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Found 2 results

  1. Here is an updated list of participants in Friday MTG on social media and their information. If anyone is added to this list or if anyone wants to be added post here and I'll edit the original post to keep it updated. Thanks to @MTGZuby for compiling this list Name Platform Twitter Type of Content Link Affinity for MTG Youtube @AffinityforMTG deck techs, challenges Alby MTG Youtube @Alby_MTG Deck Techs, MTG Commentary And The Geek Shall (Inherit The Earth) Youtube @AndTheGeekShall Deck Techs, Pack Openings, ect. Another Mulligan Youtube @MTG_Mulligan Instructional, Pack Openings Brain Pulp TV Youtube @BrainPulpTV Deck Techs, game play Breakfast Nerds Youtube @Breakfast_Nerds Pack Openings, MTG Commentary Card Bazaar Youtube @thecardbazaarCC Card Anthology Series CardZoom Youtube @CardZoom Pack Openings, MTG Commentary, Deck Techs ChuckWagon MTG Youtube @ChuckWagonMTG Pack Openings and Discussion Color Commontary Podcast/YouTube @colorcommontary Pauper ComputerizedMTG Youtube @ComputerizedMTG Deck Techs, Pack Openings, ect. Corey Worden Writer @Coreyworden Written Articles, Legacy Content creaYTors Youtube @creaytors MTG Videos, Contests DVMTG Youtube @DVplaysMTG Deck Techs, News, Tournaments, Reviews, Openings Foodtime Youtube @foodtimegaming YouTube and Twitch FoxDen MTG Youtube Deck Techs GenericBadMagic Wordpress @genericbadmtg Written articles If Lands Could Kill Podcast @IfLandsCouldKill General MTG Content, Comedy, NSFW, MTG Commentary Jake And Joel Youtube @Jakejoelmtg Pack Openings, MTG Commentary, Deck Techs Jon Dunning Youtube @orzhovdunn MTG interviews, and non MTG content King of Jank Youtube @King_of_Jank Pack Openings, Deck Techs Lasraik Forum @KitchenTableMTG MTG Forum Life Begins At 20 Youtube @LifeBeginsAt20 Cube Guides, Pack Openings, Top 10, Deck Techs Masters of Modern Podcast/YouTube @themmcast Commentary, deck techs Mox Zirconia Podcast @moxzirconia Deck Techs, General MTG Content, MTG Commentary MPNumbers Youtube @Numbers_MTG MTGO Gameplay MTGandMe Youtube @MTGandMe Pack openings, deck techs ect MTG Draft Sesh Youtube @MTGDraftSesh MTG Videos MTG Forge Youtube @taoofchow MTGO Gameplay, commentary MTG Magpie Youtube @MTGMagPie Pack Openings MTG Spotlight Youtube @MTG_Spotlight Deck Techs, MTG Finance, MTG Set Previews MTG Youngmage Youtube @mtg_youngmage Deck Techs, MTG Commentary, Live Gameplay Orcs Head Magic Youtube @Orcsheadjordan Pack Openings, MTG Commentary, Deck Techs PraunSaus Twitch/YouTube @PraunSaus Deck Techs, Budget, EDH Sylvan MTG Youtube @sylvanmtg Pack Openings, game play teh chris youtube @dekurizu Draft, Game play Temporal Magic Youtube @TemporalMTG Deck Tecs, Pack Openings The Tri Hards Podcast @thetrihards3 General MTG Content, MTG Commentary TotalMTG Youtube @TotalMTG Deck Techs, Pack Openings, MTGO Gameplay, Live Gameplay Transcendant MTG Youtube @podcastmtg Deck Techs, Pack Openings Whole Box and Dice Youtube @Wholeboxanddice MTG Commentary, Pack Openings, Deck Techs Young Corpse Youtube @YoungCorpseTV Pack Openings, MTGO Gameplay Zuby Podcast @MagicwithZuby Podcast
  2. My way to help grow the community with #FridayMTG - This week's spotlight looks at multiple celebrations and a great community to be a part of. Bet you'll never guess where that could be