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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, Im halfway through writing my review of this past weeks draft shenanigans and I'm finding it a lot harder and more long winded than my efforts with standard constructed. Anyone have any feedback for writing about draft and dealing with the inherent number of one ofs? Or should I embrace how much longer it naturally wants to be?
  2. Because I have so many cards from old sets, I've started going back a few sets and building Limited decks from certain ones. This helps me build more casual decks to play with and maybe I'll get lucky and have something to play in Frontier or Standard if I ever make it to the night they play at my LGS. Do you ever do this? What are some fun mechanics, creatures or spells you've gone back and realized are more powerful and fun than you thought? I'm going to try putting together a green energy Stompy deck from Kaladesh and maybe a Cohort Allies build from Oath of the Gatewatch.
  3. limited

    Hello fellow Planeswalkers! Today I have drafted a W/R Aggro-ish deck that I'd like to share with you all Updates shall be provided on the 3 rounds of MTGO Intermediate Swiss Draft as I go along. Following is the decklist, let me know what you think Creatures: 1x Fan Bearer 1x Bloodlust inciter 3x Gust Walker 1x Trueheart Duelist 1x Bloodrage Brawler 1x Devoted Crop-Mate 1x Minotaur Sureshot 1x Hyena Pack 1x Heart-Piercer Manticore 1x Supply Caravan 2x Manticore of the Gauntlet 1x Seraph of the suns Spells: 1x Consuming Fervor 2x Brute Strength 2x Fling 1x Renewed Faith 2x Hazoret's Monument 1x Violent Impact Land: 9x Mountain 7x Plains
  4. limited

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread- I didn't see a forum for Limited. (Anyone else busy doing their homework for the prerelease this weekend? I've been using this site a lot to practice deck building. What are your thoughts about 2-color vs. 3-color decks in sealed? I keep finding myself wanting to go into 3 colors to play as many good cards as possible, but I usually stick to a very conservative 2 colors at the actual event.
  5. Hello everyone. After answering a question from @Breakfast with Nerds that they had posted about going 3 colors in sealed, I got inspired to make this thread. Limited is my favorite format and I love helping people with it. You can tell that I love helping people with this amazing game from the effort that was put into the Paradoxical Outcome Thought Process posts and the lengthy responses that I give to simple questions. The Amonkhet prerelease is coming up and I'd like to see everyone do well. So, if you have any questions going into prerelease and you want an answer for them, feel free to ask them here. If you want to know if card A is better or worse than card B, I will tell you. If you want to know if a card is splashable or not, I will tell you. If you have questions about certain synergies, I will tell you. I think you all get it. Any questions you have about Amonkhet limited, leave them here and I will respond back. There is no such thing as a dumb question and I guarantee that if you have questions about something, other people will have the same/similar questions as well. After prerelease is over, the thread will still be open for you to ask questions about draft as well. If this goes over well, I'll make a new one of these for ever upcoming set and you can feel free to ask whatever limited questions you want. I look forward to answering everyone's questions and I hopefully I can help you to do well in Amonkhet limited.
