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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over his newest standard deck tech Teferi's Finale, an Esper control deck that abuses #Teferi, Time Raveler and keeps our opponent in check until we can flood the battlefield with tokens that will swarm in for the win! Then, JJ show us the deck in action with some matches he played on #Arena!
  2. It was bound to happen. WotC can't create a card like #Sharktocrab and not expect us to do something amazing with it. And Amazing it is. JJ goes over SHARTOCRABNADO!, a Blue/Green control(ish) standard deck that have your opponents in awe as you rain down Sharktocrabs and tap down anything that could try to stand in the way of these mighty beasts.
  3. Hello fellow Planeswalkers! I mentioned on my twitter page (@GenericBadMtg) that I intended on uploading my decklist from tonight. I personally feel that the deck is better than the 2-2 record I earned with it tonight, but entirely on my own poor decisions mid-game. But I'll let you be the judge, please offer criticism, it's the best way to learn! Creatures: 3x Mausoleum Wanderer 2x Rattlechains 2x Selfless spirit 4x Spell Queller 2x Archangel Avacyn Spells: 3x Negate 4x Anticipate 4x Disallow 3x Cast Out 4x Glimmer of Genius 2x Void Shatter 4x Invocation of Saint Traft Land: 6x Plains 9x Islands 4x Port Town 4x Irrigated Farmland Sideboard: 2x Fragmentize 2x Chaplain's Blessing 4x Gideon's Reproach 1x Baral, Chief of Compliance 2x Nebelgast Herald 2x Planar Outburst 2x Exquisite Archangel I've been editing this deck for the last few months and find that it's been very fun for my first foray into running control, but I'd love to hear feedback! Have a good Morning/Evening/Night Tosh
  4. I hear this word used a lot. But what is your definition of "control magic"?
  5. Are you feeling crazed by the semi-control decks in Modern? Not enough hard counterspells for you? Maybe you need a shot of... Enduring Ideal. What is Enduring Ideal? Enduring Ideal is a deck based around getting enough devotion for white to activate Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in order to be able to play Enduring Ideal to get win conditions like Form of the Dragon and Heliod, God of the Sun or lockout combos like Curse of Death's Hold and Dovescape, which is also a win con, getting you 7 doves each turn. Core: 4x Nykthos Shrine to Nyx. This is what makes the deck tick. It is what allows us to be able to play Enduring Ideal by turn 3, with the perfect hand, and get up to 4 Clerics per turn with Heliod, or more. 4x Leyline of Sanctity. This is the second part of what allows us to get Enduring Ideal by turn 3, and a possible win by turn 6. It also protects us from stuff that other combo decks may be susceptible to: Hand Attack. 4x Ghostly Prison. This is what is going to protect our butt. 2-3x Sphere of Safety. See above. But a bit more powerful. Win Conditions: 1x Dovescape. Part of the lockout combo, that's also a win condition. 1x Curse of Death's Hold. See above. 1x Form of the Dragon. It's a win condition that cannot be stopped by creatures. Just one rule: Don't get this against Burn or Zoo. 2-3x Myth Realized. It's a creature that's also an enchantment. Think of it as a manland. 1-2x Mastery of the Unseen. It's an alternate version of Myth Realized. Protection/Removal: 2x Suppresion Field. Shuts down combo. 1x Phyrexian Unlife. 3 mana, gain 10 life? Yes please. 3x Journey to Nowhere. It's nearly unkillable removal in game 1, but gets worse when they bring in enchantment removal. 3x Oblivion Ring. See above. 3x Runed Halo. Amazing against almost any deck, but you will almost never want to play this turn 2, but unlike most of our removal, gets better later game and games 2-3. The devotion helps a lot, too. 2x Nevermore. Same as above, pretty much. 4x Nyx-Fleece Ram. This card was never the greatest in standard, but here, where it does exactly what we want to be doing, deflecting aggro and helping stabilize.\ 1-2x Detention Sphere. Kills all of the Kitchen Finks, gets rid of annoying Voices, and Lingering Souls tokens. I always play at least one copy. 2x Porphyry Nodes. Kills their creatures, and will rarely get ours, and when it does, doesn't really matter. 1x Greater Auramancy. Protects our enchantments, and one of the first things we get with Enduring Ideal. Lands: (Nykthos was mentioned above) 4x Mistveil Plains. This cycles whatever they kill to fetch it back with Enduring Ideal. Gives the deck more consistency. 3-4x Glacial Fortress. Fixing that will (almost) always enter untapped. Yes, it's only to hardcast Detention Sphere, but it's well justified. 12 or so Plains. Pretty self explanatory. Sideboard: 2x Stony Silence. We die to quick aggro, like Affinity. This helps solve that problem. 2x Porphyry Nodes. Just to round it off. 1x Greater Auramancy. Generally board this in games 2-3 if the opponent is playing green or white. 2x Suppression Field. Shuts down combo. 3x Aura of Silence. If great against Affinity, Bogles, all artifact and enchantment decks. 2x Boseiju, Tree Who Shelters All. Makes sure that our Enduring Ideal doesn't get countered. 3x Silence. Shuts off storm, and lets us combo off in peace and Silence (ha ha ha, didn't think you could get away without me making a bad pun?). This deck is great, janky, and impossible to expect. Game 1 is usually easy, but games 2-3 get harder as they see and learn to expect the combo. Have you ever played with/against this deck? How did it do?
  6. Building a Landfall/control blue deck and I'm looking for a creature that is as close to [cards]Ruin Ghost[/cards] I can get in blue or colorless. Looking to pair it with [cards]Fatestitcher[/cards] to get lands off the battlefield and back on it to trigger Landfall.