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Found 43 results

  1. Kruphix, God of Horizons EDH Deck Tech. Probably my favourite EDH deck. It is all about making mana and dropping Eldrazi. Enjoy!
  2. Here is the decklist: I dont own many of the new rare merfolk yet so this is more a budget version shell for now.
  3. I've been playing Magic for a long time, 95% of it casually and until last Saturday had never played a game of Commander. We have another husband and wife couple in our playgroup and their birthdays are close together so we always celebrate them on the same day. We took the opportunity to buy Commander pre cons for everyone and finally try Commander. I think most of the people in my play group have been hesitant to get into a new format after all these years but they were curious. So my wife and I bought two decks for us the C17 Dragon deck for me and the C16 Stalwart Unity for my wife, and we bought our other three friends a C17 Cats deck, the C17 Vampires and a C15 Swell the Host. It took us a while to get all the decks because they were sold out pretty much everywhere but luckily found some as they were being stocked at a retail store. After going through the rules and sleeving the decks we gave it a go. I've only played one game, but to me it seems like the Monopoly version of Magic. Long, drawn out games that someone can go from 2 life back to 30 in a turn or two, or someone plays a sweeper and clears the battlefield with everyone around 30-40 life and you have to start over again basically. Now I realize we were playing precons and there are decks out there that go off in a few turns, but the game lasted a long time. I guess this can be good and bad. Sometimes it can be fun to have a long drawn out game, but it got to the point where I was trying to find a way to finish everyone off as fast as possible or help someone else help me kill the other 4 people. Overall it was fun, I can see why people enjoy the format. I'll play again but it won't be something I play exclusively. Hope to play some games with more experienced Commander players locally ( @Magonista66 ) to see if maybe I'm doing something wrong or get some tips on how best to play the format. I did like that it's a format that is loose with the rules and lets the players establish how they want to play, making it open to customizations.
  4. It's been officially announced that silver bordered cards are legal in Commander until January 15, 2018. In your opinion is this good or bad and why? Additional question: do you anticipate your own playgroup allowing silver bordered cards?
  5. Planning a video about how to make supposedly boring commanders/deck type/colours into something more unique & interesting (such as turning Boros into a control deck or not using Atraxa to just keep buffing things. I started this thread on Reddit a while back but want to see how people here (who seem more creative in their bent) would go about transforming bland or boring things into something different.
  6. Not sure if everyone can see the videos posted, but finally finished my first semi-pro deck tech video, based on my Shakespearean theme deck: Midsummer Nightmares - the Dreams of Titania Scorned with Oona as the Commander, not Titan, Protector of Argoth as many may suspect. Some errors in the video, such as looking at my script too much, pausing to avoid my speech impediment & lip sycning issues but am proud of it. Another deck tech coming as soon as I can get things done.
  7. I am surprised nobody here seems to be talking about this stuff... even though I am not a huge EDH player, I still love the casual goodies. Today's gift? A card that goes infinite with the new Locust God
  8. Before the release of the Kaladesh block, I built a deck inspired by the film Mad Max Fury Road but it lacked the vehicles that Kaladesh brought to the game, thus not truly reaching the flavour of the film. Move onto post Kaladesh release and I have managed to revise the deck, so you can WITNESS HIM AGAIN!!! This is a deck that I'll be making a video about soon too.
  9. Have been thinking about what Magic content to focus on & since my favourite thing is making gimmick and theme Commander decks, was wondering if anyone else was doing videos on that already. A: so can see how they do their videos, & B: so I'm not stealing anyone else's ideas and content, even accidentally. To break it down, I like to Commander decks around a literary or movie theme -such as the Mad Max films and the works of Shakespeare. this is my old Immortan Joe deck built before Kaladesh came out, so am going to start from scratch with it so can fit in the vehicles. My completed Shakespeare deck is based upon the character of Titania from the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Oddly enough it doesn't play Titania, Protector of Argoth but rather Oona, Queen of the Fae to go with the fairy theme of the play. Anyway, have more decks along these theme and gimmick lines being brewed if people are interested in seeing videos about them. Will try to have one done by mid-week or so.
  10. Commander 17 are already rolling out. If you can't tell from the images, they are from Turn1thoughtseize. Found on Magic Spoiler
  11. Just wanted to share my Hapatra decklist that I just finalized. I am just throwing it in here to share it, but if you all have suggestions on how to improve the deck feel free to do so! Decklist:
  12. I like to build decks around themes, usually ones wherein the general represents a character in either one of my tabletop roleplaying games or in the fantasy world where most of our novels are set. (Not the published novels, though. Those are set in a previous iteration of the world.) Anyway, Kynaios and Tiro are not only the perfect representation of a pair of characters in a game I ran, but they work beautifully as my Enchantress generals, helping me to ramp and draw cards while I get my Enchantresses online. This is my pimp deck, so it gets ALL THE SHINIES!
  13. Dig Though Time, Strip Mine and Treasure Cruise are now banned
  14. Round 1 of The Content Creators Cup! Enjoy!
  15. Hey guys, I'm Spencer AKA PraunSaus and I've recently started creating content for the new 1v1 MTGO Commander over on YouTube. I also stream over on Twitch and write the occasional article on my own website. Some awesome people in this community and I'm excited to be part of it!
  16. Here is my 1v1 Commander Deck Tech for the upcoming Content Creators Cup hosted by Card Bazaar. So Lets Go Goblins!
  17. Commander Anthology release date
  18. Leovold, Emissary of Trest has been banned. Serious question: do the majority of EDH players really care about the official ban list?
  19. Someone say tribal themed?
  20. When you're building an EDH deck, are there any cards that get an auto include regardless of color?
  21. Hey everyone here's the next video in our new Commander/EDH series!!
  22. New EDH/Commander videos coming to you all omn TOTALmtg now guys!! Starting off with my top 5 commanders!!
  23. Hi Everyone, I'm the King of Jank! I'm a new youtube that just started out and this forum was suggested to me by Zuby. I mainly play EDH and do prerelease and all that jazz. I can't wait to talk to everyone and see the content they make! Here's my channel, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I enjoy making jokes and try to push a more comedic route while still trying to be informative about cards (I do swear at times, so viewer discretion? haha). Right now it is just pack openings, but I'm hoping to do decktechs and gameplays (probably EDH). Unfortunately I don't have MTGO cause I'm a mac yeah. Channel: King of Jank Anyways glad to be part of the community!
  24. There is an official ban list for Commander, but do you follow it? Or does your playgroup make their own list that you use?
  25. Boros Beat Down This is my baby deck, and the commander is Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas. I really wanted to make this deck better ever since the commander was spoiled. I have turned it away from Giants and Angels to Boros good things, with protection. I want to upgrade the mana base, as well as put in an equipment sub theme. I would like to have 2 swords, one being Fire and Ice and another being either Light and Shadow or Body and Mind, and then 2 ways to tutor it up, and then 2 creatures that can not only tutor it up but also give Kalemne her experience counter. The deck needs some tuning in terms of ways to stabilize after not drawing the mana ramp needed. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed! Changelist: Added Elspeth, Knight-Errant in place of Basalt Monolith Added Sword of Fire and Ice in place of Seer's Sundial Added Steel Hellkite in place of Flameblast Dragon Added Vandalblast in place of Mizzium Mortars Added Urabrask, the Hidden in place of Embermaw Hellion