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Found 2 results

  1. Thought it would be easier to start a new thread for this deck list instead of adding to the original. The deck is built around discarding and drawing using Cathartic Reunion and Faithless looting to draw Exhume and either using it to cast Ulamog's Crusher or using Delve to cast Gurmag Angler, then smashing face. In the meantime I added removal and a little hand disruption to prevent my opponent from killing me. In the event I run into tokens or Elves, I have Nausea in the sideboard and more removal. This is my deck list going into our Pauper tournament this Saturday: Creatures Quantity Lands Gurmag Angler 4 Swamps 7 Ulamog's Crusher 4 Mountains 6 Insolent Neonate 3 Bloodfell Caves 4 Terramorphic Expanse 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Spells Quantity Cathartic Reunion 4 Exhume 4 Sideboard Lightning Bolt 4 Nausea 3 Faithless Looting 4 Raven's Crime 2 Terminate 4 Distress 2 Duress 4 Grasp of Darkness 2 Temur Battle Rage 2 Crush 2 Essence Harvest 2 Flame Slash 1 Raven's Crime 2 Temur Battle Rage 1 Evolving Wilds 1 Terramorphic Expanse 1
  2. Been looking into Gurmag Angler decks lately. It's one of the best cards in Pauper and I wanted to do try playing it. Started looking into blue cards that would let me mill myself and get cards into the graveyard and of course counters. But then I thought about how much I like playing red, especially in Pauper. So thought I could put something together and been tossing around ideas in my head for a day or so. Looked over @Gathering4Magic and his Jund Reanimation deck and it gave me a few more ideas. This is still in brainstorming mode, I haven't really thought about the land base yet but wanted to get some suggestions on it. Creatures Quantity Spells Quantity Gurmag Angler 4 Cathardic Reunion 4 Stinkweed Imp 4 Exume 4 Thermo-Alchemist 4 Lightning Bolt 4 Ulamogs Crusher 3 Faithless Looting 4 Total: 15 Flame Slash 2 Shock 2 Firebolt 2 Dead Weight 2 Sideboard Total 24 Smash to Smithereens 2 Read the Bones 2 Electrickery 2 Doom Blade 2 Crow of Dark Tidings 2 Madcap Skills Mugging The idea is to get cards into the graveyard to Delve into Gurmag and/or to Exume Ulamogs Crusher back into play. Using Dredge from Stinkweed Imp, draw and discard spells and cheap burn spells to get more cards into the graveyard. Taking advantage of those cheap spells would be Thermo Alchemist. Have 29 cards in my main board so far and a few ideas for a side board. Suggestions are appreciated!