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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! We crack open a few more 2013 Core Set packs to see what we can pull, with the first pack going into our Patreon Build-a-Pack box. Did we do good? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that! #WeAreMTG #MTG
  2. Hey everyone! It's here! Today, we announce the winner of our standard bundle giveaway! Will the winner pick M19, Dominaria, or something else? And who won? Was it you? Only one way to find out! We also talk about our Pack-to-Power segment and crack open a few packs!
  3. Hey everyone! Today we crack open a Dissension fat pack and revel in it's glory! Now, I didn't play during DIS, but I still love opening older stuff! And the more the channel grows, the older that stuff will be!
  4. Hey everyone! We return today by cracking open a fat pack from Mirrodin Besieged! I love opening older sealed stuff, and MBS was from around the time that I came back to MTG so I had an amazing time! Come see what we pulled!
  5. Hey everyone! We've got another bundle opening of Rivals of Ixalan opening for you! Well, It's 11 packs, so not really a bundle, but just as good! This time we open the prize packs we got over the prerelease weekend. And we pulled a mythic plus a few others that seem to be heavy hitters in the new set. Come check it out!
  6. When Wizards announced they were discontinuing Fat Packs I thought they were going to start over and give us something fresh and new. Was sad to see Fat Packs go away, not because they are great but for nostalgia. But this is the new "Bundle" that replaced the Fat Pack Uhh... it's the same! I hear people complaining that they changed the name to avoid using the word 'fat'. Please tell me this isn't true.
  7. Was browsing Amazon looking for TV tuners and stumbled accidentally (not really) upon a Dragons of Tarkir fatpack for $25 (It's $27 now) and had to pull the trigger. Will post pulls when I crack it open.