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Found 3 results

  1. I made a deck around Maze's End. This deck is NOT meant to be competitive but it's meant for more casual games. There is no sideboard, but since this is a 5 color deck, the sideboard slots can be really customized! The Decklist:
  2. Check out the deck that I brought to gameday! In this deck, you want to be countering your opponent's spells and killing their creatures, all while stalling out the game and finishing it off with one or two Torrential Gearkulks! If you want to see the decklist, you can click here: If you want to check out the video you can click here:
  3. The MtgSpotlight Channel made it to 100 Subs!!! We are also giving away the Duel Deck: Blessed vs Cursed and the contest will end on February 9th! You can check out the video here: