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Found 27 results

  1. We had another casual draft at Mind Games in Burnaby. There were 7 of us, including 4 newer players. They were teens, and this was their first ever draft. They knew generally how to play the game, but we had to walk them through a bit of the process of drafting and deckbuilding. My first pick was a Kaya's Wrath (nice!). I took Sharktocrab with my second pick, and I wanted to stay a bit open. With newer drafters, I wasn't sure if signals might be messed up. I did waffle a bit (my bad habit), though I did pick more Simic/blue than Orzhov cards in Pack 1. My opponent on the left accidentally revealed his first pack as the Sunder Shaman, as he didn't know he was supposed to hide his picks. I guess I know what direction he wants. After a few bumps and misordered packs (nothing major), we got things worked out. Pack 2, my first pick was Kaya, herself... *urk*. Should I abandon Simic and switch to Orzhov? I was not seeing much good Orzhov in Pack 1. I picked her for value, but was second-guessing myself. I must have saw something good for Simic in pack 2, because I pretty much abandoned Orzhov soon after that, and ended up with a low-curve tempo deck with lots of tricks. Oh, pack 3's rare was Hallowed Fountain. Took for value Round 1 - Played one of the new kids. He had a Gruul deck, and actually drafted quite well for his first time. He picked on-colour cards, had a good mix of spells, and stayed focus. I did beat him 2-0, in part because his deck was a bit sub-optimal, although he had me down to 2 life in Game 1. After the round, I helped him re-build his deck a bit (he had too many spells, not enough creatures, and didn't include one of his better tricks). He seemed to be better off afterwards. Round 2 - Played against an experienced player with an Orzhovy-Esper control deck. He had the stupid mythic that made illusion blockers, which made it hard for me to get damage through on the ground. I won game 1 thanks to having 2 bounce spells to swing for lethal. He won game 2 because of his removal. Yeah, his deck was like half-removal... we ended up drawing because he kept killing my threats and he couldn't push through enough damage after I countered his mythic Benthic illusion thingy (can't recall the name). I sided in Eyes Everywhere for a slow matchup. Round 3 - Played the other experienced player who had a Simic deck, too. His splashed white and had a multi-colour theme. With the Guildpact artifact, he was drawing a LOT of cards off of his multicoloured spells. He also had 3(!) Pteromanders... I took game 1 thanks to the most aggressive curve my deck could draw into (even after a mull). Game 2 was a loooong affair, and he drew most of his deck. I somehow managed to slog through and wait out his Mystic (since I could play at instant speed a lot). Eventually, my adapters got bigger and just wore out his army. Final Result: 2-0-1. A very casual draft with newer players, so this isn't for bragging rights so much as relaxing and enjoying the draft format. Again, I keep ending up in blue
  2. My local LGS, Mind Games in Metrotown, held a Chaos! Draft on Sunday, February 4th. I have done Chaos drafts only a few times in my life, and rarely for 1-on-1 battles. I picked my packs first, and went with Battlebond for funsies, Dominaria, and then Ravnica Allegiance. The store decided to not include any Masters sets...and has really only newer/Standard sets, so no Lorwyn or anything like that. The deck: I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of the others players take 1 or more Conspiracy (Take the Crown) packs, which made the chaos draft even more fun. There were a lot of crowns being taken back and forth each game. I opened up Battlebond first, and took Noosegraf Mob. It’s an army in a can! My second pick was a Plated Crusher, and then I figured a ramp strategy would be viable. It was apparent, early on, that green was pretty open for me, and I was getting solid black cards. The second pack was Dominaria. The rare was Cabal Stronghold (bleh), so I had a choice between Slimefoot and Settle the Score. I really needed removal, so I took the Settle and prayed nobody else was GB and I could wheel Slimefoot. Luckily, I did wheel Mr. Slimey! I was able to pick up two conspiracies (which help when you have multiples), one that allowed me to make zombies with the Satyr Wayfinders died, and one to give +1/+1 counters to the Entourage of Trests. The third pack was more of the same, with a few small additions to the curve and some sideboard cards. I picked Hallowed