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Found 15 results

  1. It's no secret that I get some goofy off the wall deck ideas. I had a red Dragon deck that performed OK in multiplayer games when it rolled. I had Hellkite Tyrant in my hand and it reminded me of an old card that gives me a nostalgia-gasm: Mycosynth Lattice. So what if I made all permanents an artifact then won the game that way, gaining a ton of dragons with Dragonmaster Outcast and Utvara Hellkite? If that fails then I would overwhelm them with aggro. I tore apart my old dragon deck and put this together yesterday, looking for opinions on it, and of course they are appreciated and welcome! Again, this is based on multiplayer games that give me more turns and time to establish my plans. TappedOut Creatures: Hellkite Tyrant x4 Dragon Hatchling x3 Archwing Dragon x2 Utvara Hellkite x2 Dragonlord's Servant x1 Hellkite Charger x1 Scourge of Valkas x1 Dragonmaster Outcast x1 Hellkite Igniter x1 Akoum Hellkite x1 Siege Dragon x1 Instants & Sorceries: Lightning Bolt x4 Mizzium Mortars x2 Twinflame x1 Enchantments: Crucible of Fire x3 Berserkers' Onslaught x1 Artifacts: Mycosynth Lattice x3 Strionic Resonator x1 Imi Statue x1 Staff of the Flame Magus x1 Grafted Exoskeleton x1 Lands: Mountains x24 (sorry for the poor quality picture)
  2. This is the same deck I used in a tribal tournament my play group had several months ago: Trying to make tweaks and make the deck stronger. Made some adjustments and I think I need either a Thoughtsieze or Inquisition of Kozileks but need some feedback. The idea is to get as many 1 cost rats out on the board, then use Pack Rat, Marrow-Gnawer and Ogre Slumlord to build. Creatures: Typhoid Rats x4 Ravenous Rats x4 Pack Rat x4 Ogre Slumlord x3 Marrow-Gnawer x3 Drainpipe Vermin x3 Instants: Victim of NIght x2 Tragic Slip x2 Doom Blade x2 Bile Blight x2 Murder x2 Devour in Shadow x1 Pharika's Cure x1 Sorceries: Distress x2 Duress x2 Pulse of the Dross x1 Mind Rot x1
  3. OK so I've talked about this deck before here. It's for a color tournament with some of my playgroup. We each drew a color and have to make a deck of that specific color. My goal here is to play control and prevent them from doing much of anything to get Roil Elemental out and take over their creatures. It's a long game and a war of attrition type of plan. (Again, this is a casual playgroup and none of us will ever (ever) be on the Pro Tour.) Creatures: Roil Elemental x4 Dream Stalker x2 Meloku the Clouded Mirror x2 Wall of Frost x1 Sage Owl x1 instants: Muddle the Mixture x3 Echoing Truth x2 Into the Roil x2 Cyclonic Rift x2 Counterspell x2 Deprive x2 Redirect x2 Sunder x1 Spell Syphon x1 Negate x1 Cancel x1 Spell Pierce x1 Sorceries: Serum Visions x2 Polymorph x1 Divination x1 Enchantments: Declaration of Naught x1 Telepathy x1 Lands: Thawing Glaciers x4 Halimar Depths x4 Islands 16
  4. I've always loved Genesis Chamber, I've tried to make a deck with it and Blood Seeker but didn't really work out. Trying it again with Virulent Plague. Edit: Updated list Creatures: Blood Artist x4 Zulaport Cutthroat x4 Royal Assassin x4 Rathi Trapper x4 Blood Seeker x3 Disciple of the Vault x2 Malakir Cullblade x2 Falkenrath Noble x2 Nettling Imp x2 Deathgreeter x2 Bloodbound Vampire x1 Enchantments: Virulent Plague x4 Grave Betrayal x1 Dictate of Erebos x1 Vampiric Rites x1 Shadows of the Past x1 Retreat to Hagra x1 Instants: Murder x1 Artifacts: Genesis Chamber x4 Lands: Swamps x18
  5. This weekend a group of friends are having a mini tournament. Any deck you want and the buy-in is a pack of cards, winner taking all the packs. So about 6 packs or so, nothing huge but I still want to win This is a deck I've been wanting to try for a while. I almost feel dirty putting it together, cause it's a cheesy combo but what the hell. This is a first draft, I have a few more days so looking for suggestions. As of now I have 36 cards before adding a mana base. For those who don't know about this combo: Creatures: Midnight Guard x4 Precinct Captain x3 Llanowar Elves x2 Wall of Vines x2 Heliod's Pilgrim x2 Elite Inquisitor x1 Wall of Essence x1 Spells: Presence of Gond x4 Commune with the Gods x4 Divine Reckoning x2 Gods Willing x1 Pacifism x1 Nourish x1 Rampant Growth x2 Fog x2 Mighty Leap x1 Tragic Arrogance x1 Seek the Horizon x1
  6. Hello all! As @Lasraik has already mentioned we are going to have a color tournament in a couple of weeks. We put pieces of paper in a hat with the five colors, one every color and one colorless. I picked White. This is what I came up with, what do you all think? Crusader of Odric x2 Court Street Denizen x2 Phantom General x2 Unruly Mob x2 Apothecary Geist x1 Nearheath Chaplain x1 Beckon Apparition x4 Rootborn Defenses x3 Midnight Haunting x2 Puncturing Light x1 Congregate x1 Erase x1 Wake the Reflections x4 Lingering Souls x3 Not Forgotten x2 Hope Against Hope x2 Gift of Orzhova x2 Pacifism x2 Vessel of Ephemera x1 Honor of the Pure x1 Plains x20 I can't splash black for Flashback on Lingering Souls has to be all white. Thank you!
