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Found 12 results

  1. Here are all the Combo Breakdown Episodes, I will update this page as they come out! Enjoy! Grumgully, The Generous Syr Konrad, The Grim Volrath, the Shapestealer PART 2 Volrath, the Shapestealer Ral, Storm Conduit Urza, Lord High Artificer Mycosynth Lattice Guildmages Prime Speaker Vannifar Felidar Guardian Spike Feeder Dualcaster Mage Mikaeus, The Unhallowed Devoted Druid Niv-Mizzet, Parun
  2. Hey everyone! In this Deck Tech, JJ goes over Vitumen B, a Gruul Standard deck that explodes with Awakening of #Vitu-Ghazi and pummels your opponent before they even know whats going on! And at $122 (or 27 tickets on MTGO) for the deck, it's almost budget!#WeAreMTG #MTG
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we're trying something new. Instead of focusing on a particular deck tech, we look at some of the combos and synergies that might have slipped under the radar with the new RNA set coming out. Let us know what you think! Also, we didn't forget about our pack giveaway this week, we just typically do those with opening videos. So we will be running another video this weekend!
  4. Hey everyone! How much power does it take to one-shot your opponent on turn 4? Exactly 1.21 Jiggawatts, which is exactly what this deck produces. JJ goes over this great deck that will make your opponent wish they could go back in time to avoid this powerful 1-2 punch deck.
  5. standard

    Hello Peeps, So with Amonkhet Standard now in full brew mode I have come up with a sweet GW token list with a sub theme of Cat Beat Down! List is below and video discussing deck tech is below too. Deck List: 4 x Sacred Cat 2 x Felidar Cub 4 x Prowling Serpopard 2 x Puncing Cheetah 2 x Rhonas, the Indominable 3 x Vizier of the Menagerie 3 x Regal Caracal 2 x Wispweaver Angel 2 x Blessed Alliance 2 x Declaration in Stone 2 x Cast Out 2 x Ajani Unyielding 2 x Oketra's Monument 2 x Rhona's Monument 2 x Anointed Procession 1 x Panharmonicon 1 x Blighted Steppe 1 x Blighted Woodland 4 x Fortified Village 4 x Scattered Groves 4 x Canopy Vista 3 x Forest 6 x Plains Sideboard 2 x Declaration in Stone 2 x Blessed Alliance 3 x Stasis Snare 2 x Gideon's Intervention 2 x Dusk / Dawn 4 x Manglehorn
  6. combo

    + So, I am wondering--cause I am lazy tonight and extremely tired--what would happen if I used this combo? In theory, wouldn't I be able to target the Artisan with Mirrorweave, copy, say, a Primeval Titan, then all the creatures on the battlefield would become Primeval Titans? Then next turn I could do it again with either the same creature or a different one, assuming there are legal targets? Also, wouldn't each other creature on the battlefield gain her ability too, regardless what I copy, so someone could--in theory--flash out a creature, then target a copied Artisan with a spell of their's, which could then change from being the thing I copied and turn into the thing they flashed out? Let me simplify with an example: I have an Artisan of Forms on the battlefield. My opponent has Goblin Arsonist on the battlefield. On my turn, I cast Mirrorweave on my Artisan, so her Heroic triggers, and I copy the Arsonist (that should work, correct?), then, every creature on the battlefield becomes an Arsonist with the Artisan's Heroic ability. So, then, at some point during my turn after I have cast Mirrorweave, my opponent flashes out an Izzet Staticaster, then, casts Virulent Swipe on their copied version of the Arsonist, thus triggering the copied Heroic, and turning it into their new flashed out, Izzet Staticaster... Thus, they would control two Staticasters, one with Heroic, one without, until end of turn, and I have a Goblin Arsonist with Heroic until end of turn... Right? Like, could that work... Does any of what I just vomited onto the page work or make sense?
  7. Have a Felindar Guardian and a Soul Warden on the battlefield Drop another Felidar Guardian, exile your other Guardian, when it enters you exile the other one and combo off = infinite life?
  8. I have a Boros pauper right now that can quite often kill turn 3 with an Immolating Souleater and a card that gives it double strike, such as Temur Battle Rage. Has anyone else found any fun combos like this? Also, what are everyone's favorite colors in pauper?
  9. OK so I read on Google+ about a combo using False Cure and Beacon of Immortality Is this a combo? Since Beacon of Immortality doubles a players life total, does that qualify as gaining life for False Cure?
  10. If tapped out isn't working, The deck is basically Myr Battlesphere + Myr Turbine + Tron
  11. What infinite combo do you love playing, even when it prompts rage quit reactions?