Fountain more for the $, and just had a few additions. I did find that I wasn’t getting any more removal, which was a bit concerning. After the draft, I could see why… 5 players in total had black cards in their deck. It was obvious that the packs were deep in black, and each deck splashing had a good # of playables. It also meant I was being cut off from the removal. I know I was passing a lot of good red, and the two players on my left picked red-blue and red-black-green. At least they got those signals. ROUND 1 – I played against that red-green-black player. His deck had a LOT of removal, plus the limited bomb Avatar of Woe. Woe was me, alright. I won game 1 thanks to Noosegraf Mob. Game 2 was tight, but he had resolved Avatar of Woe and I didn’t draw removal for it. Game 3 wasn’t close as I started with 4 lands and drew nothing but lands. His deck was very good, so I needed to draw perfect and I didn’t. He ended up 2-1 and lost in the finals to a UW Control build. ROUND 2 – I played against the UR player I had passed to. He had a lot of tricks, Charmbreaker Devils to get them back, and counterspells. Game 3 was another Noosegraf Mob win, as I had the army out to go wide, plus Plated Crusher to ram through. An FLUNGE! for exactly 12 was the deciding factor. This was his first chaos draft, so he wasn’t sure how he did. I think he drafted a pretty decent deck for his first time. ROUND 3 – He had the Conspiracy that made his creatures deal damage equal to their toughness, which turned his 0/4s into essentially 4/4s. Ouch. This was another tight match, with me winning in 3. Game 1, I had Slimefoot making 2 saprolings a turn, and basically pinging him to death with value. Game 2, he had the Hexproof ‘3/2’ flyer and the 1/3 flyer dealing 3 damage to me each turn. I could not deal with the hexproof guy AT ALL. Game 3, he didn’t get blue mana, which helped me get a good start. His deck was good, and on theme, but his mana base was a bit tough on him. The draft didn’t seem to have much mana fixing. So, a 2-1 record with 3 tough matches. I am fairly happy with how I drafted, and was able to jump on the right colours early, especially green. I just wish I had a bit more removal to go along with the beef I ramped into. Monarch, especially, helped grind out some longer games. *BONUS* The winner got a UMA box topper, and there was a random draw for another. I finished 4th, and my # was drawn. I ended up with a shiny Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
  3. Hey everyone! We're bringing you our normal Thursday video a day early! This is our official Ravnica Allegiance #Prerelease Primer! In this video, we go over our top 5 common or uncommon cards from each color in the new #RNA set to be played during the prerelease weekend and other sealed events.
  4. Hey everyone! In this video, we try out Magic the Gathering Arena's new draft feature! Watch as I make bad decision after bad decision while trying to build a deck! This is the draft and round 1. We will be putting up the subsequent rounds a little later tonight. Enjoy!
  5. Unstable is right around the corner. What is everyone's plans for this set? Are you just going to draft it? Buy boxes and leave them sealed? Not touch the set with a ten foot pole? Personally, I will be drafting as much as I can, opening a box for the channel, keeping a box or two to draft with in the future, and hopefully doing a draft on the channel if I can get all of the pieces to fall into place.
  6. Hello my fellow Planeswalkers, Ive got a not-so-competitive list for you today! Find it at and let me know what you think. But remember, this list was an upgrade of a draft deck and is hardly tier one! Have a good one, GenericBadMagic
  7. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, My new post is now up on the blog, you can find it at Please let me know what you think! Id like to hear from the Limited king himself @AlbyMTG in particular ? Have a good one guys, Yours, GenericBadMagic
  8. Hey guys, Im halfway through writing my review of this past weeks draft shenanigans and I'm finding it a lot harder and more long winded than my efforts with standard constructed. Anyone have any feedback for writing about draft and dealing with the inherent number of one ofs? Or should I embrace how much longer it naturally wants to be?
  9. In this video we are going to talk about a two player draft format called the Solomon Draft (or fact or fiction draft), how to play the format, what you will need, the rules of the draft and why this is a fun draft type to play with two people. Hope you enjoy!