  7. So a while back I threw a bunch of cool graveyard cards into a deck and tried to make it work. Ended up tweaking it and adding False Cure to work off of Kavu Predator. It's done fairly well in play testing, but not consistent enough. A little out of my comfort zone with a graveyard deck like this, first time trying it out but it's been fun. The main cards in the deck are: Creatures: Lhurgoyf x4 Skyshroud Cutter x4 Reverent Silence x4 Mortivore x4 Kavu Predator x4 Satyr Wayfinder x4 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord x3 Stinkweed Imp x3 Splinterfright x2 Spells: False Cure x4 Hunters' Feast x3 Treasured Find x2 Nourish x2 Grisley Salvage x2 Death Denied x2 Planeswalkers: Vraska the Unseen x1 Land: Swamps x11 Forest x10 As you can see, it needs some love. Don't want to get too crazy with it. As most of my decks go this is another casual for fun deck. Tried to add gain life effects to boost Kavu Predator. I worry that I'm trying to do too many things here. A graveyard setup with the False Cure/Kavu Predator stuff might be trying too much. Help is appreciated!
  8. As most of you know, I play a lot of multiplayer games. I've been wanting to make a Stuffy Doll deck for a while now, and these are the cards I've thought about using. Ideas or suggestions are welcome! So the idea is to cast Stuffy Doll, enchant with Pariah and grind them out with Manabarbs and land destruction in Land's Edge. Thinking I'll need something else to protect Stuffy Doll and make him fly if possible, and some removal for big threats as the game goes on.
  9. Another deck that I've been constantly playing (and mostly losing) and trying to tweak but never can get quite right is this Darksteel Reactor deck. This is intended to be a multiplayer deck and more of an attrition and grindy deck. The main win condition is Darksteel Reactor getting 20 charge counters and winning the game. The other win conditions are Door to Nothingness, but that can take a while and only eliminates one opponent. (Been looking for a way to target multiple people with that.) Originally started this deck as a Doubling Cube, Composite Golem, Door to Nothingness combo but it's evolved. The way I hoped to force such a grind and lock down my opponents playing colors is Naked Singularity and eliminating that cumulative upkeep by using Eon Hub. The downside to Eon Hub is that it eliminates the upkeep charge counter from Darksteel Reactor and Energy Chamber, so I'm using Coretappers to bypass that. Usually if I get Eon Hub/Naked Singularity out I lock down my opponents and can use Coretappers to get enough charge counters, but it takes a while. I have some ideas on what I should do but want to hear from you all. So here is my current list, suggestions welcome. Creatures: Coretapper x4 Darksteel Gargoyle x3 Arcbound Crusher x2 Frogmite x2 Razormane Masticore x1 Lonestone Golem x1 Steel Wall x1 Silent Arbiter x1 Memnite x1 Copper Myr x1 Iron Myr x1 Leaden Myr x1 Silver Myr x1 Myr Enforcer x1 Composite Golem x1 Gold Myr x1 Solarion x1 Artifacts: Naked Singularity x4 Darksteel Reactor x4 Eon Hub x4 Sol Ring x4 Energy Chamber x2 Kaleidostone x1 Doubling Cube x1 Door to Nothingness x1 Lands: Plains x3 Mountains x3 Swamps x3 Islands x3 Forest x3
  10. Way back during the Darksteel days when I started playing, I had a deck idea using Mycosynth Lattice and Emissary of Despair/Hope. Turn everything into Artifacts, swing in with either or both of them and hopefully either gain a ton of life, or make them lose a ton. Eventually it evolved into a deck using Sanguine Bond and later Exquisite Blood. Through the years it did OK, but it was time to retire it and frankly I just got bored using it over and over. Same thing with my Extort deck, seemed to get tired pretty quick. Going through my box of unorganized cards, I found this: First thing that came to mind: Vampire Hexmage. If I could use my Extort deck and Mycosynth Lattice Emissary decks, smash them together maybe I could get a faster win. Get higher life than everyone else, play Celestial Convergence and if Hexmage is on the battlefield, sacrifice it to removed the Omen Counters. Play tested yesterday, ended up winning. I had to order two more Celestial Convergence cause I only had 2 in my box, but here is what I have so far. Suggestions welcome: Creatures: Vampire Hexmage x3 Emissary of Despair x3 Emissary of Hope x3 Basilica Screecher x2 Crypt Ghast x2 Felindar Sovereign x2 Treasury Thrull x1 Thrull Parasite x1 Sorceries: Blood Tithe x2 Solemn Offering x2 Debt to the Deathless x1 Bond of Agony x1 Diabolic Tutor x1 Enchantments: Celestial Mantle x3 Celestial Convergence x2 Journey to Nowhere x2 Sunspring Expedition x1 Blind Obedience x1 Artifacts: Mycosynth Lattice x2 Planeswalkers: Ajani Goldmane x1 Lands: Swamps x11 Plains x10 Kabira Crossroads x3
