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Found 2 results

  1. pauper

    Hi Guys, Here is a recent deck tech I did for pauper. It is a mashup of R/G aggro and Affinity. Decklist: But I would like your honest opinions on the deck, because I'm new to pauper. I love the concept of only common cards but I feel like I still don't understand the format. It seems very linear to me. Go fast and wide. I know there are some control, and life gain, but it seems that the format is based heavily on speed and early removal can be make or break. What do you guys suggest for the meta, or do you have any tips or tricks for Pauper? I would love to make more deck techs for the format but I feel they are just going to be cookie cutter aggro decks, or just pauper versions of modern decks, and that these would get boring after a while. Thanks!
  2. If tapped out isn't working, The deck is basically Myr Battlesphere + Myr Turbine + Tron