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Found 47 results

  1. This deck uses enchantments to deal with your opponent's threats in the early game AND turning our Thaurmaturge into whatever threat they were throwing at us! Then, if they live to see the late game, we bombard them with 8/8 KRAKENS!! After the deck tech, JJ runs us through a couple of games to show us how it works.
  2. JJ takes us on a tour of his newest budget standard deck, Fire Angels. This deck abuses a few great enchantments as pumps out 4/4 angels like nobody's business! Now, we've seen that before with the Divine Visitation and Dawn of hope, but this is a new take on that combo, where you get them each turn without paying for them! #WeAreMTG
  3. In this video, Chuck goes over a great mono black standard deck called Black Deck Wins and it's putting up some impressive numbers against a bunch of the current meta decks! And whats even better? It's CHEAP at only $56 or 7 tix on MTGO! After the Deck Tech, we play a quick game just to show you have the deck flows. Then, we give away a pack to a random comment from last few weeks, and follow it up by cracking some #ELD packs for our #Patreon Build-A-Pack box! So much crammed into one video! #WeAreMTG
  4. JJ walks us through his newest #Pauper deck, You can Count on Me. This deck will grow out of control REAL quick as you put counters upon counters on dang near everything you have on the battlefield. And at only $25 or 16 tix on MTGO, you can lay the smack down without breaking your wallet! #WeAreMTG
  5. Who doesn't love infinite combos? Well, that just what we have here, and in standard to boot! In this video, JJ goes over a spicy new Green/White standard deck that uses Incubation Druid to go into full headbanging mode by tapping and untapping for infinite mana. But what good is all that mana if you've got nowhere to dump it? He's got that covered too with a potential turn 3 win! #WeAreMTG
  6. If you've watched any of our deck techs before, you know that we LOVE shenanigans in our decks. Things that make your opponent speechless, even if for just a moment, as our jankness unfolds. This deck is no different. We once again abuse Ilharg, the Raze-Boar to do what that piggy does best ~ take cards that are mostly unplayable and turn them into powerhouses. #WeAreMTG
  7. Hey everyone! In this Deck Tech, JJ goes over Vitumen B, a Gruul Standard deck that explodes with Awakening of #Vitu-Ghazi and pummels your opponent before they even know whats going on! And at $122 (or 27 tickets on MTGO) for the deck, it's almost budget!#WeAreMTG #MTG
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over his newest standard deck tech Teferi's Finale, an Esper control deck that abuses #Teferi, Time Raveler and keeps our opponent in check until we can flood the battlefield with tokens that will swarm in for the win! Then, JJ show us the deck in action with some matches he played on #Arena!
  9. Hey everyone! Bonus video time! In this video, JJ goes over Spinal Tap, a four color enchantment deck that holds your opponent at bay until mid game, then unleashes an unrelenting of indirect damage and their very own creatures!
  10. It was bound to happen. WotC can't create a card like #Sharktocrab and not expect us to do something amazing with it. And Amazing it is. JJ goes over SHARTOCRABNADO!, a Blue/Green control(ish) standard deck that have your opponents in awe as you rain down Sharktocrabs and tap down anything that could try to stand in the way of these mighty beasts.
  11. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ Explores the deck that can save us all. #FLASH! Savior of the Universe uses Raff Capashen to play incredibly powerful spells at all the times we're not supposed to play them! This deck also let's us cast things much sooner than we normally would by abusing a certain trigger. What is it? Only one way to find out!
  12. Hey everyone! In this concept deck tech video, JJ goes over "The Gate", a 5 color deck that uses all of the new-found love for gates to make absurdly powerful shenanigans. This rotion-proof deck uses some great cards from the new #RNA set. Will this deck topple the Pro Tour? Probably not. Will it be fun to play? You bet your gate it will!
  13. Hey everyone! In this video, we're trying something new. Instead of focusing on a particular deck tech, we look at some of the combos and synergies that might have slipped under the radar with the new RNA set coming out. Let us know what you think! Also, we didn't forget about our pack giveaway this week, we just typically do those with opening videos. So we will be running another video this weekend!
  14. Hey everyone! How much power does it take to one-shot your opponent on turn 4? Exactly 1.21 Jiggawatts, which is exactly what this deck produces. JJ goes over this great deck that will make your opponent wish they could go back in time to avoid this powerful 1-2 punch deck.
  15. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over RWU Soldiers, a Red, White, and Blue Pauper deck. This deck was created to honor those that have, and those that currently are, serving in our military. Your service is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. This three color soldier tribal deck has some good synergy as your soldiers work together to overpower our opponents. And at $33 or 10 tickets on MTGO, it's budget to boot!
  16. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ takes us on a tour of Truefire Hellion, a modern Boros Combo deck that takes a new look at those colors and what they can do in the modern realm. This unique combo takes control of the game and doesn't offer your opponent the luxury or recovering. This is a fun one for sure!
  17. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over Apex of the Storm, which is a Blue and Red Standard deck that cheats powerful (and high cost) spells onto the battlefield somewhat early in the game while our opponents are still setting up Apex of Power AND Omniscience by turn 6? Sounds like fun on a bun to me!
  18. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over Enter the Wizard, a Blue and Red Standard budget brew that pumps out more wizards than you can shake a wand at! Want an infinite combo in standard? Then this is your deck!
  19. standard

    Check this deck out! It's a jankified G/B Constrictor list by adding Panharmonicon to the mix. Constrictor looks to get extra value out of counter placement by adding extra counters, and Panharmonicon doubles the triggers, so we get even MORE counters.
  20. Hey guys, oppose to posting for every deck tech, I figure I'd just add them to one long post, and update it as they go. So here it is: It Takes Two - Green Black Sacrifice/Token Deck BoGles - Green Black Bogles Deck - August 17th, 2018 Mono Red Tron - July 31st, 2018 Artificer Stompy - UR Aggro Artificer Deck - June 21st, 2018 Relentless Rats - Mono Black Relentless Rat Deck - May 7th, 2018 Hunger of the Hawk - UB Artifact Combo Deck - March 16th, 2018 Stupid Merfolk - UG Merfolk Tribal Deck - February 21st, 2018 Christmas Myracle - RG Myr Tribal Deck - December 22nd, 2017
  21. Hey everyone! We're back up and running! In this video, we go over Don't Hex Me Bro, a standard Green and Black build that uses mostly hexproof creatures and hand disruption to bring out an army that our opponents can't really do anything about. This deck is insanely fun and on the cheaper side of standard right now!
  22. I'm working on a few tribal decks for when M19 comes out. Let me know what you think!
  23. Hey everyone! In this video, we go over Standard Elves, a budget mono green standard deck that bursts out of the gate and has some heavy hitters swinging in by as early as turn three. And it's low cost makes it one of the cheaper decks in standard right now.
  24. Hey everyone! In this video, we go over our newest standard deck, Charlie's Angels! This fun deck can dominate early in the game and keep your opponent on their heels while we drop angel after angel, each with their own benefit when they enter. Coming in at Just under $207, this deck is on the high end of the cheaper decks, so it offers a lot of power for the price!
  25. Hey everyone! In this deck tech, we go over The Ghost Crab of Coralhelm. a white and blue mill deck that takes a new approach to milling your opponent! And if milling doesn't work, there is a built in back up plan to just beat face! And just a reminder that our FREE Dominaria prerelease giveaway ends Thursday so enter now! And our Patreon is up and running and we are looking for Patrons! Find a link in the video description.