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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! This is our #Patreon video number 1 for the month of May and we're cracking #WAR packs. Now, every month, we usually get one Patron that gets more value than the rest, because that how opening packs works. But this month, one Patron pulled so much value, we had to bring in the Surprised Cat. #MTG
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open our personal box of War of the Spark, but we also crack some packs to go into our #Patreon Build-A-Pack box AND we crack a pack of WAR for a random comment from last week! Will this box boom or bust?
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open more of our #UMA packs and the #BoxTopper that came with them. How good were our #UltimateMasters pulls? Only one way to find out!
  4. I haven't started on this yet, but I'm going to see if what it'll take to make the Liliana Planes walker deck more competitive. I'd like to try to do it as a budget upgrade. What do you think? Do more Zombies and less big stompys. Here's the base deck. 1 Liliana, Death Wielder 1 Festering Mummy 2 Dune Beetle 4 Tattered Mummy 1 Channeler Initiate 2 Baleful Ammit 3 Desiccated Naga 2 Gravedigger 1 Crocodile of the Crossing 2 Giant Spider 2 Decimator Beetle 2 Liliana's Influence 2 Splendid Agony 1 Edifice of Authority 1 Luxa River Shrine 1 Oracle's Vault 2 Trial of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Strength 1 Gift of Paradise 4 Foul Orchard 1 Grasping Dunes 11 Swamp 9 Forest
  5. Chapter 3 in the Innistrad Saga. UNWELCOME