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Found 25 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a box of #UMA for one of our #Patrons, Marcus Mills, a.k.a. Exotic MTG. All of his previous openings have been absolute fire! Will Ultimate Masters help us keep up the trend? Then, we build him a pack out of our Build-a-Pack box!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we wrap up our November Patreon openings and we end it with some more great hits! We also pick a random comment from one of last weeks videos and crack open a pack for that lucky person!
  3. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack some packs for some of our Patrons! This is one of our best Patreon opening yet! So many awesome hits! And our Patreon Build-a-Pack box is ON FIRE!!!
  4. Hey everyone! We're a day late, but this Patron video is worth it! We feature openings for 3 of our great Patrons and we got some HUGE hits! You gotta see this!
  5. Hey everyone! In this video, we wrap up our October Patrons Joel Cudnohufsky, Kevin Wheeler, and Kevin Chan (aka Path to TCGs) with a BIG hit for one of them! Then , we pick someone that commented on last weeks videos and crack a pack of standard for them! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
  6. Hey everyone! In this video, we open up some packs for a few of our patrons! Adam Brodie, Artur Isakov, and Eric Bursch all get some packs and we build them a pack out of our build-a-pack box and we got some GREAT pulls! Plus, we pick a winner for our first Patron-only giveaway! Then we give a few packs away to a lucky commenter from last week! So much Fun!
  7. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a fresh box of Guilds of Ravnica for one of our Patrons, Marcus Mills! He also got a pack of Masters 25 and a pack built out of our Build-a-Pack box! Pretty sure he got his money's worth! Also, we give away some packs to people who commented on last weeks videos!
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, we've got a lot going on. First, we crack open some packs for a few of our Patrons and one of them gets pulls from our Build-a-Pack box. Then, we give away a pack to a random commenter from one of last week's videos. Then, we get a HUGE trade in for our Pack to Power a Cure binder! This is WAY more than I was expecting! You've just got to see it!
  9. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for our Patrons for the month of September as well as build a few packs out of our Build-a-Pack box!
  10. Hey everyone! We just had another Patron jump on board with us, so we're doing an extra Patreon video this month to fit him in! Welcome Matthew Harrington! Then we pick the winner from last weeks comments and crack open a pack for them!
  11. Hey everyone! In this video, we open up more packs for some of our patrons, then we open up a pack for a random viewer of last week's videos. What was opened? Only one way to find out!
  12. Hey everyone! In this video, we open some packs for one of our Patrons, Golden Bohunsky, who is one of our CWMTG Investor level Patrons. For only $10 he got ALL THIS. 2 packs of Core 2019 and a bunch of AWESOME cards pulled from our Build-a-Pack box! Holy cats....
  13. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some packs for some of our patrons, pull some cards from our Patreon Build-a-Pack box, and crack open a Core 2019 prerelease kit for one of our Patrons as well. The pulls in this video? Insane. Just insane.
  14. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some packs of BBD and add to our Patreon Build-a-Pack box. Can we do as well as we did with our Patron packs???
  15. Hey everyone! In today's video, we open some packs for a couple of our Patrons, Golden Bohunsky and Kevin Chan! Thank you guys so much for supporting the channel! Plus, we pick a winner for the random standard pack that we started last week! Who won? Only one way to find out!
  16. Hey everyone! In today's video, we crack open a booster box of BBD for one of our Patrons, Marcus Mills (aka Exotic MTG) and just like the last box we opened for him, we pulled straight fire! You gotta watch this!
  17. In this video, we open some packs for two of our Patrons, Joshua Thomas and Golden Bohunsky. And along with the packs, we go to our build-a-pack box for Golden as well! Come check out the pulls!
  18. Hey everyone! We have a special video today! Our FIRST Patron video! In our top tier, we crack open for Marcus Mills (aka Exotic MTG) a booster box of Dominaria, plus an extra standard pack, an older pack, AND we build him a pack out of our build a pack box AND he wins a little extra! And his booster box was not bad at all! top mythics and some choice foils!
