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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, this is just a list of every deck I've played on Affinity for MTG. I will edit this post as I add decks to the channel, so even though it's a little barren now it will be a comprehensive (and easy to navigate) list of all the decks, ever! These are links to the deck techs, but each video should have a link to the playlist in its descriptions. Standard: Courier Aggro (Aether Revolt Standard) Panharmonument (Hour of Devastation Standard) Combustible Colossus (Ixalan Standard) 8-Snakes (Core Set 2019 Standard) Modern: Restore Balance Oars Budget Affinity Abzan Panharmonicon Mono-Red Battle Cry Blast Affinity Budget Eldrazi and Taxes Frenzied Affinity 4-Color Zombies Pauper: Shadow Black Soul Tremors UW Blades Rakdos Control GB Monsters Deckbuilding Challenges: Random Card Challenge (Modern)