  6. September 24, 2016 - This is the deck I played at the Kaladesh prerelease (although I swapped out the menace vehicle for something else at the last second). I ended up going 3-1, losing the finals to what our friend called "The most boring deck I've ever played". It was green-black and just had efficient dudes and removal. Nothing fancy, and no real bombs, but very effective. My pool was a bit strange, and very creature light. I had to dip into the artifacts to get enough creatures. Thankfully, I pulled the two black bombs and had enough removal in black or white, plus recursion, to build a typical Golbez Orzhov-grinder deck. Red had some removal, but 3 creatures... I opened the rare Green hydra and U/R dual, Key to the City, and the crappy 3-mana artifact creature that I don't care to remember as my other rares. Noxious Gearhulk was ALWAYS a great card. Removal, evasion, and life gain. In most every game I played, I would fall behind and have to stablize and grind my way ahead. Gearhulk, twice, gained me enough life to avoid certain death. Marionette Master was the bomb I played the most, and is a very interesting card to play. I most often put out the 3 tokens, and then had chump blockers to stall a ground attack. Every time you kill an artifact of mine, you lose life. I was also able to blink/recur her multiple times Artificer's Goggles do something! My deck had six artificers, so I was often getting a free +1/+2 equip boost. On its own, it's decent, but it really syngerized with this deck. Pumping up the Marionette Master's power enabled me to punish opponents further. Die Young didn't always do enough, since so many creatures I wanted to kill had 3 toughness. It's an OK card, but maybe not as good as first glance, especially without other energy enablers. Thoughts on the prerelease and set 1. Vehicles seem like a trap, and I often sided mine out. They are nice if you are ahead, and maybe at parity, but awful when behind. They will probably work a bit better in draft, and definitely require a the right deck to work. 2. Our prerelease had no Inventions opened, but everybody seemed to have a gearhulk or Planeswalker. Shark-infested waters. ( @Aurian opened a Nissa!) 3. If I am drafting, I'd want to go green. Yes, in an artifact set, green seems like the best colour. It has the most efficient creatures, decent removal (fight fight!), ramp, and lots of tramplers. 4. I love the tension on Fabricate. Sometimes, I'd want the chump blockers for the Marionette Master. Other times, I'd just want to boost the creature so that it outclassed my opponents creatures. 5. Good fundamentals still beat cute things
  7. Greetings all, my name is Derek, and I'm a big fan of MtG. I have played off and on for over 20 years. I love #Pauper, #EDH, #Limited, especially working on and drafting my Peasant Cube, which I rarely get to draft in paper, but I draft and tweak often online. I'm a Casual yet competitive player who typically avoids the tournament scene. I thoroughly enjoy the fun and fellowship of the game. I play locally in paper, and online using Xmage. Check out Xmage ( for a free, fully rules automated online MtG client.
  8. (warning: Picture heavy) @Aurian and I attended the pre-release my friend ran and we had a pretty good turnout of 15 players. These are mostly friends and friends-of-friends, so it's very laid back and casual. I ended up 3-0-1 with a very grindy GB deck. Poor @Aurian went 1-3 with serious mana screw issues all night Not much fun, as we all know what it is like to go through that. My pool was somewhat evenly split, but I decided on this deck: Green was my deepest colour in terms of sheer # of cards, while Black had the much-needed removal suite. Yes, I did manage one win with the Triskaidekaphobia The deck was grindy, but had a decent amount of beef. Ishkanah with Delirium is a serious bomb, and I had a lot of card advantage to grind out wins. I faced another GB deck in the match we drew, although I have to admit he probably would have won. I beat my nemesis (no, not my wife) in the finals, mainly because he got mana-screwed. Oh, and shout out to PERMEATING MASS - Seriously, this is amazing blocker. One game ended up having six copies of this on the board Foul Emissary is a bit slow and below the curve, but I always hit another creature with it on the trigger, and it made good fodder for the one Emerge creature I did have. I had Elusive Torment in last set's prerelease, and it makes a good hard-to-deal-with finished. I had little madness to work with, but it still performs just fine as a 4/4. DECK BUILDING My green sideboard. I sided in CONFRONT THE UNKNOWN and sided out Triskaidekaphobia if my opponent had instant-speed lifegain. My black and artifact sideboard... not much here that I could use. Censer was a tough cut, but my deck needed mana for other things. I easily cut blue since it was the weakest of the 5 colours in my pool. My white actually had some decent playables, but not much in the way of quantity or beef. RED was my other serious choice due to the RB Vampire rare I cracked plus the promo Garrison. That said, black was my removal colour and green just had the sheer creatures. RB was a possibility, but I didn't have enough creatures to pull that off. I didn't get too much of a feel for other matches since mine tended to go the longest. For me, the format was slow Emerge was definitely an underrated mechanic, from what I saw. How did others do in their prereleases? Feel free to share stories below.
  9. This is your first pack in a Shadows Over Innistrad Limited draft. What is your first pick?