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Found 8 results

  1. Got this deck idea from Dev over at the SBMTG but modified it a bit to suit my needs. The basic idea of the deck is get as many +1 counters on my Merfolk, play all the Heralds of Secret Streams so they're unblockable, drop a bulker Verderous Gearhulk & go for lethal if you can. The deck has an awesome game one, especially when no one knows what to expect but once the sides come in it lacks a lot against control & removal. Am currently testing out Nissa, Steward of Elements as a filter & a way to drop stuff on field for free. Was also thinking of putting in Disallow for the SB to kill anything I don't like happening.
  2. Considering the changes Wizards is making to FNM and magic in general. A question for everyone. Will these changes affect your interest in going to FNM or any other in store events?
  3. First match from FNM on June 23rd 2017
  4. I haven't started on this yet, but I'm going to see if what it'll take to make the Liliana Planes walker deck more competitive. I'd like to try to do it as a budget upgrade. What do you think? Do more Zombies and less big stompys. Here's the base deck. 1 Liliana, Death Wielder 1 Festering Mummy 2 Dune Beetle 4 Tattered Mummy 1 Channeler Initiate 2 Baleful Ammit 3 Desiccated Naga 2 Gravedigger 1 Crocodile of the Crossing 2 Giant Spider 2 Decimator Beetle 2 Liliana's Influence 2 Splendid Agony 1 Edifice of Authority 1 Luxa River Shrine 1 Oracle's Vault 2 Trial of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Strength 1 Gift of Paradise 4 Foul Orchard 1 Grasping Dunes 11 Swamp 9 Forest
  5. FNM Promo Cards for April - June Pretty excited to see Aether Hub on this list
  6. Does anyone play FNM here? I haven't played at an FNM for a good 10 years or so. When I lived in Reno and I just started playing our group went to an LCS to play, but I haven't gone since then. If you are playing FNM, what did you play and how did it go?