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Found 4 results

  1. standard

    Hello everyone! As many of you know, today (Wednesday) is the final day before Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in Japan. Personally, I'm very excited to see how the best of the best have changed the style of decks in standard over the last couple of weeks with the release of Hour of Devastation, and if there are any surprise decks that could make Day 2, or even make Top 8. Decks such as Mono-Red Aggro, God-Pharaoh's Gift, Emerge, and many different "Bolas Control" variants; have all seen play, and have done very well in leagues. So which decks are you excited to see, and what "surprise deck" do you think can find its way into the Top 8 when used by the pros? Could one of them even make its way to the finals?
  2. With hour of devastation release been and gone I've decided it was the right time to do another giveaway. I will be timing them with major set releases from now on. So for this giveaway all of the prizes available you'll see in the above picture and I'm excited to offer this to everyone. Slight Game of Thrones theme here with the majority of the prizes as I'm very happy the show has returned. Plus getting your booster fix too! To Enter the Competition click here: Best of Luck to you all and check out the channel update video in the video section to see what exciting things will be coming over the next few months!
  3. I forgot to save pics of our decks, so no blog post How did you guys and gals do are your HOU pre-releases? I'm too old to do too many, so Aurian and I just went to one PR, which went 4 rounds. It kind of dragged since a lot of matches went to time, and they kept giving long breaks between rounds. I went 2-1-1 with a GB deck that had a good -1/-1 counter theme. I got Hapatra, and a lot of Amonkhet cards that syngerized. Aurian went 3-1 (second place!) with a nasty BR deck that had Hour of Devastation, Glorybringer(!), and removal to back it up. I ended up not using most of my rares, and my promo was Solemnity. Great for casual/modern, not for limited. Round 1: Went to time and a 1-1 draw. I got too cute and splashed red for some removal spells. My deck was removal-light, otherwise, but, even with some mana fixing, I was stuck with cards I couldn't play. Round 2: After dropping the first game, I decided to cut the red out entirely, and focused on a pure G/B Deck, even if I had less removal and put in some 'meh' filler. The deck was much more consistant, and I was able to take the last 2 games. Yes, having a good curve still works Round 3: Won a close match 2-1. Opponent had the new mirror that can copy creatures, so he'd copy his own Fan Bearer, tap 2 of my dudes, and then swing back copying some other nastier creature (like my 7/7 wurm). I managed to get Hapatra engine on enough to win Game 3. Round 4: This kid (who won the whole thing) beat me in the last pre-release and did so again, 2-0 He does seem to like aggressive decks and also pulls cards to support it. He had the white card that searches up planeswalkers...and Samut to go with it. Double-striking is real, especially with all of the menace dudes he has. I had him down to 2 life in Game 1, but couldn't push through. --- Overall, the sealed environment seemed quite slow, and a lot of matches went fairly long, as supposed to Amonket draft, which was very fast. Some other thoughts HOU has a lot of unexciting rares. This limited format will likely be less bomb-heavy. On the other hand, the gods and other bombs tend to be mythic. I didn't face a god all day, thankfully. I did see them at other tables, and they seemed rather unbeatable if you don't have an exile affect. I like the desert subtheme, and I had some deserts and cards that cared about them. The clone mirror is the real deal.
  4. Wow, 3 spoilers out of the blue, and all of them really potent Samut, the Keyworded, is now a Planeswalker, and she has even more words! WORDS! Play this with some trample creatures and keep bashing in. A THREE MANA WRATH! WOT! It does Time Walk you, but a three mana wrath ... goddamn... I can imagine using this with some storage lands or mana rocks, and negate the downside. Oh, and I love the image of a big Crocodile rampaging over the plebs and...lastly DADDY'S BACK! Stop, I can only get so erect! Four abilities, and all of them nasty and painful. Also, he's one mana cheaper than he was before...right into my Molasses Bolasses deck!