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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack some more packs for some of our #Patrons and we pick a winner for the first tier of our subscriber drive giveaway! Don't forget to share this so we get hit that next tier and give away a Kefnet #Invocation AND A Nicol Bolas, the Ravager!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we officially kick off our subscriber drive #giveaway to celebrate 2 years of posting videos! Link to enter is in the video description. We also go over some changes for the channel. #MTG
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a stack of packs for our winner of the #ExoticMTG31DayGiveaway! A prize will be given away every day in December! Plus, we give our rendition of a classic Christmas tale.
  4. Hey everyone! Bonus video today! In this video, we catch up on our giveaways that we've missed the last few weeks AND we talk about a great new HUGE contest that starts in December!
  5. Hey everyone! In this video, we announce the winners from the MTG Strategist Devil Deck giveaway! We open some packs for the winners, give away another pack to a random commenter from our last pack opening video, then we crack another pack to add to our Patreon Build-a-Pack box!
  6. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a tournament deck from Shards of Alara! This set has Death Baron, Elspeth, Knight-errant, the Ethersworn Canonist, and more! Plus, some of the foils are INSANELY expensive. What can we pull? Only one way to find out! And don't forget to check out our Patreon page! For only $4, you get a pack of standard opened on the channel PLUS some bonuses! Check it out!
  7. Hey everyone! We have a lot going on in this video! First, we open some packs because that's what we do. And we finally hit a GREAT Iconic Masters pack! Then, we talk about what is currently going on in the MTG world and what is coming up, including, the new Brawl format, Challenger decks, Dominaria, and more! And lastly, we go over not one but THREE different contests! So check out our latest video and jump on the swag wagon!