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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video we crack open a bunch of packs for our #Patron Build-A-Pack box including an #Apocalypse pack and a couple #Darksteel packs! Then, we crack open a few #WAR packs for some winners from last week.
  2. Another deck that I've been constantly playing (and mostly losing) and trying to tweak but never can get quite right is this Darksteel Reactor deck. This is intended to be a multiplayer deck and more of an attrition and grindy deck. The main win condition is Darksteel Reactor getting 20 charge counters and winning the game. The other win conditions are Door to Nothingness, but that can take a while and only eliminates one opponent. (Been looking for a way to target multiple people with that.) Originally started this deck as a Doubling Cube, Composite Golem, Door to Nothingness combo but it's evolved. The way I hoped to force such a grind and lock down my opponents playing colors is Naked Singularity and eliminating that cumulative upkeep by using Eon Hub. The downside to Eon Hub is that it eliminates the upkeep charge counter from Darksteel Reactor and Energy Chamber, so I'm using Coretappers to bypass that. Usually if I get Eon Hub/Naked Singularity out I lock down my opponents and can use Coretappers to get enough charge counters, but it takes a while. I have some ideas on what I should do but want to hear from you all. So here is my current list, suggestions welcome. Creatures: Coretapper x4 Darksteel Gargoyle x3 Arcbound Crusher x2 Frogmite x2 Razormane Masticore x1 Lonestone Golem x1 Steel Wall x1 Silent Arbiter x1 Memnite x1 Copper Myr x1 Iron Myr x1 Leaden Myr x1 Silver Myr x1 Myr Enforcer x1 Composite Golem x1 Gold Myr x1 Solarion x1 Artifacts: Naked Singularity x4 Darksteel Reactor x4 Eon Hub x4 Sol Ring x4 Energy Chamber x2 Kaleidostone x1 Doubling Cube x1 Door to Nothingness x1 Lands: Plains x3 Mountains x3 Swamps x3 Islands x3 Forest x3
  3. Have a question about Aether Vial If you are using Aether Vial and it's not your turn can you play a creature during combat? I heard this somewhere and it almost sounded too good to be true. Because you aren't casting creatures, it gives all of your creatures flash?