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Found 7 results

  1. Now that we've had a little time after MM17, do you feel as though the format is in a better place now or did the set not help the format?
  2. Link to Wizards site Modern Masters 17 packaging (Griselbrand confirmed) Amonkhet Packaging and full art lands. Full art lands should be standard from now on imho I also created a Gallery category for Amonkhet
  3. Which cards from Modern Masters are you most excited for Pauper play? Some nice rarity changes, the ones I'm most excited about so far: Magma Jet Burning Tree Emissary Augur of Bolas Thunderous Wrath
  4. Take it with a grain of salt, but found this Travis Woo video last night and he claims to have gotten a list of cards that will be in Modern Masters 17. Usually I wouldn't take it too seriously but he was one of the first people to talk about Vehicles being in Kaladesh before it was officially announced. Not sure how seriously I take it, but it's fun to speculate.
  5. Looks like you can pre order Modern Masters 2017 for $205 on eBay Anyone planning on ordering?
  6. With Modern Masters 17 being announced for a March release, what are some cards you want and should be reprinted? Since they specifically mentioned Innistrad and RtR blocks, you have to imagine we'll probably get Liliana of the Veil, Snapcaster Mage and maybe Delver. In RtR I'm guessing Voice of Resurgence and maybe Abrupt Decay? There isn't much else to get excited about from RtR block than those and the shock lands. What Modern (we) really need is a reprint of land bases, specifically Zendikar fetches. Is there any reason NOT to reprint them in MM17?