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Found 3 results

  1. The NBA is garbage this year other than the Warriors mopping the floor with everyone. Nobody in the East can stop them, nobody other than maybe the Spurs can stop them in the West. So why not just hand them the trophy after the regular season and be done with it?
  2. Last week I was infected with the plague. I missed a week of work and missed two classes because of the illness. Now that I'm trying to finish up a GIS degree, it bothered me more to miss class than it did miss work. I wasn't too worried about it because I was ahead in the class (or at least ahead of most other people in the class). I was doing really well in the class on all the assignments and tests. When I was out, I read over the powerpoint presentations they used for lectures and finished the assignments, which are modules on the ESRI website. There was a quiz last week when I got back, and I prepared by reading over the presentations and... well, doing the assignments on my own PC instead of in their computer lab. The quiz had almost nothing what I studied for and most of it must have been in the lectures and not on the powerpoint presentations. I got my ass kicked on the quiz, and it really upset me. Almost ruined my whole day, cause I'm suddenly feeling lost in the class. In the past I would get really down on myself when I made a mistake at work or school, but I had been doing better until now. How do you handle set backs in your life? Whether it be personal, school or work? Do you just let it go, use it as motivation or something else?
  3. Via Business Insider