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Found 12 results

  1. We crack open some Theros Beyond Death packs for our Patrons with some spice coming out of both the THB packs AND the Build-A-Pack box! Then, we give away a pack to a random comment from last week.
  2. It's our Christmas Special! We start off by opening a VERY generous package from a fan that was PACKED with amazing cards and packs, and all but one card is going into the #Patreon Build-A-Pack box! Then, we crack open our Christmas present to our Patrons, a Coreset 2014 Fat Pack. #WeAreMTG
  3. We crack a bunch of Throne of Eldraine packs for some #Patrons with some great hits! Rare and mythic foils! Then we crack a pack from a random comment from last week. #WeAreMTG
  4. We're a day late, but it's worth the wait! We crack some Throne of Eldraine packs for our patrons and the epic pulls keep coming! Foil mythics, anyone? Then, after we finish opening craziness for our Patrons, we give away a pack to a random pack to a random comment from last week. #WeAreMTG
  5. I'm blown away. MTG Unpacked sent us a message that there would be a small MTG care package sent our way. What was inside was sooo much more than what I was expecting. We also crack some packs to add to our Patreon Build-A-Pack box! #WeAreMTG
  6. Hey everyone! In this video, we wrap up the month of May for our #Patrons with our Build-A-Pack Box cranking out some good packs And some #WAR packs with some great hits too!
  7. Hey everyone! In this video, we talk about the progress on our Pack to Power A Cure binder and boy, is it progressing well! You won't believe how many cards we have OR how much it's worth! We also talk about a few other brief updates about the channel. Come check it out!
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for our Patrons for the month of September as well as build a few packs out of our Build-a-Pack box!
  9. Hey everyone! In this video, we open up more packs for some of our patrons, then we open up a pack for a random viewer of last week's videos. What was opened? Only one way to find out!
  10. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open another ALA Tournament deck! There are a handful of decent cards in this set and we pulled one of the top ones last time. Can we do it again???
  11. I started separating all of my foil cards and putting them in a binder. But then I wondered why. Most of them won't be worth much but if I store them in a box after some time they will start to bend and potentially get scratched. Occasionally a foil will jump in price, but it's not all that common. So I'm wondering if I should either buylist my foils or put them in a box. How do you store foils?
  12. Wondering what you all think about foil Wastes. Is it time to buy them or sell them?