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Found 26 results

  1. With Amonkhet right around the corner, let's take a look back at the Kaladesh block. We've had time to digest it and take it in. What format do you play the most and how would you rate the block overall?
  2. *Not Actually Brought to you by Swiss Army Knife*
  3. Pulling some cards out to make a Pauper Vehicles deck. Has anyone been brewing with them?
  4. Now that we have three new bans in Standard, how will it change the format? Is it a positive or negative? Was it necessary?
  5. @Aurian and I couldn't make our usual (larger) prerelease on Saturday, so we went to a smaller one at a nearby mall on the Sunday. They did 3 40-minute rounds, so it was a nice quick event. I liked that. I ended up going 3-0 with a good, if unexciting, Orzhov pool. I was definitely happy that I got the kind of sealed pool that I like to play: Some big flyers, removal, a good curve, and a few new toys to play with. I played 5(!) of my rares, which was great, even though only one of them (Battle at the Bridge) was anything close to a bomb. The deck was just full of C+ or better cards, so I lucked out in that respect. My deck really won through attrition and through the air. The revolt cards I had could be hard to trigger, but gave massage bonuses when I could (the -3/-3 dude and the Aeronauts, mainly). It was more of a good, clean Magic deck than OMGTHERESABOMB!!! My 'bomb' of sorts. While this looks like a fancier Drain Life, it really did save my bacon a few times. Being able to kill a larger threat and gain back life usually swung the game around enough. It won't be good against go-wide decks, but against normal/fair decks that count on a bomb or two, this is an MVP. In my deck, it was really a fancy 2/1 that ate a lot of removal. I didn't have much in the way of tribal synergy in my deck, but giving at least one creature a permanent +1/+1 counter, and it being colourless, meant it was an auto-include. This card will definitely be amazing in a draft deck with a lot of Servo makers, if it can live for a turn. I did get to live the dream ONCE and name SERVOs with the Metallic Mimic and then play this. Often, I got 3 little dudes and then played Caught in the Brights for value. More of a draft/build-around card. I really didn't have many Aetherborn, so this was basically a 3/3 that got me a card when it died. I only got to play it once, so it was just a Hill Giant for me. From Kaladesh, this was just a beating for my opponents and forced a lot of 2-for-1s. My first impressions. 1. Flying is important. It usually is, but it seemed that a lot of games were getting gummed up on the ground, and flying over was how to break stalemates. 2. Be aware of large armies. The Dawnfeather Eagle (was awesome for me) and the 5/5 rhino that gives your team a permanent pump can be backbreaking and help end stalemates. 3. I would still maindeck at least one artifact removal. This thing is nuts... almost Baneslayer Angel-esque. @Aurian built a G/W revolt deck, splashing red for the dragon and removal. She can tell you more, if she likes I didn't get to see much of her deck. I just know her Freejam Regent won her a game or two.
  6. I was pretty excited when Inventions were announced. Having these cards in packs makes it even more of a lottery, you never know when you'll crack one of them and it's pretty damn sweet when you do. But last week I was listening to MTG Fast Finance and they were discussing why they are a bad idea. First, more people buy the packs trying to crack one, and more supply brings down the overall value of the set. Rares that might be $30+ have a hard time cracking the $20 barrier because there are so many of them. It's still fun to buy packs trying to pull one, but is it bad for the amount of product sold and the value it brings down?
  7. Such a change going from SOI/EM and into Kaladesh, mostly in terms of flavor. How much do you expect Standard to change with Kaladesh coming in and CoCo rotating out?
  8. This is a pretty cool read
  9. Howdy! I'm a brand new player, still finding my feet and came across this forum thanks to @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 ☺️ looking forward to delving deeper into the game and learning new tips and tricks ??
