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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys! So I'm currently doing a project where I have to analyse a website/software/product and come with solution, to make the product better. I chose to work with and a part of that project is to make a survey about it. So I'm hoping you guys will take a little of your time to fill out my form and perhaps send it to your friends. Thanks a lot, it's a big help! Shorten url: url:
  2. I'm building a blue Landfall deck, and need some help with cards that will help me trigger Landfall. So either cards that allow me to put lands back into my hand so I can drop them or any other way I could cause triggers for it. Has to be blue or colorless. Going through some cards now to put together but suggestions are appreciated!
  3. commander

    I want to play EDH and convince my play group to give it a try. Where should I start? Is a pre-made Commander deck the way to go? Suggestions welcome!