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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone! Bonus video today! In this video, we catch up on our giveaways that we've missed the last few weeks AND we talk about a great new HUGE contest that starts in December!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we wrap up our October Patrons Joel Cudnohufsky, Kevin Wheeler, and Kevin Chan (aka Path to TCGs) with a BIG hit for one of them! Then , we pick someone that commented on last weeks videos and crack a pack of standard for them! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we've got a lot going on. First, we crack open some packs for a few of our Patrons and one of them gets pulls from our Build-a-Pack box. Then, we give away a pack to a random commenter from one of last week's videos. Then, we get a HUGE trade in for our Pack to Power a Cure binder! This is WAY more than I was expecting! You've just got to see it!
  4. Hello again...I see that since they've come out with "Planeswalkers" that they have added newer abilities. I purchased a booster box of M19 & pre-ordered a box of Guilds in hopes to build a "great" deck and get back into the tourney scene. I need a little help, as I pulled a few Planeswalkers, and not sure how to play the abilities. I will attach pictures of the cards in question, along with a land card. What is this new diamond looking thing? Are the Planeswalker cards only used in "commander" or can they be used in modern play as well? What do the plus and minus symbols mean? How do you activate them? Do you use life, or is it activated by that the diamond symbol on the land card? Thanks for your help in advance..
  5. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for our Patrons for the month of September as well as build a few packs out of our Build-a-Pack box!
  6. Hey everyone! In this video, we recap our month of Pack to Power. Nexus of Fate was a big card in our young collection, and it's drop could really hurt our overall value. Can we come out ahead? Then we crack open some packs that NO ONE should EVER open. Seriously, this was a bad idea.
  7. Hey everyone! We just had another Patron jump on board with us, so we're doing an extra Patreon video this month to fit him in! Welcome Matthew Harrington! Then we pick the winner from last weeks comments and crack open a pack for them!
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for one of our Patrons, Golden Bohunsky, who is one of our CWMTG Investor level Patrons. For only $10 he got ALL THIS. 2 packs of Core 2019 and a bunch of AWESOME cards pulled from our Build-a-Pack box! Holy cats....
  9. Did anybody else attend prereleases over the weekend? If so, how did it go? @Aurian and I went to one. We had to drop after 3 rounds because we were tired and our dog can't be at home more than 5 hours... I ended up with a weird pool and ended up playing blue-black Control, of all things. With THREE of the 3/2 flash guys in black, 3 cancels, an Anticipate, and an Essence Scatter, I had a lot of instant-speed plays. I had no real bombs, but two of the blue 5-drops that recur instants/sorceries. I ended up 1-1-1. (First round...we didn't even make it to game 3). Flyers, tempo, a little removal. A trickier deck to play. Aurian went 2-1, also playing black-blue. She wanted green-blue at first, but I pointed out that her black had good removal to support the blue. She had Tezzeret and two of the 3/5 golems that become 5/5 if you control a blue creature. She also had two of the 1/3s that turn artifacts into 5/5 creatures. Her one loss came in Round 2 to a deck that was absolutely A+ bonkers... removal, bombs, Pelakka Wurm, perfect mana.. .. Her round 3 win cames against me in 3 games I just couldn't deal with the advantage Tezzeret kept generating... poop. The set is OK... Core Sets are fairly straight forward, after all.
  10. Hey everyone! We're back up and running! In this video, we go over Don't Hex Me Bro, a standard Green and Black build that uses mostly hexproof creatures and hand disruption to bring out an army that our opponents can't really do anything about. This deck is insanely fun and on the cheaper side of standard right now!
  11. Hey everyone! It's here! Today, we announce the winner of our standard bundle giveaway! Will the winner pick M19, Dominaria, or something else? And who won? Was it you? Only one way to find out! We also talk about our Pack-to-Power segment and crack open a few packs!
  12. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open another box of Core 2019! Our last box was fire, and now we're trying to do it again! Will M19 be as generous this time around?
  13. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some packs for some of our patrons, pull some cards from our Patreon Build-a-Pack box, and crack open a Core 2019 prerelease kit for one of our Patrons as well. The pulls in this video? Insane. Just insane.
  14. Hey everyone! In this video, we pick a winner for last weeks comment contest, add a few packs to our Patreon Build-a-Pack box, and crack open a Core 2019 booster box! Can we beat the cost of the box?
  15. Hey everyone! In this video, we pick two new winners for our standard pack giveaways, then we talk about BC Comix and Games and their new location, the bounty they have put on my head for the M19 prerelease, and how you can win a FREE entry into the BC Comix prerelease event of your choice! Then , we talk about ANOTHER contest where you can win a M19 Bundle, we talk about the new reward added to Patreon, and then we fire off ANOTHER standard pack giveaway! So much going on!
  16. Well, lots of spoilers today. I know Core Sets are usually blah, but a necessary evil for Competitive Magic. Vivien Reid - Probably the most boring Planeswalker printed of all time, for a variety of reasons. This looks like some intro pack BS Some awesome cards in black. Demon is pretty potent, especially if you have expandable tokens. Gravewalker will be a casual/EDH powerhourse. a 1/2 flyer at common for white...nice