  10. limited

    Hello fellow Planeswalkers! Today I have drafted a W/R Aggro-ish deck that I'd like to share with you all Updates shall be provided on the 3 rounds of MTGO Intermediate Swiss Draft as I go along. Following is the decklist, let me know what you think Creatures: 1x Fan Bearer 1x Bloodlust inciter 3x Gust Walker 1x Trueheart Duelist 1x Bloodrage Brawler 1x Devoted Crop-Mate 1x Minotaur Sureshot 1x Hyena Pack 1x Heart-Piercer Manticore 1x Supply Caravan 2x Manticore of the Gauntlet 1x Seraph of the suns Spells: 1x Consuming Fervor 2x Brute Strength 2x Fling 1x Renewed Faith 2x Hazoret's Monument 1x Violent Impact Land: 9x Mountain 7x Plains
  11. In this video we are going to talk about a two player draft format created by one of my subscribers Jana. This is the I'll Take 3 Draft, how to play the format, what you will need, the rules of the draft and why this is a fun draft type to play with two people. If like me you'd like to thank Jana, leave her comments in the description below or let her know on twitter here:
  12. I never knew about this before, but there is a flashback Modern tournament for the online community of Magic the Gathering players. The idea behind the year of Modern flashback is to give players, who haven't played Magic as long as some of the most experienced ones, a chance to play with sets they haven't played before. They started off with the oldest Modern legal set (8th edition) and moved forward each week with a different set, except for when pre-release and new standard sets are released. As of right now they're on break for the Eldritch Moon set and will kick off again on August 17th, 2016 with Zendikar. All of the formats are draft, so event tickets and play points are required to enter. Also note that instead of 14 Event Tickets or 140 Play Points like current drafts, these will allow you to enter with just 10 Event Tickets or 100 Play Points. If you have booster packs in your online collection for the particular set they are doing for that week, they will let you enter with those booster packs and 2 event tickets, only if you have 3 booster packs of that set. The rounds are single elimination of 3 rounds with a 10 minute deck building time, each round being 50 minutes long. The prizes for each week are as follows: 1st place will get 200 play points, 2nd place will get 100 plays points and 3rd-4th place will get 50 play points. As always, thanks for reading my blog!
  13. So this weekend we had an impromptu draft. There were a couple of new people that wanted to try drafting in my playgroup so we all pitched in and ended up having a 7 person (couldn't find an 8th on short notice) double elimination draft. We had a box of Shadows Over Innistrad and because we needed more packs we ended up with some Fate Reforged, Kahns, Oath and Battle for Zendikar. We all had 6 packs each, usually 4 SOI and 2 other randoms to make a 60 card deck. The winner took home 5 packs of SOI and the second place person took 3 packs home. A little different than most game stores do from what I understand but for us it just depends on how many people and what tournament style we do. So here was the bracket: Hoping to get some feedback on the deck I made out of these packs. I promptly had my ass handed to me, going 1-3. I just didn't feel like I had a good choice of cards, but here they are: (sorry for the pictures, was in a hurry to take them and start building) Ended up going three colors, red, green and splashing black. Went 10 Mountains, 10 Forrest, 4 Swamps and a Warped Landscape (25 total) First round got my ass handed to me by a deck with fliers, cause other than Watcher in the Web I didn't have many answers for it as quick as it got rolling. Won the second round (first loser bracket match) and lost the third in the 3rd game in a best out of 3. Had him down but he finished me off at the last minute, it was close but I didn't feel good about the deck. Looking for some suggestions on what I could have done differently with building it. I used to enjoy chaos drafts, but yesterday it kind of threw me off TBH. At least we had good food, fun and whiskey.
  14. This is your first pack in a Shadows Over Innistrad Limited draft. What is your first pick?
  15. This is your first pack in an SOI draft, what is your first pick?
  16. Of the sets you've drafted, which is your favorite? For me it was probably Innistrad (which I'm guessing will see a few votes here). Had a great limited environment and the flavor of the cards added to the experience. Pretty well balanced with some powerful cards that have become Modern (maybe Legacy?) staples.
  17. First pack in a SOI draft, what is your pick?
  18. First pack in a draft, what would you choose?
  19. A MM15 draft, what would be your first pick?
  20. First pack in a draft, what is your pick?
  21. You're in an Oath of the Gatewatch draft and this is your first pack. What would you pick?
  22. First pack in a draft: What would you choose? Origins Edition.