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Found 28 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, we briefly go over our Pack to Power a Cure binder, then we open a few packs for some people who commented on last weeks videos, and finally, we open up a variety of packs to help restock our Patreon Build-a-Pack box with some solid hits!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a stack of packs for our winner of the #ExoticMTG31DayGiveaway! A prize will be given away every day in December! Plus, we give our rendition of a classic Christmas tale.
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we wrap up our November Patreon openings and we end it with some more great hits! We also pick a random comment from one of last weeks videos and crack open a pack for that lucky person!
  4. Hey everyone! Bonus video today! In this video, we catch up on our giveaways that we've missed the last few weeks AND we talk about a great new HUGE contest that starts in December!
  5. Hey everyone! In this video, we open up some packs for a few of our patrons! Adam Brodie, Artur Isakov, and Eric Bursch all get some packs and we build them a pack out of our build-a-pack box and we got some GREAT pulls! Plus, we pick a winner for our first Patron-only giveaway! Then we give a few packs away to a lucky commenter from last week! So much Fun!
  6. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a fresh box of Guilds of Ravnica for one of our Patrons, Marcus Mills! He also got a pack of Masters 25 and a pack built out of our Build-a-Pack box! Pretty sure he got his money's worth! Also, we give away some packs to people who commented on last weeks videos!
  7. Hey everyone! In this video, we announce the winner of the Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease entry giveaway sponsored by BC Comix and Games. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, we've got a lot going on. First, we crack open some packs for a few of our Patrons and one of them gets pulls from our Build-a-Pack box. Then, we give away a pack to a random commenter from one of last week's videos. Then, we get a HUGE trade in for our Pack to Power a Cure binder! This is WAY more than I was expecting! You've just got to see it!
  9. Hey everyone! In this video, we talk about how you can win a FREE entry into the GRN prerelease at BC Comix and Games and how to win free packs while there! Then we talk about some things happening with the channel and we give a way a bunch of pack to some lucky viewers! Then, we crack some packs and get a BIG SCORE for our Patreon Build-a-Pack box! A lot going on, so come check it out!
  10. Hey everyone! We just had another Patron jump on board with us, so we're doing an extra Patreon video this month to fit him in! Welcome Matthew Harrington! Then we pick the winner from last weeks comments and crack open a pack for them!
  11. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for one of our Patrons, Golden Bohunsky, who is one of our CWMTG Investor level Patrons. For only $10 he got ALL THIS. 2 packs of Core 2019 and a bunch of AWESOME cards pulled from our Build-a-Pack box! Holy cats....
  12. Make sure to comment and subscribe.
  13. Hey everyone! In this video, we talk about how far we have made it with our Pack to Power project and then we crack open a few packs and give one away! It's fun on a bun!
  14. Hey everyone! It's here! Today, we announce the winner of our standard bundle giveaway! Will the winner pick M19, Dominaria, or something else? And who won? Was it you? Only one way to find out! We also talk about our Pack-to-Power segment and crack open a few packs!
  15. In this video, we crack open a Signature Spellbook: Jace, we crack open a pack for one of our lucky viewers from last week, and we also pick the winner for the BC Comix and Games M19 Prerelease giveaway, where one lucky viewer will get to play in the M19 prerelease for FREE!!!
  16. Hey everyone! In this video, we pick two new winners for our standard pack giveaways, then we talk about BC Comix and Games and their new location, the bounty they have put on my head for the M19 prerelease, and how you can win a FREE entry into the BC Comix prerelease event of your choice! Then , we talk about ANOTHER contest where you can win a M19 Bundle, we talk about the new reward added to Patreon, and then we fire off ANOTHER standard pack giveaway! So much going on!
  17. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some packs from a Dominaria booster box that was given to us by another great MTG creator. This act of kindness blew us away, so we are paying it forward and giving away extra packs this week! Then, we open more packs out of the box and put everything good from them into the Patreon Build-a-Pack box!
  18. Hey everyone! In today's video, we take a second crack at opening a Dominaria booster box and hunt for another Karn or Mox. The last box we opened was for a patron and it was pretty good. Can we do better with this one? Also, We announce the winner of the standard booster pack from our last video AND we announce the winner of the Dissension Fat Pack novel! So much fun crammed into one video!
  19. Hey everyone! In this video, we pick a winner for the Dominaria Prerelease giveaway, fire off a new contest, and then open an Amonkhet bundle and a chaos pack. A lot of those packs are going back to Patrons and we pulled some FIRE!!!
  20. Well, we made it through the sickness and we were able to put out a video today, hopefully getting us back on track. In today's video, we crack open a random assortment of packs, talk about a couple upcoming giveaways and the prerelease, and we announce the winner of our bundle giveaway! A lot of great stuff packed in here, so come check out the video here!
  21. Hey guys! Just thought I'd let everyone here know that I'm giving away an MTGO deck! I upgraded the Tezzeret, Master of Metal Planeswalker Deck, played a couple games with it on MTGO, and now it's up for grabs! Below are the 2 videos about the deck, and the giveaway can be found here:
  22. Hey folks, Just wanted to point out that there are only 3 days left to get in for your chance to win a NEW Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck that the channel is giving away after the 15th! All you need to do is click on this link and confirm your subscription to the channel! Plus, there are bonus entries for following us on Twitter or checkout out the Facebook page. As always, thanks for watching!
  23. With hour of devastation release been and gone I've decided it was the right time to do another giveaway. I will be timing them with major set releases from now on. So for this giveaway all of the prizes available you'll see in the above picture and I'm excited to offer this to everyone. Slight Game of Thrones theme here with the majority of the prizes as I'm very happy the show has returned. Plus getting your booster fix too! To Enter the Competition click here: Best of Luck to you all and check out the channel update video in the video section to see what exciting things will be coming over the next few months!
  24. Very short term, only through Monday of GP Vegas
  25. After an amazing turnout for the Amonkhet Bundle 750 subscriber giveaway, this video is to announce the giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone that has entered into the competition and helping the channel to grow! There will be more in the future for you all if you were unsuccessful with the next coming at 2,000 subscribers. This video also has a small update where I discuss the new sponsorship that the channel has received with 5colorcombo, plus starting up a Patreon page. Very exciting times for the channel's future and I'd love for you all to be a part of it! I'm proud to say that my content is now part of a bunch of great MTG content on ! Check out their store,, where you can use the code "LifeBeginsAt20" to get a 5% discount! Don't forget to check out the app for drafting and deck building on the go. Use the referral code "LifeBeginsAt20" for that too! If you'd like to support the channel further find me on Patreon. I don't expect anything at all and the channel will continue if no one donates, but it will truly help the channel to grow further and faster!