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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys! Just thought I'd let everyone here know that I'm giving away an MTGO deck! I upgraded the Tezzeret, Master of Metal Planeswalker Deck, played a couple games with it on MTGO, and now it's up for grabs! Below are the 2 videos about the deck, and the giveaway can be found here:
  2. How did this work before? Is this a major change? I'm confused
  3. Post your MTGO username: Lasraik
  4. Dig Though Time, Strip Mine and Treasure Cruise are now banned
  5. Due to Luke not getting his deck tech to me on time we have failed to get one up for our deck tech slot. So I decided to release my Thursday Video early. So for your viewing pleasure here is my guide to starting on MTGO with an Amonkhet Deckbuilder Toolkit opening.
  6. In this episode we are discussing the B&R announcements, MTGO 1v1 commander and discuss its awesome playability in paper too and our final topic is of Nationals and who in the team got invites! If you want to download the episode directly link is here
  7. We need to setup that Pauper Tournament soon @Lasraik!
  8. Add me guys for standard, modern or commander games. add me as a buddy newmedicines19 THANK YOU!
  9. Hello everyone, my name goes by newmedicines19 on MTGO feel free to add me for edh, modern and some standard games. I am also a Youtuber who goes by the name Iamyou Youareme, please look me up and help me grow my channel so I can create more content. Thank you so much!!
  10. Lately I've been tempted to get into Magic Online and start playing Pauper. I even downloaded the client. Send help.
  11. For those of you not playing MTGO, why? And if you had the ability to change anything about it, what would it be? I dont play it because the thought of investing into a digital collection that can be shut down at any time just doesnt appeal to me. Yeah, I know the chances of Wizards pulling the plug sounds silly but its possible. I like having a physical collection that I have complete control over. This question came to me after listening to the BrainStorm Brewery podcast this week. They were discussing ideas on how to make MTGO better and the idea of a subscription model came up. The idea was subscription that you would pay to get access to all of the cards currently in Standard. This idea sounds like something I would consider. Being able to play with all cards legal in Standard without being tied to them or having to buy them individually is appealing. But what would they do with the people who have already paid for those cards touse in their decks? Could they make the subscription players only play each other and in their own league? That would separate the players and thin out their numbers. So its not as clear cut as it sounds at first until you consider how it would effect the whole system. The program needs a major overhaul. It looks dated and clunky. I hear about persistent game breaking bugs all the time. Duels of the Planeswalkers was a nice app. So what would you do and why arent you playing now?
  12. So, eternal masters turned out to be real. Does this mean a new golden age for vintage? VSL has brought a whole load of focus on the format online and there are still a few pockets of active competitive play in paper. Do they have enough room to get around the reserved list and get the cards out there that allow people into vintage? A new, unpowered vintage at least