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Found 3 results

  1. cube

    A few months ago, our playgroup decided to pitch in on a box of Conspiracy 2 and draft it on Christmas. After thinking about it for a while I decided I was going to take that box and start building a cube based off of the set. Sell the cards I pulled and buy into another box until it was done. Well, I was surprised yesterday when they bought two more boxes to contribute to the cube. We drafted a box last night and I'll start organizing it. I'm thinking of making an 8 person cube (we prefer doing 60 card decks so that will be the goal). Still looking into it but my initial thought was to put a playset of each common, 2-3 of each uncommon and 1 of every rare/mythic. But I'm wondering if 2 of every rare/mythic would work out. Plus, trying to decide on how many lands to have sleeved up and ready for the drafts. Any suggestions? I'm collecting full art lands from Zendikar and BFZ for this purpose. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  2. Never thought I'd see the day that Show and Tell is $25 and dropping. But I'm confused. Why did they reprint so many format staples in this set that has a low MSRP per pack, but less in Vintage and Modern Masters with a $10 MSRP? Are they trolling us?