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Found 6 results

  1. Have been thinking about what Magic content to focus on & since my favourite thing is making gimmick and theme Commander decks, was wondering if anyone else was doing videos on that already. A: so can see how they do their videos, & B: so I'm not stealing anyone else's ideas and content, even accidentally. To break it down, I like to Commander decks around a literary or movie theme -such as the Mad Max films and the works of Shakespeare. this is my old Immortan Joe deck built before Kaladesh came out, so am going to start from scratch with it so can fit in the vehicles. My completed Shakespeare deck is based upon the character of Titania from the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Oddly enough it doesn't play Titania, Protector of Argoth but rather Oona, Queen of the Fae to go with the fairy theme of the play. Anyway, have more decks along these theme and gimmick lines being brewed if people are interested in seeing videos about them. Will try to have one done by mid-week or so.
  2. Because I have so many cards from old sets, I've started going back a few sets and building Limited decks from certain ones. This helps me build more casual decks to play with and maybe I'll get lucky and have something to play in Frontier or Standard if I ever make it to the night they play at my LGS. Do you ever do this? What are some fun mechanics, creatures or spells you've gone back and realized are more powerful and fun than you thought? I'm going to try putting together a green energy Stompy deck from Kaladesh and maybe a Cohort Allies build from Oath of the Gatewatch.
  3. Hi everyone, today saw the release of my first episode of a new series Inside the Cube. My aim for this is to have an informative series that goes above basic cube building to discuss archetypes for cubes and how to support them. In this first episode we talk about what a cube archetype is and the pros and cons for having them in your cube, plus the solution for cube builders. If there is any archetype you'd like to see a video on, do let me know. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Been talking combos and interactions in this thread when we started throwing ideas around about possible combos or fun cards. @TAGVoar had some great ideas for this card, so I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to everyone. Build a deck using this card: This is just a casual for fun deck, so use any cards you want and can be as ridiculous, janky, fun or serious as you please.
  5. Since I started playing Magic I've almost always played with a group. Usually 3-5 people. When I started getting more comfortable building decks, they were for multi player games. Starting to realize now how much that mindset has hurt me now that I've been playing more 1v1 games. In multi player games there is time to setup and get comfortable building a threat or combo. So thats how I built decks, for the long game. Trying to break myself of habits I have of trying to do too much when I dont have the time to develop those threats. Looking for some advice: when you have a deck idea is there a checklist in your own head that you work through? In general what are the key questions you ask yourself to determine viability? I notice I find an idea but getting the support around that idea or adding another win con when it ends up hurting the deck os something I'm trying to get better at doing
  6. casual

    Was looking over this list of budget Modern decks and was wondering what are some budget decks you suggest or you've tried? Also, saw this video this morning on YouTube. The channel has some decent combos, I might try the first one in the video: