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Found 4 results

  1. Thought it would be easier to start a new thread for this deck list instead of adding to the original. The deck is built around discarding and drawing using Cathartic Reunion and Faithless looting to draw Exhume and either using it to cast Ulamog's Crusher or using Delve to cast Gurmag Angler, then smashing face. In the meantime I added removal and a little hand disruption to prevent my opponent from killing me. In the event I run into tokens or Elves, I have Nausea in the sideboard and more removal. This is my deck list going into our Pauper tournament this Saturday: Creatures Quantity Lands Gurmag Angler 4 Swamps 7 Ulamog's Crusher 4 Mountains 6 Insolent Neonate 3 Bloodfell Caves 4 Terramorphic Expanse 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Spells Quantity Cathartic Reunion 4 Exhume 4 Sideboard Lightning Bolt 4 Nausea 3 Faithless Looting 4 Raven's Crime 2 Terminate 4 Distress 2 Duress 4 Grasp of Darkness 2 Temur Battle Rage 2 Crush 2 Essence Harvest 2 Flame Slash 1 Raven's Crime 2 Temur Battle Rage 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Terramorphic Expanse 1
  2. Finding myself awake at roughly 1 in the morning, I find myself transferring a deck into TappedOut, and doing a deck tech here. Welcome to All-In Discard. It goes "all-in", because you have until your opponent realizes you don't have creatures to pull off your shotgun to the face. Here's the list: This deck is very simple. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to successfully play multiple Liliana's Caress/Megrims, and then kill your opponent with Blightnings and Burning Inquiries. Early Game: For those people out there who hate Core Sets, consider that some of the biggest meme cards have come exclusively from Core Sets. Liliana's Caress is one such card. Your ideal early game will always be turn 1 Bloodchief Ascension into a turn 2 Lili's Caress. No control player worth their salt would even bother countering either of these cards, so you should basically have zero resistance getting them on the field. Use Sign in Blood to find your pieces if you got unlucky and started out with a hand full of removal or something. Bloodchief Ascension is an investment into the later game, in case you aren't able to kill your opponent quickly. At 3 quest counters, cards that hit your opponents graveyard from anywhere (yes, even the stack after resolving instants and sorceries) will cause them to drain life. Mid Game - Turns 3+ Now, you have a choice, either continue building up that beautiful board with Megrims, more Liliana's Caresses and other cool things or start chipping away at their life total with Blightning. With only 1 Lilana's Caress and a Blightning, you start hitting for 7 and ripping two cards on turn 3, which is huge. Inquisition of Kozileks are great to scout out the opponent's hand prior to making a decision, while also acting as a free shock to the face. It's always prudent to check for counterspells before using your heavy hitters. Late Game - Turns 5+ You should be well off now to start really dealing some damage. Any one of these should do a stupid amount of damage while also giving you more than enough gas to continue your onslaught. Assuming 1 Liliana's Caress, Burning Inquiry will be hitting for a cool 6, 12 damage with 2 and so on. Reforge the Soul is pretty sweet at any point in the game after turn 2. You can potentially smack a guy for 14 on turn 3 (assuming you miracle with a Caress on the board) Memory Jar* is just a mean-spirited card (it's banned in Commander, and restricted to 1 in Vintage because of decks like this one), and can literally ruin friendships, or at the very least the average person's day. It's these cards that usually get countered by a competent control player, so use those Inquisitions of Kozilek to clear the way for them! Or, use some Burning Inquiries to bait out a counterspell before smacking down that Memory Jar. *The inclusion of Memory Jar makes this deck only legal in Vintage. Swap it out and it becomes a normal, old Modern deck. Removal Suite It's understandable to feel worried about not having creatures. Thankfully, everything just sort of dies when faced up against all this removal. Smallpox is great against hexproof dudes, just kill everything around them prior to smallpoxing, or just ignore the hexproof dude and win the game by casting Burning Inquiry. Terminate is the reason why I can't stand most removal spells in the current Standard, as none of them are really good enough when cards like this exist. That's all for this time, may your draws be decent, and your card choices be prudent.
  3. Another one I've been tweaking now for a while. It needs work and I need help finishing it. The goal is to make my opponent discard and pay for it, or drop Sire of Insanity and Havoc Festival. As I'm typing out the decklist I wonder WTF I'm thinking sometimes when I put these decks together. Creatures: Sangromancer x3 Sire of Insanity x3 Guul Draz Specter x2 Liliana's Specter x2 Cunning Lethermancer x2 Enchantments: Shrieking Affliction x4 Liliana's Caress x4 Megrim x3 Gibbering Descent x1 Necrogen Mists x1 Soul Stair Expedition x1 Quest of the Nihil Stone x1 Lethal Vapors x1 Havoc Festival x1 Soceries and Instants: Dreadbore x3 Morbid Plunder x2 Strongarm Tactics x1 Raven's Crime x1 Extripate x1 Blightening x1 Artifacts: The Rack x4 Whispersilk Cloak x1 Planeswalkers: Liliana Vess x1 Lands: Dragonskull Summit x2 Skoum Refuge x1 Swamp x14 Mountain x3
  4. The idea behind this deck is to empty out both players' hands to take advantage of Asylum Visitor and Blood Scrivener. Sangromancer, Abyssal Nocturnus, and Guul Draaz Specter benefit from enemy discard, and Quest for the Nihil Stone is another win condition. Specter's Shroud works nicely with all the flyers. I'm looking to keep it relatively budget so no Cabal Therapy, Inquisition of Kozilek, or Thoughtseize at present. Happy for any other feedback!