers work together to overpower our opponents. And at $33 or 10 tickets on MTGO, it's budget to boot!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over Enter the Wizard, a Blue and Red Standard budget brew that pumps out more wizards than you can shake a wand at! Want an infinite combo in standard? Then this is your deck!
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we go over Fear and Loathing, a budget modern mono black TRON deck that brings out the worst fears in your opponents and has them loathing you as you annihilate their board, hand, and dignity. And at only $102 for paper or 10 Tickets on MTGO, you can ride high knowing that this one didn't break the bank.
  4. Hey everyone! If you’re like me you don’t have a ton of money just laying around to build a deck. You probably don’t have a ton of time to play either cuz you gotta hustle up if you wanna afford some extra spice for your ramen noodles so you need a deck that is quick and cheap. This deck has let me go 3-0 in brewers challenges and has never got me below 50% in quick play. If you wanna see the deck tech you can find it here: Don’t have time to watch? Totally get that. The struggle is real. Find the decklist here: Hope you enjoy it everyone! If you do pick it up let me know and share some of your stories in the comments below. Thanks! (This has been my favorite game so far)
  5. Hey everyone! In this video, we go over Standard Elves, a budget mono green standard deck that bursts out of the gate and has some heavy hitters swinging in by as early as turn three. And it's low cost makes it one of the cheaper decks in standard right now.
  6. Hey everyone! In this weeks video, we bring you another Deck Tech FLASH! for you to enjoy. We go over Dora and Friends, a budget mono green standard deck that really packs a punch! Come check it out! And don't forget to subscribe and SHARE!!!!
  7. Here is the decklist: I dont own many of the new rare merfolk yet so this is more a budget version shell for now.
  8. modern

    Oars is a budget B/W enchantments deck in Modern. It's an interesting blend of aggro, evasion, beatdown, a bit of control/grind. Check out the decklist!
  9. A friend of mine asked me what budget Legacy deck I would suggest she start building. For Legacy the first that came to mind was Burn but looking for more suggestions
  10. When you hear the term Budget Decks, what dollar value do you assign to it or what are your expectations? Do you look for easy to get cards and a lower price, just a low price or easily obtained cards you could get in packs of a current set?
  11. Was looking over this list of budget Modern decks and was wondering what are some budget decks you suggest or you've tried? Also, saw this video this morning on YouTube. The channel has some decent combos, I might try the first one in the video:
  12. Because I'm trying to get more into playing Blue, I'm trying to build a budget Merfolk deck. Anyone have suggestions on which creatures are best to build around? I have quite a few Merfolk cards in my collection, so I can probably put something together but want it to be semi-decent Thanks
  13. Budget decks are always sought after, so I thought I'd share this YouTube video here. Thoughts?