  11. This is a deck I originally wanted to base around flooding each players hand (if there were multiplayers) and punish them with Underworld Dreams. But it didn't always work out so well and ended up adding mill to the deck. It's either on and works or off and I get my ass handed to me. I want to still keep Underworld Dreams and Dustmantle Guildmage/Mindcrank combo if possible for an alternate win con. The mana base needs help. Suggestions welcome! Creatures: Jace's Archivist x3 Duskmantle Guildmage x3 Sage Owl x2 Psychosis Crawler x2 Fate Unraveler x2 Consuming Aberration x1 Mindshrieker x1 Master of the Feast x1 Bonehoard x1 Spells: Wheel and Deal x4 Cancel x1 Negate x1 Murder x1 Whispering Madness x1 Fascination x1 Damnable Pact x1 Enchantments: Underworld Dreams x4 Archmage Ascension x1 Artifacts: Mindcrank x4 Howling Mine x3 Teferi's Puzzle Box x2 Planeswalkers: Jace Beleren x1 Lands: Islands x11 Swamps x10
  12. Gotta be complemtely honest with this one. I noticed I had a ton of Kithkin cards in my box about a year ago and pulled them all out. Then took the better ones at the time and made a deck. It turned out OK, usually I can draw games out with lifegain but don't really have a finisher or dependable win condition. Any help is appreciated, hoping to make a badass Kithkin deck that is feared... as much as you can fear a bunch of kithkins. Kithkins from the other side of the tracks deck, not a cute and cuddly Kithkin deck. This is what I'm starting with: Creatures: Cenn's Heir x4 Apothecary Initiate x4 Wizened Cenn x4 Mistmeadow Skulk x3 Patrol Signaler x2 Springjack Shepherd x2 Ballynock Cohort x2 Ballyrush Banneret x1 Resplendent Mentor x1 Kithkin Zephyrnaut x1 Order of the Golden Cricket x1 Kithkin Shielddare x1 Order of Whiteclay x1 Goldmeadow Dodger x1 Ballynock Trapper x1 Figure of Destiny x1 Spells: Holy Day x2 Pacifism x2 Honor of the Pure x1 Mass Calcify x1 Awe Strike x1 Path of Bravery x1 Prison Term x1 Sunlance x1 Lands: Plains x20
  13. Another one I've been tweaking now for a while. It needs work and I need help finishing it. The goal is to make my opponent discard and pay for it, or drop Sire of Insanity and Havoc Festival. As I'm typing out the decklist I wonder WTF I'm thinking sometimes when I put these decks together. Creatures: Sangromancer x3 Sire of Insanity x3 Guul Draz Specter x2 Liliana's Specter x2 Cunning Lethermancer x2 Enchantments: Shrieking Affliction x4 Liliana's Caress x4 Megrim x3 Gibbering Descent x1 Necrogen Mists x1 Soul Stair Expedition x1 Quest of the Nihil Stone x1 Lethal Vapors x1 Havoc Festival x1 Soceries and Instants: Dreadbore x3 Morbid Plunder x2 Strongarm Tactics x1 Raven's Crime x1 Extripate x1 Blightening x1 Artifacts: The Rack x4 Whispersilk Cloak x1 Planeswalkers: Liliana Vess x1 Lands: Dragonskull Summit x2 Skoum Refuge x1 Swamp x14 Mountain x3
  14. I've been playing around with a black/green graveyard deck for a while now. It's something I haven't done before and it's kind of a different approach than other decks. So what I've been wondering is when you build a graveyard play deck do you usually play more than 60 total cards in it? It came from me wondering if I mill myself too quickly or too many cards without bringing out my creatures that benefit then I could put myself in a bad position. Thoughts?
  15. I usually play with groups of 3-6 people or so, depending on who can make it that day. So when I get deck ideas I usually start with that in mind. I've found that going 1v1 has been different for me because I'm used to using different strategies. If I brew a popular tournament deck, sometimes it goes off and I kill one person but then the other 2-3 come after me. What kind of group decks have you made (if any) and what strategies do you use?