  19. Hey everyone! In this video, we talk about the new BC Comix and Games and the HUGE payouts they have for FNM AND they are giving away a Jace, the Mindsculptor! Then we talk about our Patreon page, the Prerelease and how you can win a FREE entry of your choice, and the bounty they have put on my head! Then we open up some mail that came for the channel and, finally, another giveaway! Be sure to check this one out!
  20. Thanks @Rhino for the awesome card! Happy to help you and your channel, keep making the awesome content! You can find Young Mages Patreon page here
  21. After an amazing turnout for the Amonkhet Bundle 750 subscriber giveaway, this video is to announce the giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone that has entered into the competition and helping the channel to grow! There will be more in the future for you all if you were unsuccessful with the next coming at 2,000 subscribers. This video also has a small update where I discuss the new sponsorship that the channel has received with 5colorcombo, plus starting up a Patreon page. Very exciting times for the channel's future and I'd love for you all to be a part of it! I'm proud to say that my content is now part of a bunch of great MTG content on ! Check out their store,, where you can use the code "LifeBeginsAt20" to get a 5% discount! Don't forget to check out the app for drafting and deck building on the go. Use the referral code "LifeBeginsAt20" for that too! If you'd like to support the channel further find me on Patreon. I don't expect anything at all and the channel will continue if no one donates, but it will truly help the channel to grow further and faster!
  22. Normally we do this as Patrons only, but this month we thought we would do it live to show what we've created.
  23. Thanks @MTGZuby for the card, happy to support you and your content via Patreon!
  24. I try to support smaller content creators on Patreon, that's why I'm throwing a few bucks towards the Legacy Weapon Podcast @Jamie7keller and towards Magic with Zuby @MTGZuby on Patreon. Not only do I enjoy their content, but they've helped and supported our community here. It's important to support each other, especially the smaller creators that get little support but pump out great content. So if you have a few extra bucks, check out a Patreon from a creator you enjoy and throw a dollar their way and share it here and on social media. It goes a long way.
  25. For those of you who watch YouTube MTG videos, you already know that a couple of them asked for Patreon donations to keep their channels going. Either because they had a job (or jobs) that prevented them from giving as much time as they wanted, or because they didn't have a job and the YouTube videos didn't support them. Either way, they asked for donations through Patreon. Recently an issue came up in another YouTubers video (one that does not receive money through Patreon that I know of) when he called out other YouTubers and the kickbacks they may or may not be getting from Pucatrade. Obviously some people were upset because if you donate to a creator, most people expect neutral reviews and not a sponsored video plugging a certain service or company. Some have argued that these people are basically running a business and just because people donate doesn't mean they should be neutral. It's their content and if they want to get sponsored and plug a service they should be able to. The other side doesn't want a commercial in return for their donation. On Twitter one of those YouTubers complained about people complaining that he plugs a service/website in his videos. I don't know why (because I really hate Twitter) but I injected myself in the conversation against my better judgement and tried to explain that perception becomes reality when you get $5-6k a month in donations and you push (the amount of push is debatable) a website. Of course I should have known better because it's Twitter and not surprisingly was told to take an Economics Class by one person and the creator complained more. I donate to the Masters of Modern podcast every month. I really like their podcast and I don't mind paying to help them make more content that I get a lot of time out of. Previously I donated to another big YouTuber but stopped when he asked for more money and explained he has to pay cosplayers for their time in some videos he was making. Some creators now get several thousand dollars a month in donations. After taxes and Patreon takes their cut I'm guessing they get half or so. But even if they take home $2.5k - 3k a month that's 36k a year. Don't get me wrong, good for them but what kind of expectations comes with donations? What are your expectations when or if you would donate to support a content creator? Are you expecting them to be completely neutral and not get sponsored by other websites/services or are you OK with them getting as much as they can as long as they disclose it?