  10. Torrential Gearhulk just had a huge spike. Is it legit or will the price come crashing back down?
  11. So far what are your thoughts on the spoilers coming from Kaladesh? Any Pauper playables?
  12. Yes, I did a second post on Kaladesh Any nicknames you guys and gals came up with for the new set?
  13. Looks like Wizards gave us an opportunity to complete a survey, did anyone take it?
  14. With a new set comes a new round of casual musings. Over on my other blog, I go over the Top 5 cards I want to brew with and also the topic of great value cards in the set.
  15. When Wizards announced they were discontinuing Fat Packs I thought they were going to start over and give us something fresh and new. Was sad to see Fat Packs go away, not because they are great but for nostalgia. But this is the new "Bundle" that replaced the Fat Pack Uhh... it's the same! I hear people complaining that they changed the name to avoid using the word 'fat'. Please tell me this isn't true.
  16. September 24, 2016 - This is the deck I played at the Kaladesh prerelease (although I swapped out the menace vehicle for something else at the last second). I ended up going 3-1, losing the finals to what our friend called "The most boring deck I've ever played". It was green-black and just had efficient dudes and removal. Nothing fancy, and no real bombs, but very effective. My pool was a bit strange, and very creature light. I had to dip into the artifacts to get enough creatures. Thankfully, I pulled the two black bombs and had enough removal in black or white, plus recursion, to build a typical Golbez Orzhov-grinder deck. Red had some removal, but 3 creatures... I opened the rare Green hydra and U/R dual, Key to the City, and the crappy 3-mana artifact creature that I don't care to remember as my other rares. Noxious Gearhulk was ALWAYS a great card. Removal, evasion, and life gain. In most every game I played, I would fall behind and have to stablize and grind my way ahead. Gearhulk, twice, gained me enough life to avoid certain death. Marionette Master was the bomb I played the most, and is a very interesting card to play. I most often put out the 3 tokens, and then had chump blockers to stall a ground attack. Every time you kill an artifact of mine, you lose life. I was also able to blink/recur her multiple times Artificer's Goggles do something! My deck had six artificers, so I was often getting a free +1/+2 equip boost. On its own, it's decent, but it really syngerized with this deck. Pumping up the Marionette Master's power enabled me to punish opponents further. Die Young didn't always do enough, since so many creatures I wanted to kill had 3 toughness. It's an OK card, but maybe not as good as first glance, especially without other energy enablers. Thoughts on the prerelease and set 1. Vehicles seem like a trap, and I often sided mine out. They are nice if you are ahead, and maybe at parity, but awful when behind. They will probably work a bit better in draft, and definitely require a the right deck to work. 2. Our prerelease had no Inventions opened, but everybody seemed to have a gearhulk or Planeswalker. Shark-infested waters. ( @Aurian opened a Nissa!) 3. If I am drafting, I'd want to go green. Yes, in an artifact set, green seems like the best colour. It has the most efficient creatures, decent removal (fight fight!), ramp, and lots of tramplers. 4. I love the tension on Fabricate. Sometimes, I'd want the chump blockers for the Marionette Master. Other times, I'd just want to boost the creature so that it outclassed my opponents creatures. 5. Good fundamentals still beat cute things
  17. Out of the Kaladesh planeswalkers, which is your favorite? Before automatically voting Chandra, do you think there's a chance she's not going to live up to the hype?
  18. I was excited for this set, but now I won't be buying it.
  19. I thought this card was a joke at first. But looks like it's legit. Is this card broken? Seems to appeal to pro's and dirty casuals like myself alike.
  20. Seems like we just had a spoiler thread for Eldritch Moon and Conspiracy 2, but here we are again:
  21. Remember the ultra-rate Expeditions in Return to Zendikar? They are back, and are now a permanent fixture. Awesome Starting with Kaladesh and for the foreseeable future, we're going to be adding a new feature called the Masterpiece Series. Each individual block will have its own name for the Series (the MasterpieceSeries for Kaladesh block, for example, will be called Kaladesh Inventions), but it will be referred to overall as the Masterpiece Series. Basically, we're taking what we did with the Zendikar Expeditions and applying it to every set. Here's what this means: